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Ghana Gold Export Data

Ghana Gold Export Report 2018 – Ghana is Top Gold Exporter in Africa

Ghana is a country in African continent, which ranked 77 in world’s exports in 2018. Ghana’s total exports valued US$ 17 billion in which more than 30% of its sales were of gold. After South Africa, Ghana is the top producer and exporter of gold in Africa. According to Ghana export data, the country shipped gold worth US$ 6,092 million in 2018, up from the previous years. The largest export destination of Ghana’s gold is India, which hold almost 50% of the market.
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Africa Export Data

Africa’s Top 10 Exporter Countries – Africa Customs Data

Africa is a continent and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Isthmus of Suez & the Red Sea to the northeast, the Indian Ocean to the southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. In terms of global exports, Africa stands at 5th position with US$ 420.5 billion worth of commodities were shipped by African countries in 2018. According to Africa trade data, African countries shared 2.4% value to global exports.
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African Countries Import Data

Top 10 African Countries by Imports – Check Africa Trade Data

Africa is the 5th largest importer continent. According to Africa trade data, African countries purchased goods worth US$ 492 billion in 2018. Top 4 continents in terms of imports are Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Africa’s top imports at 6-digit level HS Code are medium oils & preparations, light oils & preparations, crude petroleum oil, medicaments, motor cars, wheat, mobile phones and rice.
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African Countries Export Data

What Does Africa Export? Trade Performance of African Countries

Africa is the fifth largest continent in global exports, which accounted 2.4% percentage share in 2018. According to Africa trade data, total US$ 420.5 billion of goods were shipped from African countries in the said year. Mineral fuels and oils at 2-digit level HS Code were exported the most from Africa. At six-digit level HS Code, the maximum shipments of crude petroleum oil were departed from African nations.
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USA Import Export Data

USA Import Export Data – Ways to Find US Import & Export Companies

The United States of America is the 2nd largest export economy in the world and the 7th most complex economy. According to USA import export data, the country purchased goods worth US$ 2,612 billion in 2018, while shipped commodities worth US$ 1,665 billion. The top exports of the United States are Cars, Refined Petroluem, Gas Turbines, Planes and Helicopters. Its major import commodities are Crude Petroluem, Cars, Computers, Broadcasting Equipment and Vehicle Parts.
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