Peru Export Data

Peru, a country in South America shipped goods valued USD 45.1 billion in 2019, a drop of about -4% from the previous year as per Peru export data. Given Peru’s estimated population of 32.5 million people, that dollar amount translated to roughly USD 1,400 for every resident in the South American nation.

Based on Peru export statistics and report, Peru was positioned at 54 in global exports last year.

Peru export data

What Does Peru Export to the World?

Peru’s top 10 exports in 2019 were Ores, Slag & Ash (36.7%), Pearls & Precious Stones (15.8%), Edible Fruits & Nuts (7.3%), Mineral Fuels & Oils (6.9%), Copper (4.4%), Residues & Waste from Food Industry (3.8%), Fish & Crustaceans (2.6%), Knitted or Crocheted Apparel & Clothing (1.9%), Zinc & Articles (1.7%) and Coffee, Tea, Mate & Spices (1.6%).

As per Peru trade data based on actual shipment details, Peru’s top 10 export commodities accounted for 82.7% to overall value of shipments in 2019. Below given chart shows dollar amount of these export categories.

Peru export products

Who are Peru’s Top 5 Export Partners?

Top 5 export partners of Peru in 2019 were China (USD 13,159 million), United States (USD 5,551 million), Canada (USD 2,401 million), Switzerland (USD 2,260 million) and South Korea (USD 2,194 million). Based on Peru shipment data and report, these countries shared 56.7% to total value of exports in the said year.

From a continental perspective, 47.2% of Peru’s exports by value were delivered to importers in Asia while 19.1% were sold to European buyers. Peru shipped another 18.7% worth of goods to North America and 13.8% to Latin America. Smaller percentages were sent to Africa (0.5%) and Oceania (0.3%).

Peru export partners

About Peru Export Data

Peru export data is a type of customs data, in which Peru exporters are covered only, besides other shipping information like HS Code, product description, value, quantity and so on. Based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices and other import-export documents, Peru shipment data is useful in getting a 360 degree picture of country’s export activities.

Peru trade data is collected from Custom Departments, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities, Trade Associations, Government Bodies and other sources. Peru export statistics is available since Jan 2009 and is updated in 30 days.

Samples of Peru Export Data

Export data of Peru contains customs-based information that will help you in analyzing Peru’s export activities on the basis of company, product, value, quantity and other market components. See samples below and understand the columns available in export data of Peru.

Peru Export Sample # Type 1
Date01-Jul-2020Exporter NameConsorcio Metalurgico S A
Exporter AddressAv. Maquinarias Nro. 3150 (Alt Cuadra 31 Av. Argentina)Exporter CityLima
Exporter StateLimaExporter Tel4648000 / 4648100
HS Code8474900000HS Code DescriptionParts Of Machinery And Apparatus Of Heading 84.74
Product DescriptionDriven PulleyQuantity3
UnitUnitGross Weight1986.583
Net Weight1887.254FOB Value24816
Trans TypeMaritimeDestination CountryChile
Destination PortSan Antonio
Peru Export Sample # Type 2
Date16-Jul-2020Exporter NameFERREYROS SOCIEDAD Anãƒâ€Œnima
Exporter AddressJr. Cristobal De Peralta Nort Nro. 820 Urb. San IdelfonsoExporter CityLima
Exporter StateLimaExporter Tel6264000 / 6265108
HS Code8409994000HS Code DescriptionBlocks And Cylinders
Product DescriptionCaterpillar Cylinder Head 5495756 Cat Spare Parts For MachineryQuantity1
UnitUnitGross Weight94
Net Weight70FOB Value214
Trans TypeAerialDestination CountryUnited States
Destination PortManta

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