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Kenya Import Data

Kenya’s Top 10 Imports – Kenya Import Data and Trade Statistics

Kenya’s imports totalled US$15.8 billion in 2018, which declined from the previous year’s value of US$16.6 billion, Kenya import data reveals. That dollar amount reflects a -13.9% decrease since 2014 and a -5.1% dip from 2017 to 2018. Kenya purchased machinery and related products the most last year, followed by electrical machinery and equipment. The largest import source of Kenya imports is China with 22.6% share in value recorded in 2018. Let’s get a larger picture from Kenya import statistics and shipment data.
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DR Congo Trade Data

DR Congo’s Top 5 Imports & Exports – DR Congo Trade Data & Statistics

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the largest country in Central Africa in terms of size. It is also called as DR Congo, DROC, DRC, East Congo or Congo-Kinshasa. DR Congo recorded a trade surplus of US$3454 million in 2018, as its exports were higher than its imports. DR Congo’s exports valued at US$9725 million and its imports valued at US$6270 million in the said year. According to DR Congo trade data, the country’s major import source is South Africa and export destination is China.
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Burundi Export Data

Burundi Export Data – Burundi’s Main Exports & Top 5 Export Partners

An African landlocked country, the Republic of Burundi shipped goods worth US$97 million in 2018. Based on Burundi export data, the country exported coffee, tea, mate and spices the most at 2 digit level HS Code, which shared more than 50% value to total exports. The largest export destination of Burundi was the United Arab Emirates in 2018 with 25.6% share in value.
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Burundi Import Data

Burundi’s Top 10 Imports – Burundi Import Data and Report 2018

The Republic of Burundi is a country in African continent. Burundi’s imports amounted to US$355 billion in 2018. Imports play an important role in the Burundi economy. Imports comprise a wide variety of commodities, mainly composed of petroleum products & fuel, food, equipment and manufactured goods. The European Union (EU) countries, in particular Belgium, India and China are the major sources of Burundi’s imports.
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Venezuela Imports and Exports

Venezuela Imports and Exports 2018 – Venezuela Trade Data

Venezuela’s imports valued at US$10 billion in 2018, while exports valued at US$33 billion. This means Venezuela recorded a trade surplus of US$23 billion due to more exports than imports. The country’s largest trade partner both in terms of imports and exports is the United States of America with almost 40% share in total trade. Based on actual shipment records covered in Venezuela trade data, the country’s major imports are mineral fuels & oils, cereals, machinery, electronics and animal or vegetable fats & oils.
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