Import Export Trade Data of South American Countries

About South America Trade Data

Trade data of South America is based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices and other operational documents, which are required in import-export business. Our LATAM countries shipment data is collected from Customs Departments of various nations. We also collect import export data of Latin America from other authentic sources such as Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations and Government Bodies. We provide customs data of following South American countries:

Major Data Fields Covered in Import Export Data of LATAM Countries

  • Date
  • HS Code
  • Product Description
  • Importer Name
  • Exporter Name
  • Value
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Unit
  • Origin Country
  • Destination Country
  • Many More
***Data Fields Vary As Per Country

More Facts About Trade Data of South America

Latin America import export data is based on customs details including importers and exporters. Here are more facts about LATAM countries trade data.

Covers Company Names in LATAM Countries Import Export Data

Data Arranged on HS Codes & Product Specifications

Sea, Air & Road Shipments Covered in LATAM Countries Customs Data

100% Authentic LATAM Countries Trade Statistics Available

Historical Data Available of Latin American Countries

9 Countries South America Trade Data Available


Brazil Trade Data

Brazil import export data covers customs-based details of both Brazilian & foreign companies apart from other important information including actual product description, value, quantity, etc. Check Brazil export sample to know data columns and understand the format.


Chile Trade Data

Chile import export data is based on customs-information, which covers Chilean companies only. It contains a wide range of data fields including actual product description, value, quantity, etc. Let’s have a look at Chile import sample and understand the data format.


Paraguay Trade Data

Paraguay import export data is a collection of trade statistics that are based on country’s importing & exporting activities. Import export data of Paraguay covers details of companies apart from other important data fields including actual product description, value, quantity, etc. This export sample given below shows columns covered in Paraguay trade data.


Peru Trade Data

Peru import export data is based on customs details in which both Peruvian & foreign companies are covered. It also contains actual product description with specifications like brand, model, etc. apart from other important data columns. Here is a Peru import sample for understanding the data format.


Top 5 Trading Countries in South America

South American countries shipped goods worth USD 512 billion in 2019, South America trade data reveals. The value of commodities imported by South American countries totalled USD 477 billion. The following tables and charts show top 5 importer and exporter countries in South America.

Country Value (US$ Billion)
Brazil 177
Chile 64
Argentina 49
Colombia 47
Peru 42
top 5 import countries in south america
top 5 export countries in south america
Country Value (US$ Billion)
Brazil 223
Chile 69
Argentina 65
Peru 45
Colombia 40

Benefits of South America Trade Data

Our 100% authentic import export data of LATAM countries is helpful for companies, industries, logistics, market researchers, financial institutions and others for evaluating international market. Let’s discuss benefits of Latin American countries customs data:

  • For Global Companies In trade data of Latin countries, name of companies is covered. So, international companies can choose their business companions in South America. Also, companies can track shipments of their competitors and analyse the market.
  • For Logistics Agencies Our import export data of South American countries is useful to logistics agencies. How? They can actually analyse shipments arriving at or departing from ports and attract customers to avail their services from their particular ports.
  • For Financial Institutions Our Latin American countries shipment data is also useful to financial institutions such as banks for knowing financial status of companies and contacting them to provide banking offerings.
  • For Market Research Companies As far as market research companies are concerned, they can also use our South America trade data for evaluating credibility & credit ratings of companies. They can also analyse the performance of various industries to come up with new & more accurate findings & forecasts.
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