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Turkey UK Trade Data

How to Import Commodities from Turkey to the United Kingdom?

For centuries, Turkey has been a crucial trading partner linking Asia and Europe with its ideal transcontinental location. Today, the country enjoys close trading ties with the United Kingdom. In 2021, the total trade of goods between Turkey and the UK totaled US$19.2 billion, an increase from US$16.8 billion reported in 2020. Here is important information to consider when importing commodities from Turkey to the UK.
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US Export Data

U.S. Crude Oil Exports – Can US Ports Handle More Oil Exports

The United States is exporting huge amounts of crude oil to the European countries amid rising oil demand following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent sanctions against Moscow. According to our database, the U.S. shipped US$69.3 billion worth of crude oil to the world in 2021, in which oil shipments valued at US$25.2 billion were delivered to Europe. It is anticipated that U.S. oil may find even more buyers in the coming years, but that could test the capabilities of US export infrastructure.
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Rupee Vs Dollar

Rupee Plunges To All Time Low of 80 Per Dollar – What Does It Mean

The Indian rupee hit 80 per dollar for the first time ever on 19th July 2022. After a record low of 80.06, it edged higher to 79.93 per dollar on 20th July 2022. The rupee fell after breaching a series of all-time lows and declining over 7% this year from about 74 at the start of 2022. What does it mean for individuals and the Indian economy? Let’s try to understand the weakening of the rupee against the dollar from the information.
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Sri Lanka Trade Data

Sri Lanka Crisis: Bilateral Trade With India So Far And Its Aftermath

It’s been three months since the Sri Lanka crisis, since April 2022, the small island nation in Southeast Asia is struggling to manage the foreign reserves and its domestic supplies. It safeguarded the economy through a credit line, loans, and bilateral trade with countries. The neighboring countries India and China helped Sri Lanka in its crisis – China allotted support loans to Sri Lanka, and India sent outbound shipments of essential commodities by providing loans. However, due to different issues, shipments from India are halted now.
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