Afghanistan Import Data

Afghanistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country in South and Central Asia. The country make purchases of goods roughly more than USD 7 billion from global countries. Afghanistan import data and statistics show that Afghanistan rank around 88 in global imports, while 32 in Asian imports. It has a population of around 32 million.

Afghanistan Import Data

What Does Afghanistan Import?

Afghanistan main imports are mineral fuels & oils, products of milling industry, optical, photographic, medical equipment, animal or vegetable fats & oils, vehicles, iron & steel, other vegetable textile fibres, articles of stone, plaster, cement, cereals and electrical machinery & equipment.

Afghanistan trade data shows top 10 import commodities of Afghanistan share roughly above 55% to value of total shipments enter into the country. Have a graphical view of Afghanistan’s major import goods.

Afghanistan import products

Afghanistan’s Main Import Partners

The biggest import partners of Afghanistan are Iran, China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Japan, Turkmenistan, India, Malaysia, Russian Federation and United Arab Emirates

According to Afghanistan import statistics, top 5 import partners of Afghanistan share approximately over 60% value to total imports. Afghanistan imports goods from their closest neighbours including Iran, China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and India. The pie-diagram given on right shows share in values of Afghanistan main import partners.

Afghanistan import partners

About Afghanistan Import Data

Afghanistan import data covers importer details with complete shipment information.For data authenticity, we collect Afghanistan trade statistics and data from Afghani Customs, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations and Government Bodies and other authorized business networks. Available from Jan 2019, Afghanistan customs data is based on Shipping Bills, Imports Bills, Invoices and other valid documents required in import-export business.

Sample of Afghanistan Import Data

Import data of Afghanistan gives a total view of country’s import market with deeper analysis and wide-covering trade information. Check two samples of Afghanistan imports below to know and understand exact format of Afghanistan import data.

Afghanistan Import Sample #1
Date23-Oct-2019Importer NameLuna Electric
HS Code11022000HS Code DescriptionCorn flour
Commercial DescriptionPerk kilo flour from TurkeyGross Weight13000
Net Weight13000No. of Package260
Package NameBhojiTotal Value USD9010
Origin CountryTurkey
Afghanistan Import Sample #2
Date23-Oct-2019Importer NameRahim Bilal Flamed
HS Code40111000HS Code DescriptionTypes of forklift vehicles (also used for station wagons and forklift trucks)
Commercial DescriptionWired wire rope 700 - 15 size in loop from ChinaGross Weight8740
Net Weight8740No. of Package230
Package NameRingTotal Value USD12636
Origin CountryChina

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