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What is Export Genius?

Export Genius is a Market research company and helping those who are seeking trade information for export import business around the globe. We are an ISO Certified company based in New Delhi, India. We provide authentic global export import data and trade intelligence reports. Our main products are – Customs Data, Statistical Data, Mirror Data, Bill of Lading Data, and Suez Canal Bill of Lading Data.

Since 2011, we have served over 20000 clients from 200+ countries. We have evolved as a market leader who understands the market needs and delivers beyond expectations. We analyses and processes export and import data according to the needs of our clients. We use best technology to capture, sort and deliver international intelligence reports in real time.

What Export Genius does?

We collect raw trade data from the multiple country’s custom; ports & other Authorities, then our expert process the data and add value addition fields in it. We carefully validate and verify export import data before delivering our client. Our most of the data is based on actual shipment records.

We help importers, exporters, Manufacturers, Brokers, research companies, logistics & shipping companies and banks to expand their Business to the next level. Our global export import data & Trade intelligence reports will surely take your business to a new height.


Why Choose Us?

  • Serve 200+ Countries Trade Data with Exclusive data of Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines & Pakistan.
  • Historical Data is also Available
  • Fast data updation
  • Competitive Price in the Market
  • Customized Report as per client’s requirement
  • Our data is 100% authentic & verified.
  • Our product Insight, especially designed for logistic companies.


  • Get new customers
  • Identify untapped markets for your product
  • Track your competitor’s shipment
  • Generate new leads from across the globe
  • Reduce cost of sourcing
  • Reduce risk and fraud
  • Analyse global or regional trade trends
  • Analyse the market potential of your product
Export Genius Founder


Export Genius was established in the year 2011 in New Delhi, India. Mr. Ankur Gupta is founder of Export Genius. He has led the evolution of Export Genius from a small startup with a mission to be the world’s most reputed leading market research company. Now, Export Genius becomes world’s leading market research company in Foreign Trade. Our Founder is responsible for managing day to day business of the company and act honestly in what they believe to be the best interests of the company.

Ankur Gupta is an alumni of IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade), New Delhi. He completed his education and founded Export Genius. He is an expert in foreign trade with the experience of 7 years in Import Export business.


Aashita Gupta is the Director of Export Genius. She established a culture in the company that supports our team members, so they can provide exceptional service to the clients. She works with the team, control the operations of our company, manage groups, and engage in planning according to the needs of our company and to ensure that the company operates with efficiency.

She is responsible for supporting the company in various ways like bookkeeping, communications, scheduling, database, secretarial services and much more.

She did MBA in her academics and having work experience of 10 years in foreign trade.

Export Genius Director

Sales Star

Our sales team works to grow company’s profits through attracting new customers. They have specific industry knowledge with experience working on an international level. They generate new leads with the aim of creating more sales. Their role is one that is both challenging and rewarding. It also involves scheduling appointments, preparing and delivering presentation to the client and having research on their business and requirements.

They work on sales follow up activities like maintaining customer relationships and ensuring clients loyalty through excellent customer service as well as meeting all client needs appropriate to their business. They work as a part of a team and closely with other departments within the company.

Sales Star

Data Experts

Our data experts convert raw data using SQL and Excel spreadsheets and do value addition. Data analysts work with large amounts of data, facts and figures. They observe throughout the data and analyse it to find conclusions to help clients make better business decisions. They have critical thinking as they must look at the numbers and data and come to new conclusions based on new findings. They also make sure that they are attentive in their analysis to come correct conclusions.

Their job role includes interpreting data, analysing results using statistical techniques and providing ongoing trade reports. They also focused on developing and implementing databases and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality. They acquire data from primary or secondary sources and maintain databases.

Data Experts

Marketing Honchos

Our marketing team plays a crucial role in promoting the business and mission of the company. This team is a pretty lively bunch of Designers, Content Writers, SEO Expert and Web Developer. They collectively work as a digital marketing team. They are responsible for keeping content updated (providing SEO) and to ensure our site comes up quickly when someone searches for Import Export business. Also, our website is often the first place people go for information about trade data. They create the materials that describe and promote our trade report and services and keep them updated as those data and services evolve. They also manage and maintain our social media pages, accounts and carefully watch what’s being posted about the company online.

Marketing Honchos

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