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China is the 2nd largest importer country in the world. As per China import data, China’s imports totalled USD 2.06 trillion in 2019, a -3.1% downtick from previous year, when China imported goods worth USD 2.13 trillion.

Given China’s population of 1.4 billion people, value of China’s total imports in 2019 translated to roughly USD 1,500 in yearly product demand from every person in this Asian country.

China trade data shows China’s major import categories are electrical machinery & equipment, mineral fuels & oils, machinery, ores, slag & ash, optical, photographic, medical equipment, automotive, plastics & articles and pearls & precious stones. As per China import statistics, China’s top import sources are South Korea, Taipei, Chinese, Japan, United States and Australia.

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China Import Data

China Import Data is a source of information and insights on all Chinese business activities. It is based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices and other import-export documents which are important in trading goods through international borders. Besides company names, China trade data also covers products specifications and other market components.

For data authenticity, we collect China trade statistics from authorized sources including Custom Departments, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations and Government Bodies. We have China import data available from 2010 to present.


China Import Data

China import data is a type of customs data, in which a wide line of columns are available. From company names to product specifications, every shipping data is covered. Fields contain Month, Year, Chinese Trader Name CN, Chinese Trader Name EN, Company Location, Register Customs, Province, Trading Country, Continent, HS Code, HS Product, Quantity, Unit, Total Value USD, Unit Price USD and so on. Check China import data sample and view a single shipping record.

Month 05 Year 2020
Chinese Trader Name CN ****** Chinese Trader Name EN ******
Company Location ****** Register Customs Nanjing
Province Jiangsu Trading Country United States (US)
Continent North America HS Code 28182000
HS Product Aluminium oxide, not artificial corundum
Quantity 43 Unit KG
Total Value USD 8297 Unit Price USD 192.95349

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China’s Top 10 Imports

As per China import data, China’s top 10 imports in 2019 were Electrical Machinery & Equipment (24%), Mineral Fuels & Oils (16.6%), Machinery (9.2%), Ores, Slag & Ash (7.9%), Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (4.7%), Vehicles (3.6%), Plastics & Articles (3.4%), Pearls & Precious Stones (2.9%), Organic Chemicals (1.9%) and Copper & Articles (1.9%).

China import statistics show, China’s top 10 import commodities at 2-digit level HS Code accounted for around 77% of the overall value of its product purchases from other countries in 2019. As per China customs data, imported ores, slag & ash posted the sole increase in cost among China’s top 10 import groups, up 20.4% from 2018 to 2019. Copper with -14.4% and organic chemicals with -14.2% were leading decliners among these product categories. Below given chart shows dollar amount of China’s top 10 import products recorded in 2019.

China’s Top 10 Imports

China Import Partners

China’s Top 10 Import Partners

As per China shipment data, China’s top 10 import partners in 2019 were South Korea (USD 173 billion), Taipei, Chinese (USD 172 billion), Japan (USD 171 billion), United States (USD 123 billion), Australia (USD 119 billion), Germany (USD 105 billion), Brazil (USD 79 billion), Malaysia (USD 71 billion), Vietnam (USD 64 billion) and Russia (USD 60 billion). China customs data shows, China’s top 10 import partners accounted for 58.7% to overall value of shipments recorded in 2019.

As per China trade data, China’s total imports by value in 2019 were imported from fellow Asian countries. Exporters in Europe shipped goods worth 18.1% to China. Smaller percentage of overall Chinese import shipments were originated from suppliers in North America (8%), Latin America (7.2%), Oceania (6.6%) and Africa (4.6%).

China’s Top 10 Import Partners

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