Ecuador Import Data

Ecuador Map Ecuador import data shows the value for year 2019 was (approx.) $20 Billion, while the value for 2018 was (approx.) $23 Billion, as per the import data of Ecuador. The values derived from Ecuador customs data gave us the conclusion that there was a decline in trade for year 2019 by a percentile of 12% ($3 Billion).

As per International and the Ecuador trade data, Ecuador imports are ranked at 69th position among the top importers of the world. Ecuador is the Spanish word for ‘Equator’. It is officially known as the Republic of Ecuador because the region lies near the equator straddling it. Ecuador import data shows that the top imported product was ‘Mineral Fuels and Oils’. The top importing partner for Ecuador was the ‘United States of America’, according to the Ecuador export statistics.

Ecuador shipment data provided by Export Genius gives you detailed information on Ecuador imports. The data is given in the form of shipment data and consists of the detailed information on the customs of any shipment. Let us make you understand what kind of Ecuador import data we provide and how the Ecuador trade statistics are important for any business. Meanwhile, you can request for a sample of Ecuador customs data or you can live search about any concern.


About Ecuador Import Data

Ecuador shipment data provided includes the fields related to Ecuador customs data. These different fields give a lot of information about all the shipment(s). The major fields are - Date, Importer and Exporter Names, Origin Country, Destination Country, HS Code, Product Description, Total Quantity, Unit, Value, Port, etc.

The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Customs Departments, Trade Associations, Government Bodies, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities and other authoritative links. Ecuador import data is available from January 2010 to present. Total number of Colombia shipment records present in our database are 9,00,000+ and total importers are 10,000+.


Ecuador Import Data

Ecuador shipment data that you can see on the right features different fields of the shipment. This information is giving a lot of information about Ecuador customs data through the fields. The information ranges from the description of the product, its quantity, net weight, total value in native currency - to the names of importer and exporter, countries of origin and destination, port name and the transportation type. Ecuador import data is shown on the right. Look at it and understand.

Date 01-Jul-2020
Importer Name ***** Shipper Name *****
Origin Country China HS Code 8501519000
HS Code Description Others
Product Description Motor M2BAX 71MB2 0.55 2 230 400 50 B3 F55
Brand ABB Quantity 5
Net Weight 185.85 Unit Number Of Units
FOB Value 281.03 CIF Value 286.33
Port Shanghai Trans Type Maritime
Ship Name Los Angeles Trader    


What are the Main Imports of Ecuador?

Ecuador main imports are Mineral Fuels and Oils with a share of 21.5% ($4,378.7 Million), Industrial Machinery and Parts with a share of 10.7% ($2,169.4 Million), Vehicles with a share of 7.11% ($1,441.1 Million), Electronics with a share of 6.2% ($1,266.5 Million), Plastics and Articles with a share of 4.9% ($1,001.6 Million), and so on, as per Ecuador import data 2019.

As per the import statistics of Ecuador shown in this Ecuador trade data on the right, we can see that the major imports were ‘Mineral Fuels & Oils’. ‘Articles of Iron and Steel’ is the least imported product among the top exports of Ecuador as per this Trade statistics of Ecuador shows. We can assume from this Ecuador import data that businesses in the first sector will perform better as compared to the second sector. We can assume from this Ecuador import data that businesses in the first sector will perform better as compared to the second sector.

Main Imports of Ecuador


Which are Ecuador's Major Trading Partners?

Ecuador import data shows that major trading partners of Ecuador for 2019 were United States of America with a share of 21.7% ($4,390.6 million total imports), China with a share of 18.9% ($3,837.6 million total imports), Panama with a share of 5.1% ($1,040.1 million total imports), Brazil with a share of 4.4% ($884.9 million total imports), and so on.

Ecuador import data on the left shows that the USA is the top importing country, and as per the Ecuador trade data, ‘live animals, meat, fishes, and dairy products’ are the top imports from the USA. Both the countries rely on each other for the requirement which seems pretty evident from the Ecuador data. Hence, the USA is the top trading partner for Ecuador imports. Look at the Ecuador import data on the left and observe the values.

Ecuador Major Trading Partners

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