Ghana Import Data

Ghana, officially the Republic of Ghana is an African country, along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. Ghana is bordered with Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Togo.

According to Ghana import data, Ghana’s imports totalled USD 10.4 billion, down from 2018’s USD 11.8 billion. Based on Ghana trade statistics and analysis, Ghana stood at 93rd position in worldwide imports.

Ghana import statistics show Ghana’s main import products at 2-digit level Harmonized System Code are heavy machinery, electrical machinery & electronics, cereals, plastics, articles of iron & steel, mineral fuels & oils and wood & articles. Ghana trade data also reveals Ghana’s major import partners are China, United States, United Kingdom, India and Belgium.

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Ghana Import Data

A Customs Data type, Ghana Import Data covers import companies of Ghana and overseas export companies that help you monitor Ghana’s trade with other countries. This information will also let you analyze business strategies of your competitors. Every detail in Ghana trade data is based on shipping bills, import bills, invoices and other import export documents.

Collecting Ghana import data from best sources available including Custom Departments, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations and Government Bodes; we provide quality Ghana shipment data. Our database is updated with Ghana trade data from 2015 to present.


Ghana Import Data

Ghana import data contains company information and other specific details that are important for analysing country’s import activities. It carries detailed shipping columns including Importer Name, Importer Address, Exporter Name, Exporter Address, Declarant Name, Foreign Country, HS Code, Product Description, Value, Quantity, Port and so on. See a single shipment record as a sample to understand Ghana import data format.

Date 01-05-2020 Declarant Name ****
Importer Name **** Importer Address ****
Exporter Name **** Exporter Address ****
Country Turkey HS Code 6309000000
Product Description 100 KGS Used Clothing
Items Gross Mass KG 715.36 Items Net Mass KG 715.36
FOB USD 1338.3 FOB GHC 7424.49
CIF USD 1852.72 Port Name CEPS TEMA

Ghana Imports

Ghana’s Top 10 Imports

Ghana imported vehicles the most in 2019, which shared 16.2% value to overall shipments, Ghana import data reveals. According to Ghana trade data, Ghana’s other major imports in 2019 were Machinery (13.0%), Electrical Machinery & Equipment (6.5%), Cereals (5.0%), Plastics (4.7%), Articles of Iron & Steel (3.7%), Salt, Sulphur, Earths & Stone (3.5%), Iron and Steel (3.4%), Mineral Fuels & Oils (2.8%) and Wood & Articles (2.8%).

As per Ghana import statistics, Ghana’s top 10 imports accounted for 61.6% to overall value of shipments in 2019. Ghana trade statistics show value of Ghana’s top 10 import commodities declined in 2019 as compared to the previous year. This Ghana shipment data is based on actual shipment records that are collected to provide you useful insights. Below given chart shows dollar amount of Ghana’s top 10 import commodities registered in 2019.

Ghana Top 10 Imports

Ghana Import Partners

Ghana’s Top 10 Import Partners

According to Ghana import data, Ghana imported goods the most from China, which accounted for 18.2% to overall value of shipments in 2019. Ghana trade data reveals dollar amount of Ghana’s top 10 import partners as follows China (1,895.9 million), United States (USD 976.2 million), United Kingdom (USD 685.5 million), India (USD 582.2 million), Belgium (USD 532.8 million), Turkey (USD 466.7 million), South Africa (USD 357.6 million), Vietnam (USD 316.5 million), United Arab Emirates (USD 275.8 million) and Canada (USD 266.4 million).

Based on Ghana customs data and analysis reports, Ghana’s top 10 import partners shared 61% value to total imports in 2019. Top imports of Ghana from China are machinery, electrical machinery & equipment, vehicles, iron & steel and articles, miscellaneous chemical products and plastics & articles. Ghana’s major imports from United States are live animals, meat, fish, dairy products, live trees and edible vegetables & certain roots. Check out percentage share of Ghana’s top 10 import partners registered in 2019 that are based on Ghana import data and analytics.

Ghana Top 10 Import Partners

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