Thailand Import Data

A country in the Asian continent, Thailand ranked 24 in the global imports in 2021, imported US$269.1 billion worth of commodities. That dollar amount increased from US$208.6 billion recorded a year earlier.

The shipment information is based on Thailand trade data that can be accessed and visualized on our dashboard. By chapter, Thailand’s major import categories in 2021 were electrical machinery & equipment, mineral fuels & oils, machinery, mechanical appliances, etc., iron & steel, pearls & precious stones, plastics & articles, and vehicles other than railway or tramway.

Thailand’s top import partners in 2021 were China, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Taipei, Chinese, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Access Thailand detailed import data right on our online platform.

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Thailand Import Data

Thailand import data is based on actual shipment records, covering the widest information including company names, product description, value, quantity, origin country, and so on. From Jan 2022 to the present, Thailand import data covers 6.8M+ shipment records and 10000+ importers. Access Thailand trade data and find the right business partners and spot new business opportunities.


Thailand Detailed Import Data

Thailand import data covers Month, Year, Importer, Supplier, Supplier Country, Origin Country, HS Code, Product Description, Quantity, Unit, Weight, Value, and many more fields. Look at the sample and get a complete list of columns covered in data.

Month April Year 2022
Importer Energy Technology Co Ltd Supplier Gestra Singapore Private Limited
Supplier Country Singapore Origin Country Germany
HS Code 49111090
Product Description 3.1 Inspection Cert
Quantity 1 Unit Unit
Net Weight KG 0.561 Total Value USD 94.02


Thailand’s Top 10 Import Categories

Thailand imported electrical machinery and equipment worth US$53.0 billion the most in 2021. Other major import categories were mineral fuels and oils (US$41.3 billion), machinery, mechanical appliances, etc. (US$30.0 billion), iron and steel (US$15.3 billion), pearls and precious stones (US$12.4 billion), plastics and articles (US$10.7 billion), vehicles other than railway and tramway (US$10.2 billion), articles of iron and steel (US$7.3 billion), copper and articles (US$6.3 billion), and optical, photographic, medical equipment (US$6.3 billion).

According to our database, Thailand’s top 10 imports shared 71.81% of total value of shipments recorded in 2021. Access Thailand import data online and get every update of country’s business activities at your fingertips.

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Thailand’s Top 10 Import Partners

Our online platform provides you a wide coverage of bilateral trade between Thailand and its import partners. According to our database, Thailand’s top 10 import partners in 2021 were China (US$66.6 billion), Japan (US$35.6 billion), the United States (US$14.6 billion), Malaysia (US$12.0 billion), Taipei, Chinese (US$10.5 billion), South Korea (US$9.9 billion), the United Arab Emirates (US$9.8 billion), Indonesia (US$8.2 billion), Singapore (US$7.3 billion), and Vietnam (US$6.9 billion).

Thailand’s top 10 import partners shared 67.7% of the overall value of shipments reported in 2021. Our online platform provides you detailed information about all import activities of Thailand with global countries. Access Thailand detailed import data and get the most comprehensive market view with charts, diagrams, and other graphical presentations.

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