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Access global trade data online at AI-powered market intelligence platform and grow your business.

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220+ Countries

Import & Export Trade Data

Gain instant access to global trade data online of global countries.

45+ Countries

Detailed Customs Data

Explore detailed customs data, covering company information & full shipment details.

14+ Countries

Exclusive Data

Access import-export data of exclusive countries like Turkey, Singapore & many more.

Access 220+ Countries Import-Export Trade Data Online

Explore detailed Customs Data, Statistical Data and Mirror Data of any country you like from the world’s most comprehensive trade intelligence data online platform and grow your business.

Trade Intelligence Data Online Platform

Trade Intelligence
Data Online Platform

Export Genius delivers global trade data online beyond your expectations.

With Export Genius dashboard, search import-export data online by using multiple filters such as HS Code, Product Description, Buyer, Supplier, Origin Country, Destination Country, and so on. Get the latest market insights at your fingertips from our trade intelligence online platform.

With data visualization and analytics, discover latest market trends by product and company and be up-to-date with all global trade developments. Gain useful insights from export-import data online and grow your business with data-driven decisions.

Investigate your customers’ and competitors’ trading partners from global customs data and identify & connect with real companies to build trade relationships. Use “Tree Map” feature to find trade partners and competitors of importers & exporters and gain useful analytics.

Gain instant access to global trade data online and evaluate market share of import-export companies on the basis of carrier, port, country or method of shipping. Our trade intelligence online platform is designed to answer every trade questions.

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Discover trade opportunities

Get import-export trade data online and discover new trade opportunities in potential commodities and countries.


Connect with ideal companies

Access global trade data online and find & study their market share and identify real businesses.


Track competitors’ trade

Gain in-depth insights of companies and keep a track on business of your new and existing competitors.


Capture big market picture

Access data visualizations, gain insights and make market predictions to act on your business strategies.


Have In-depth Market Analysis

Access to trade intelligence data online and have in-depth market analysis by commodity, country, company.

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