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Export Genius provides Customs Data of 46 Countries including exclusive countries like Turkey, Singapore, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Tanzania, and more.

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Get the latest import export data and information of businesses around the world and unlock trade opportunities.

Evaluate New Markets

Research new regional & global markets to find potential industries and expand business.

Monitor Competitor’s Shipments

Track trading activities of your competitors to analyse the level of competition.

Find Importers & Exporters

Create a qualified list of buyers and suppliers in international market for your product.

Generate Sales Leads

Identify the best sales prospects and increase your business around the world.

Grow Logistics Business

With Insight, find active Indian importers and exporters for growing logistics business.

Take Data-driven Decisions

Do in-depth analysis on traded commodities and take progressive business decisions.

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Our Market Research Products

Choose any product and get updated with the global import-export market.

  • Customs Data

    Customs Data contains extensive information about import export activities of 45+ countries. It is collected from Customs of various countries and comes with Company Names, besides other shipment details. It helps in carrying in-depth market research on international trade.
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  • Statistical Data

    Statistical Data helps in carrying a primary research on market of global countries. It is collected from Customs of various countries and comes with little but important global trade data fields such as HS Code, HS Code Description, Value, Quantity, Import/Export Country, etc.
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  • Mirror Data

    Mirror Data is a data of countries, which is reconstructed on the basis of data reported by their partner countries. It contains Importer, Exporter, HS Code, Product Description, Value, Quantity and other shipment details. It helps in having an overall market perspective of trading countries.
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  • Analysis Report

    Analysis Report provides detailed and analytical information on traded commodities. On special demand from our clients, we prepare this market research report and put value-added fields such as Brand, Model, Type, etc. and provide it in excel spreadsheets with graphics.
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