Singapore Import Data

Singapore import data and statistics show that the value of Singapore imports totaled USD 359 billion in 2019, up 16.5% since 2015 but down -3.1% from 2018 to 2019.

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign island city-state in maritime Southeast Asia. Given Singapore’s population of 5.7 million people, its total USD 359 billion imports translate to roughly USD 63,000 in yearly product demand from every person in the strategically located Asian nation. Singapore ranked 16 in global imports during 2019.

Singapore Import Data

Top 10 Import Goods to Singapore

Singapore main imports in 2019 were Electrical Machinery & Equipment (27.33%), Mineral Fuels & Oils (20.97%), Machinery (16.24%), Pearls & Precious Stones (5.26%), Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (3.47%), Aircraft, Spacecraft & Parts (3.31%), Plastics (2.37%), Organic Chemicals (2.01%), Vehicles (1.5%) and Essential Oils & Resinoids (1.34%).

These import categories accounted 83.8% to overall value of shipments recorded in 2019. According to Singapore import statistics, machinery was the fastest-growing category, which recorded a gain of 9.9%. Mineral fuel and oil was the leading decliner, which a drop of -14.3% year over year.

Singapore import products

Singapore’s Top Import Partners 2019

Singapore’s top import sources in 2019 were China (USD 49 billion), United States (USD 43.9 billion), Malaysia (USD 41.6 billion), Taipei, Chinese (USD 32.3 billion) and Japan (USD 19.3 billion).

According to Singapore trade statistics, these countries accounted 51.9% to overall value of shipments recorded in 2019. From a continental perspective, 66% of Singapore’s total imports by value in 2019 were imported from fellow Asian countries. Another 16.6% of goods were imported from European suppliers, while 13.5% worth of commodities originated from North America. Smaller percentages recorded from Oceania (2%), Africa (1.1%) and Latin America (0.7%).

Singapore import partners

About Singapore Import Data

Singapore Import Data is a kind of Trade Data, which provides a wide coverage trade records and market components. Import data of Singapore is based on Invoices, Shipping Bills, Import Bills and other official documents related to an import-export business.

We collect Singapore trade data from authorized sources Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations, Government Bodies and other multiple sources. We have Singapore trade data available from January 2020.

Samples of Singapore Import Data

Import data of Singapore contains name of HS code, trade value, product specifications and other columns. Check samples below to understand exact format of data.

Singapore Import Sample #1
PeriodJuly/2020Origin CountryChina (CN)
Port of LoadingHong KongHS Code85171200
HS Code DescriptionTelephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networksQuantity1
UnitPiecesValue SGD604.99
Value USD436Unit Price SGD per Quantity604.99
Unit Price USD per Quantity435.97TransportAir
Singapore Import Sample #2
PeriodJuly/2020Origin CountryIndonesia (ID)
Port of LoadingO P IndonesiaHS Code27011900
HS Code DescriptionOther coalQuantity12000.135
UnitTonneValue SGD823407.16
Value USD593366Unit Price SGD per Quantity68.62
Unit Price USD per Quantity49.45TransportSea

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