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Heading Code Heading Description Import Data Export Data
Heading 7101HS Code for Other articles of glassImport DataExport Data
Heading 7102HS Code for Cultured freshwater pearl processedImport DataExport Data
Heading 7103HS Code for Diamonds other non, mounted or unfastenedImport DataExport Data
Heading 7104HS Code for Other precious and semi-precious stones (other than diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds), obrabot. dr. way, but nenanizan., neopravlen. and non-securing. or time naniz. for easy. transports: jadeImport DataExport Data
Heading 7105HS Code for Other precious or semiprecious stones, synthetic or reconstructed, whether or not worked, temporarily strung dlyaudobstva transportation: jadeImport DataExport Data
Heading 7106HS Code for Dust and powder of natural or synthetic precious or semiprecious stones (other than diamonds) otherImport DataExport Data
Heading 7107HS Code for Silver (including silver plated with gold or platinum) in the semifinished formImport DataExport Data
Heading 7108HS Code for Base metals clad with silver, semi-manufacturedImport DataExport Data
Heading 7109HS Code for Gold used for coinage, bullion containing 995 pieces of gold 1000 alloy partsImport DataExport Data
Heading 7110HS Code for Base metals or silver, clad with gold, unwrought or in semiImport DataExport Data
Heading 7111HS Code for Iridium, osmium and ruthenium other, semi-finishedImport DataExport Data
Heading 7112HS Code for Base metals, silver or gold, clad with platinum, unwrought or in semiImport DataExport Data
Heading 7113HS Code for Other wastesImport DataExport Data
Heading 7114HS Code for Jewelry and parts thereof of base metal, clad with precious metalImport DataExport Data
Heading 7115HS Code for Product gold or silversmiths and parts thereof of base metal clad with precious metalImport DataExport Data
Heading 7116HS Code for Other articles of precious metal or metal clad with precious metal: otherImport DataExport Data
Heading 7117HS Code for Articles of h precious or semiprecious stones (natural, synthetic or reconstructed): otherImport DataExport Data
Heading 7118HS Code for Other jewelryImport DataExport Data

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