Import Export Trade Data of Asian Countries

About Asia Trade Data

Trade data of Asia is based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices and other operational documents, which are required in import-export business. Our Asia shipment data is collected from various trusted sources such as Customs Department of Countries, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies and Trade Associations. We provide import export data of following Asian countries:

Major Data Fields Covered in Asia Import Export Data

  • Date
  • HS Code
  • Product Description
  • Importer Name
  • Exporter Name
  • Value
  • Quantity
  • Unit
  • Origin Country
  • Destination Country
  • Weight
  • Many More
***Data Fields Vary As Per Country

More Facts About Trade Data of Asian Countries

Trade statistics of Asian countries are based on shipping details collected from customs and recorded when importing & exporting activities take place. Let’s take an overview of some more facts about Asian countries import export data.

Covers Company Names in Asian Countries Customs Data

Data Arranged on HS Codes & Product Specifications

Sea, Air & Road Shipments Covered in Trade Data of Asia

100% Authentic Shipment Records

Historical Trade Data of Asian Countries Available

14 Countries Asia Import Export Data Available


China Trade Data

China trade data is a collection of statistics based on shipments that depart from and enter into the country. It gives a wider look of China’s market with importer & exporter details, full product specifications, etc. Check China export sample to know data columns.

china sample

India Trade Data

India trade data is a collection of stats-based information on the country’s importing and exporting activities. It gives a wider picture of country’s market with company details, product specifications, etc. Check India export sample to know data columns.

india sample

Indonesia Trade Data

Indonesia trade data is based on customs details that are collected when shipments are departed from and entered into country’s ports via sea, air & road. It gives in-depth analysis of Indonesian market with importer & exporter details, etc. Check Indonesia export sample to know data columns.

indonesia sample

Philippines Trade Data

Philippines trade data is a collection of customs information of shipments that arrive into and depart from the country's ports via sea, air & road. It provides deep study of country’s market with company details, etc. Check Philippines import sample to know data columns.

philippines sample

Turkey Trade Data

Turkey shipment data is based on import-export documents which are filled by companies to import or export commodities from the country. It contains detailed information on Turkish importers and exporters, overseas trading partners and so on. Have a quick look on Turkey export sample given on right to know complete data fields.

turkey sample

Vietnam Trade Data

Vietnam trade data is based on customs information and recorded when shipments get departed from and entered into the country. It provides a wider & clear picture of Vietnamese market with importer & exporter info, etc. Check Vietnam import sample to understand data columns.

vietnam sample

Top 5 Trading Countries in Asia

According to Asian countries trade data, the value of goods purchased by Asian nations totalled USD 7,057.4 billion in 2019, while products shipped totalled USD 7,569.6 billion. See and analyse Asia trade statistics of top 5 importer and exporter countries from the chart and table given below.

Country Share in Value of Imports (%)
China 2,068.9
Japan 720.9
Hong, Kong, China 578.5
South Korea 503.2
India 480.0
top 5 import countries in asia
top 5 export countries in asia
Country Share Value of Exports (%)
China 2,498.5
Japan 705.8
South Korea 542.3
Hong Kong, China 535.7
Taipei, Chinese 390.3

Benefits of Asia Customs Data

Our trade data of Asia is beneficial for every corporate holder; Importers, Exporters, Logistics, Banks, Market Research Agencies, etc. for expanding their business in Asian continent. Let’s point out some important benefits below:

  • For Global Companies As our Asia trade data is based on customs details, so we provide list of genuine buyers and suppliers in Asian countries. We also help companies to monitor shipments of competitors and analyse international market.
  • For Logistics Agencies Our import export data of Asian countries is useful to logistics agencies. How? They can actually analyse shipments arriving at or departing from ports and attract customers to avail their services from their particular ports.
  • For Financial Institutions Asia customs data is covered with details of companies. This helps economic institutions such as banks for knowing financial status of companies in Asian continent and approaching them to have banking products & services.
  • For Market Research Companies As far as market research agencies are concerned, our shipment data of Asian countries is useful for them to know & analyse credibility and credit rating of companies. They can also gain in-depth knowledge of various industries and come up with new forecasts accordingly.
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