Uzbekistan Export Data

Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia. In terms of international trade, Uzbekistan was 81st largest exporter country in the world during 2019. According to the latest Uzbekistan trade data available, Uzbekistan’s exports amounted USD 14.3 billion in 2019. Given Uzbekistan’s estimated population of 33 million people, that dollar amount was translated to roughly $350 for every resident in the Central Asian nation.

Uzbekistan export data

What are the Major Exports of Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan’s top 10 exports in 2019 were Mineral Fuels & Oils (17.6%), Cotton (9.02%), Copper & Articles (4.94%), Edible Fruits & Nuts (4.49%), Edible Vegetables & Certain Roots (3.26%), Plastics (2.81%), Knitted or Crocheted Apparel & Clothing (2.25%), Iron & Steel (2.19%), Zinc & Articles (1.43%) and Electrical Machinery & Equipment (1.36%).

According to Uzbekistan export statistics, Uzbekistan’s top 10 export commodities accounted 49.35% to overall value of shipment departed from the country in 2019. Checkout dollar amount of these export categories in chart given below.

Uzbekistan export products

What are Uzbekistan’s Top 5 Export Partners?

In 2019, Uzbekistan shipped goods most to Russia (USD 2,067 million), China (USD 1,767 million), Kazakhstan (USD 1,237 million), Turkey (USD 1,149 million) and Kyrgyzstan (USD 635 million). According to Uzbekistan customs data, Uzbekistan’s top 5 export partners accounted 47.7% to overall value of shipments. Check percentage share of these countries recorded in 2019.

Uzbekistan export partners

About Uzbekistan Export Data

Uzbekistan Export Data is a Customs Data, which covers information on business activity of every exporter in Uzbekistan. Besides company names, Uzbekistan shipment data contains other market fields such as HS Code, product description, value, quantity, etc. All these details are based on Import Bills, Shipping Bills, Invoices and other documents required in import-export business.

We provide quality and clean data and we collect raw data from the most authorized sources including Custom Departments, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities, Trade Associations and Government Bodies. We also provide Uzbekistan trade statistics of previous years as well. We have export data of Uzbekistan available since January 2016.

Samples of Uzbekistan Export Data

Check full list of fields covered in data from samples given below and understand exact format of data.

Uzbekistan Export Sample # Type 1
Date01-Apr-2020Exporter NameFH "Qumqo'rg'on Na'munasi"
Importer NameFE "Abdijalilov Yusubjon"Destination CountryKyrgyzstan
Sales CountryKyrgyzstanHS Code0602201000
Product Description1) Fresh Peking cabbage; net weight: 6200kg; Harvest 2019 Grown in the Republic of Uzbekistan.; 2) 389 placesQuantity6200
UnitKGNet Weight6200
Cargo Value USD1550Customs Value USD1679.42
Uzbekistan Export Sample # Type 2
Date01-Apr-2020Exporter NameLLC "Gurlan Meva Food Agro Firmasi"
Importer NameKaz.Fruit.Company LLP 130000,Destination CountryKazakhstan
Sales CountryKazakhstanHS Code0704909000
Product Description1) Grape seedlings - weight: 3000 kg, count 5000 pcs,; 2) 100 in bundlesQuantity5000
UnitPCNet Weight3000
Cargo Value USD8500Customs Value USD8500

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