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Chemical Industry Trade Data

Covid-19 Impact on Global Chemical Industry – Initial Analysis

Trying to evaluate the impact of Corona virus or Covid-19 on the global chemical industry at this point of time when there is a shutdown in China and other countries is difficult. However, chemical makers both in China and Western countries report progress in their efforts to keep their businesses running in this tough situation. According to Export Genius market research report on global chemical industry, companies with business operations in China are getting their facilities going again,
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Energy Industry Import Export Data

Coronavirus Outbreak Impact on Global Energy Industry

The coronavirus crisis is gripping the global economy due to disruption of supply chain, restrictions in travel, lockdown in some countries and so on. The spread of virus outbreak has lead nations to implement containment measures, which has disrupted energy supply and demand. Based on Export Genius import export data, industry experts had cut its forecast for global solar demand in 2020 by 16%, amid worsening of coronavirus impacts around the world. Here is a look at latest coronavirus impacts on energy sector across the world.
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Crude Oil Trade Data

Coronavirus and Global Oil Market – Impact and Future Possibilities

Since January 2020, coronavirus has impacted several industries in the world. Global oil market is severely affected due to pessimistic oil demand outlook and comparatively low oil prices. As COVID-19 has spread in other countries apart from Asian nations, the oil market will continue to suffer losses in this year, but the question remains: how deep and for how long? Let’s try to find an answer!
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India Sugar Export Data

Sugar Export from India – Targets 5 MT Sugar to Export in 2020

India, the world’s largest sugar producer, is all set break its own record by exporting 5 million tonnes of sugar in 2020. India produced 26.2 million tonnes of sugar in 2019-20 and consumed 24.3 million tonnes of sugar in the same period. According to India export data of sugar, the country shipped sugar worth US$ 1,164 million in 2018.
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Global Trade Data

Coronavirus and Global Trade – COVID-19 Outbreak to Hit Global Economy

International trade is affected by myriad factors. The latest event to affect global supply chains is Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak in China, which has now spread in more than 50 countries. Thousands of people in the world have died so far with China being reporting maximum numbers. China, which is the largest trading partner of global countries, has shut production units and affected with shipping worldwide.
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