About Our Platform and Data

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What is Export Genius?

How many countries’ data can I access on Export Genius?

How many countries’ exclusive data is available in your database?

How many types of data do you provide?

Can I access the contact information of companies and their employees?

Can I search data online?

What is the source of data, its authenticity and accuracy?

How frequently the database is updated?

How Export Genius is different from other market research online platforms?

How can Export Genius help my business?

How can I get in touch with Export Genius team for any assistance?

Plans and Pricing

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What are the data plans you offer?

Can I get a free trial?

How does the point system work for my data download?

What are the payment modes?

What are the terms of payment?

How can I contact you for creating my Customized Data Plan to suit my requirement and budget?