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Explore detailed Customs Data, Statistical Data, Mirror Data, Bill of Lading Data, Suez Canal Bill of Lading Data, Transit Data and Cargo BL Data of your required country from the world’s most comprehensive trade intelligence data online platform and gain strategic insights.
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Trade Intelligence
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Export Genius delivers global trade data online beyond expectations to businesses from different industries and geographies.

Global Importers And Exporters   Find Global Importers And Exporters

Discover Millions of importers and exporters from around the world in our trade intelligence platform. Use the exclusive "Tree Map" feature to trace all the links of your customers and Competitors in a visually understandable way, and gain competitive insights.

Commodities Traded  Price   Check Commodities Traded Price

Find Current Price of Import and Export Traded commodities Globally. So that you can decide confidently from which market to source and sell to.

Personalized Dashboard   Personalized Dashboard

With the Export Genius dashboard, search import-export data online by using multiple filters such as HS Code, Product Description, Buyer, Supplier, Origin Country, Destination Country, and so on. Get the latest market insights at your fingertips from our trade intelligence online platform.

Market Trends   Review Market Trends

With data visualization and analytics, discover the latest market trends by product and company for being up-to-date with all global trade developments. Gain useful insights from export-import data online and grow your business with data-driven decisions.

Company's and Employee's Contacts   Get Company's and Employee's Contacts

Get contact information of import and export companies and their key decision makers and other employees. Our contacts data covered Employee Name, Designation, Location, Email, Phone Numbers, and lots more.

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