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Peru imports value for year 2019 shows (approx.) $42 Billion, while Peru imports 2020 shows (approx.) value of $36 Billion according to the Peru import data. Peru imports values derived from the Peru customs data, shows a decline in the growth of trade values in Peru trade data by a percentile of 15% ($6 Billion).

Peru stands at 56th position in all the top countries importing, as per International and Peru trade data. Peru import statistics shows that top imports are for ‘Industrial Machinery and Parts’. The top importing partner for Peru is ‘China’ as per the import statistics of Peru.

Both Peru trade statistics and Peru import data stands a major role in the decision making of several operations and conduct of the business(s). Peru trade data is inclusive of all the information related to customs and stats. Both are significant and let’s understand how.

Peru import data is represented in the form of Peru shipment data, which is derived from the Peru customs data. Let us show you what kind of data we provide and how trade statistics of Peru will play an important role in decision making of your business. Meanwhile, you can get a sample data or you can do a live search on Export Genius.

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About Peru Import Data

Peru import data is represented in the form of Peru shipment data, as aforementioned. The data obtained is made from the details of Peru customs data. The fields in the shipment data consists of the details and provide information on imports, or specifically said, particular shipments entering the country. Among those, the major fields are – Date, Product Description, HS Code, Unit, Quantity, Total Value, Importer & Exporter Names, Importer Address, Port, etc.

The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Peruvian Customs Departments, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Government Bodies, Trade Associations, Port Authorities and other authoritative links. As per our databases records, the total number of shipments’ records for Peru available are 8,000,000+ and the total number of importers are 30,000+. The availability of Peru import data in terms of time period is from January 2009 to present as per our database.


Peru Import Data

Peru shipment data provided consists of different fields. These fields give us the appropriate information related to the shipment(s) entering the country. The information we get is the description of the product, its quantity, net weight and total value along with the information about importer and exporter, etc. Information on the port and the kind of transportation used is also present in the details. Look at the Peru import data on the right to go through it and understand.

Date 01-Jul-20
Importer Name ***** Importer Address *****
Importer City Lima Importer State Lima
Importer District Santiago De Surco Importer Tel 6264000 / 6265108
Supplier Name ***** Origin Country United States
Sales Country Switzerland Hs Code 7.32e+09
Hs Code Description Other Washers, Cast Iron Or Steel
Product Description Caterpillar Washer 466-7463
Description1 Of Iron Or Steel Description2 Replacement
Description3 Unit Description4 Manufacture
Unit Of Quantity Kg Quantity 336.42
Unit Of Commercial Quantity Unit Commercial Quantity 1
Fob Value 30854.82 Freight 194.518
Insurance 46.338 Cif Value 31095.68
Ad Valorem 1865.74 Local Tax 5273.83
Net Weight 336.42 Gross Weight 345.89
Cif Unit 92.43112 Type Of Package Packages
Customs Maritima Del Callao Trans Type Maritime
Origin Port Manzanillo Customs Agent Hector Gonzales Sandi Ag. Af. De Ad. S.A.
Trans Corp Ian Taylor Y Cia S.A.C. Incoterm Fca


Which are the Major Imports of Peru?

Main imports of Peru for 2020 are as follows: Industrial Machinery and Parts with a share of 14.2% ($5,126.2 Million), Electronics with a share of 9.7% ($3,497.8 Million), Mineral Fuels & Oils with a share of 9.05% ($3,263.5 Million), Vehicles with a share of 7.5% ($2,721.6 Million), Plastics and Articles with a share of 5.3% ($1,924 Million), and so on, according to the Peru import data.

As per this import data of Peru, the top imports are made for ‘Industrial Machinery and Parts’. Assumption from this data says that businesses in this sector have more chances of having fortunes.

While, the lowest imports are made for ‘Optical, etc. Instruments’ according to this trade data of Peru. The assumption that can be made here is that businesses in this sector have to consider the uncertainties and liabilities, considering its low demand, which can be studied by Peru import data.

Major Imports of Peru


Which are Main Import Countries for Peru?

According to Peru import data 2020, the major import partners for Peru are as follows: China with a share of 28.6% ($10.3 billion total imports), USA with a share of 18.5% ($6.6 billion total imports), Brazil with a share of 5.5% ($1.9 billion total imports), Argentina with a share of 4.6% ($1.6 billion total imports), Mexico with a share of 4.2% ($1.5 billion total imports), and so on, as per the Peru import data for year 2020.

Peru import data shows the top import partner for Peru is ‘China’ because Peru imports these products the most from China – electronics, industrial machinery, vehicles, and iron & steel.

As per the trade agreement between both the countries, Peru makes a lot of imports from China for mechanical items. Hence, as per the Peru import data, China is the top importing partner of Peru.

Main Import Countries for Peru

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