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Indonesia Export Data

What is Indonesia Export Data? A Guide on Customs Data of Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located in south-east Asia. It ranks 29 in global exports and worth 1% value of the world’s exports in 2017. Indonesia exports worth USD 168 billion in 2017. When it comes to importing any product from Indonesia, an in-depth study of country’s market is important and useful with the help of Indonesia trade data. What is the purpose of Indonesia customs data? Why it is needed for business growth? What are its advantages in business.
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Asia Trade Data

Asia Trade Data – Find Import Export Data of Asian Countries

Asia is the biggest and most populous continent in the world. According to Asia trade data, more than 50 Asian countries are trading in the global market. We at Export Genius track trading activities of eight Asian countries including China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Let’s know the facts about Asia trade data.
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China-Germany Trade Statistics

Bilateral Trade between China and Germany – China-Germany Trade Statistics

This year, China and Germany signed deals worth USD 23.6 billion, in addition to multiple joint cooperation projects between governmental agencies, companies such as BASF, BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Siemens and Bosch announced deals and partnership. Free trade plays a strong leading role for both countries and for global economy. Both countries want to sustain the system of WTO rules.
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Vietnam Shrimp Export

Vietnam Shrimp Export Report – Analyse Vietnam Shrimp Industry

Vietnam is the third largest shrimp exporter in the world after India and Ecuador. Vietnam shrimp exports worth USD 1849 million in 2017 which accounted for 10.2% value of the global exports for this product. In import-export business, shrimp is classified under HS Code 030617. Japan is the biggest export market for Vietnamese shrimp, followed by USA and South Korea.
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Vietnam Import Data

What is Vietnam Import Data? How Vietnam Customs Data is Useful?

Vietnam import data is a valid key to study trade market of Vietnam. The success of business undertakings depends on the quality and reliability of trade data so it is considered as the valid key to success for trade business. The import data also provide the tariff charges, transportation charges, FOB value and elements of all taxes applicable to different imported products.
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