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Oceania Trade Data

Oceania, a continent, exported goods approximately valued USD 306 billion in 2020, while imports totaled USD 264 billion. As per Oceania customs data, Australia is the largest importer & exporter country in Oceania continent. We provide Oceania import export data of countries including Australia and Fiji. Oceania countries trade data covers transaction-level import & export information of Oceania nations that trade goods across international boundaries. Oceania countries customs data covers company names, besides other consignment details.

  • Custom Data
  • Statistical Data

Data Fields Available in Oceania Import Export Data

  • Date
  • HS Code
  • HS Code Description
  • Product Description
  • Importer Name
  • Exporter Name
  • Port Type
  • Destination Port
  • Destination Country
  • Origin Country
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Value
  • Many More
***Data Fields Vary Country to Country

Quick Facts About Oceania Countries Trade Data

We track all latest import & export developments of Oceania countries and collect Oceania customs data to provide accurate shipping information to global businesses. Here are some quick facts about Oceania countries shipment data.

Contains Import and Export Companies

Historical Data of Oceania Countries Available

Sea, Air and Land Shipments Covered

2 Countries Oceania Trade Data


Australia Trade Data

Australia trade data is a Statistical Type, in which you will find shipping details that are crucial for primary market research. Australia customs data available from Jan 2016 to present. View a sample for complete list of fields available in Australia shipment data.

Australia sample

Fiji Trade Data

Fiji import export data is a Customs Type, in which you will find importer & exporter details along with complete shipping details. Fiji trade data is available from Jan 2018 to present. Here is Fiji export data sample that will help you understand format of data.

Fiji sample

Top 10 Trading Partners in Oceania

As per Oceania customs data, Oceania’s imports approximately totaled USD 264 billion in 2020, while exports totaled USD 306 billion. Australia is the top-most importer and exporter country in Oceania continent. Here is dollar amount in approx. of top 10 trading countries in Oceania reported in 2020.

Country Value USD Billion
Australia 202.2
New Zealand 37.0
Marshall Islands 14.9
Papua New Guinea 3.8
New Caledonia 2.1
Fiji 1.4
French Polynesia 1.3
Solomon Islands 0.3
Samoa 0.3
Vanuatu 0.2
Oceania import countries
Oceania export countries
Country Value USD Billion
Australia 254.5
New Zealand 37.4
Papua New Guinea 9.9
New Caledonia 1.8
Marshall Islands 0.7
Fiji 0.6
Solomon Islands 0.5
Vanuatu 0.1
Micronesia 0.1
Nauru 0.1

Benefits of Oceania Countries Trade Data

Oceania countries import export data is useful to every type & size of business and industry. Here are major benefits of Oceania countries customs data:

  • Importers:

    Analyse business activities of importers in Oceania and find who are their trading partners. Gain visibility into imports developments of your competitors from Oceania import export data.

  • Exporters:

    Monitor export activities of exporters in Oceania with their trading partners. Understand business of your competitors from Oceania countries trade data.

  • Market Analysts:

    Develop quality market research reports on Oceania countries import export business by company, commodity, HS Code, industry, port, value and so on.

  • Industries:

    Whether you are engaged into manufacturing, agriculture or fishing industry, Oceania trade data helps you discover new business opportunities in the Oceania continent.

  • Financial Institutions:

    Know market share, business turnover and other aspects of companies in Oceania to shortlist powerful companies for your banking & financial institution.

  • Logistics Companies:

    Build business relationships from best prospects available in Oceania. From Oceania countries customs data, find out who can become your ideal customers.

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