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Global Trade

India-Brazil Bilateral Trade – Analysis of India’s Positive Trade with Brazil

Brazil is one of the most important trading partners of India in the entire LAC (Latin America and Caribbean) region. India-Brazil bilateral trade has doubled in the last two years. India’s trade balance with Brazil totalled USD 2,608 million in 2022, a substantial increase from 2021’s USD 1,334 million. India’s top import commodity from Brazil in 2022 was crude soya-bean oil, while India’s top export product to Brazil was automotive diesel fuel. Brazil is among the top 10 countries that recorded a positive trade with India in 2022. Here is in-depth analysis of India-Brazil bilateral trade relations.
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Global Trade Data

Uncertainty Lingering Over Global Oil Prices Due To Israel-Hamas War

The oil prices were affected due to the unprecedented war that started out between Israel and Hamas on 7 October 2023. The conflict between these nations shook the global oil market due to the significance of the Middle East in the contribution of global oil supplies. The oil prices on Tuesday (24 October) slumped even further following the minor recovery in the previous week. Trade experts suggested that this could potentially disturb the confluence of oil supplies between the countries, especially ones which rely on the Middle East.
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India Trade

India and the UAE Strengthening Ties In Concern To the Economic Corridor

Following the establishment of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor, India, and the UAE are growing towards the strengthening of their economic ties and paving the way for a better exchange of goods and services. India and the UAE work together to identify the commodities where trade between the countries can be diversified. The move allows trade between both countries to be efficient and widen the scope of this mutual economic support and cooperation.
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USA Trade

US Electric Motor Market Trade Trends, Exports To Canada Rise In 2023

The electric motor industry is growing in demand and therefore, as a result, the values are increasing due to the application of motors which are becoming more significant in countries such as the US and Canada. The US is among the trading countries for electric motors, which not only comes in the top three for the imports of electric motors (Heading 8501) but also the exports. The exports of electric motors from the US to its top trading partners have risen considerably despite higher imports.
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India Trade

Israel-Hamas Conflict – Impact on India-Israel Trade Explained

The conflict between Israel and Hamas militants is likely to affect India’s trade if the war escalates. This development is concerning not only for the global economy but also for India, given its dependency on crude oil and its strong trade ties with Israel. India’s trade with Israel totalled USD 10,378 million in 2022 and USD 4,529 million during Jan-Jun 2023. India’s close relationship with Israel adds a twist to the tale. Israel is a significant trade partner for India, ranking as the third-largest in Asia and tenth globally.
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Global Trade Data

G20 Highlight: EU, US Join Forces To Promote the Trans-African Corridor

G20 Summit 2023, held by the Indian presidency, put a spotlight on the Trans-African Corridor. The initiative highlights the partnership between the US as a country, and the European Union as a group of nations to come together and build an alliance with Africa as a continent. In the partnership for the Trans-African Corridor, the US and the EU will support Africa in the development of the three countries—Angola, Zambia, and DR Congo. The corridor will connect these major regions of Africa with potential values to the global trade markets via Angola’s Port.
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India-Canada Trade

India-Canada Relations – Bilateral Trade and Rising Political Tension

With increasing tensions between India and Canada, the negotiations between both countries on the free trade agreement (FTA), which resumed after a decade, could come to a halt due to political concerns. India’s imports from Canada totaled USD 3,906 million and India’s exports to Canada totaled USD 4,251 million in 2022. Both import and export values increased as compared to the previous year. Here is a detailed overview of India’s trade with Canada.
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Global Trade Data

India-Saudi Arabia Trade Up in 2022 – India’s Imports Get Doubled

In light of shifting geopolitical circumstances, India and Saudi Arabia are making efforts to strengthen their economic ties. Given that Saudi Arabia is currently India’s fourth-largest trading partner. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has expressed keen interest in India’s energy sector and both countries intend to expand their bilateral investments. In 2022, the trade between India and Saudi Arabia has increased and reached USD 67 billion mark.
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Global Trade Data

India-China Bilateral Trade – Study of Trade Flows of India and China

The trade between India and China reached USD 142,594 million (exports to China: USD 15,743 million and imports from China: USD 126,851 million) in 2022, an increase from USD 117,387 million (exports to China: USD 20,982 million and imports from China: USD 96,405 million) reported in 2021. According to our report, India-China trade is forecasted to go down and be USD 139,442 million in 2023.
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Sri Lanka Trade Data

Sri Lanka Crisis: Bilateral Trade With India So Far And Its Aftermath

It’s been three months since the Sri Lanka crisis, since April 2022, the small island nation in Southeast Asia is struggling to manage the foreign reserves and its domestic supplies. It safeguarded the economy through a credit line, loans, and bilateral trade with countries. The neighboring countries India and China helped Sri Lanka in its crisis – China allotted support loans to Sri Lanka, and India sent outbound shipments of essential commodities by providing loans. However, due to different issues, shipments from India are halted now.
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US Trade Data

USA and Taiwan Join For A New Trade Initiative To Grow Bilateral Trade

On June 1, 2022, Taiwan and the US joined to work on a new trade initiative called the US-Taiwan Initiative on 21st Century Trade. The objective of the initiative is to mark the official beginning of a bilateral trade agreement between both countries. The announcement comes after Taiwan got expelled from the US Indo-Pacific Economic Initiative. The initiative will make a way to launch the bilateral trade agreement between the US and Taiwan and strengthen the ties between both countries.
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Ukraine US Trade Data

Ukraine-U.S. Trade Record Start But Russia’s Invasion will Upend Trend

Ukraine’s 2022 trade with the United States was off to a record start but the Russian invasion of Ukraine which began in Feb 2022 will certainly upend that trend because of Ukraine’s destroyed infrastructure and affected supply chain of goods. In the month of January, the only 2022 data currently available, Ukraine recorded its highest monthly total in at least two years at US$444.39 million. In fact, for the last five months, Ukraine’s trade with the US topped US$400 million, the only month it has done so in the last two years.
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India US Trade Data

India & US Signs A New 'Fruitful' Bilateral Trade Agreement

India and the US are sharing a trade agreement for the trade of commodities in fruits. The trade agreement between both countries involves the sharing of the resources both countries require from each other. These fruits include Indian mangoes and pomegranates exports to the US, while cherries and alfalfa hay, along with pork products from the US to India.
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India Australia Trade Data

Australia Benefitting India, But What About Dairy And Agriculture?

Recently, India's department of Commerce and Ministry, stated that bilateral trade between India and Australia has seen the share of a free trade agreement, according to which Australia is providing India with tariff concessions on 99% of goods. On Monday, the official authority claimed that an interim agreement with Australia will cover the major labour-oriented sectors such as agriculture, textiles, pharmaceuticals, footwear, leather goods.
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Singapore Trade Data

Singapore Bilateral Trade with Asian Countries – Singapore Trade Data

The trade balance between Singapore and Asia totaled USD 46.2 billion in 2019 as its exports were higher than imports. It is one of the largest trading countries in the Asian continent. According to Singapore customs data, Singapore majorly trade electrical machinery and equipment with Asian countries. Check & analyze bilateral trade between Singapore and Asia from Singapore trade statistics and market information based on actual shipment records.
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Turkey Russia Trade Data

Turkey Exports to Russia – 26% Surge Recorded in Jan-Feb 2020

Turkey’s exports to Russia reached over $700 million in Jan-Feb 2020, a 26% surge as compared to same period last year. According to Turkey trade data, value of Turkish commodities exported to Russia was US$ 3.8 billion in 2019. Major commodities shipped from Turkey to Russia were fresh fruits & vegetables, machinery, vehicles and plastics. Analyze Turkish exports to Russia with trade statistics recorded in first two months of 2020 and all months of 2019.
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Turkey India Trade Data

Turkey-India Trade 2019 – Year 2020 Hopes Positive Growth in Bilateral Trade

The bilateral trade between Turkey and India in 2019 was US$ 7.56 billion, in which imports recorded the highest value of US$ 6.5 billion. And exports from Turkey to India totalled US$ 1.06 billion. Turkey is a country in the Middle-East, while India lies in Asia. Both countries have acknowledged a positive growth in their bilateral trade. Despite India’s plans to cut imports from Turkey due to criticism over Kashmir policy, they have set a new target of $10 billion trade in 2020.
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Indonesia Australia Trade Data

Indonesia-Australia Bilateral Trade – Countries Plan to Boost Business

Indonesia’s total trade with Australia amounted to US$8.5 billion in 2018, while total trade between the two countries reached US$3.6 billion between January and June this year. Australia was Indonesia’s 13th largest export destination in 2018, with the total value of shipments increased 12% to US$2.8 billion. Australia was Indonesia’s 8th largest source of imports, at US$5.8 billion last year, which declined about 3% from 2017.
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China-Germany Trade Statistics

Bilateral Trade between China and Germany – China-Germany Trade Statistics

This year, China and Germany signed deals worth USD 23.6 billion, in addition to multiple joint cooperation projects between governmental agencies, companies such as BASF, BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Siemens and Bosch announced deals and partnership. Free trade plays a strong leading role for both countries and for global economy. Both countries want to sustain the system of WTO rules.
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India-South Korea Bilateral Trade

Bilateral Trade between India and South Korea – Top Exports & Imports

India and South Korea have agreed to work together in the sectors of energy, electronics and shipbuilding and the authorities have set up a joint working group for cooperation on the shipbuilding sector and electronics hardware manufacturing. For India, South Korea is a reliable partner that helps to modernize the physical and social infrastructure of India. South Korea also take benefit from science and technology cooperation with India.
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US-Japan Bilateral Trade

US-Japan Bilateral Trade – US Major Imports from & Exports to Japan

Both in terms of imports and exports, the United States of America’s 4th largest buyer and supplier was Japan in 2017. According to Export Genius market research report, US total exports to Japan valued at $ 67695 million and US total imports from Japan valued at $ 139860 million in the said year. We keep a close eye on every shipment, which departs from US & to Japan or arrives into the US from Japan via sea, air or road.
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India-China Pharmaceuticals

India-China Pharmaceuticals Trade – China Exempts Drugs Import Tariff

China is one of the biggest import markets for pharmaceuticals in the world. Recently, the Chinese government has exempted the import tariffs on 28 drugs including all cancer drugs, cancer alkaloid based drugs and imported innovative drugs. It will boost drug exports from India and benefit the Indian pharmaceutical industry which is known for exporting high quality drugs at affordable prices. This will also help to reduce India’s trade deficit with China.
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India-UAE Bilateral Trade

India-UAE Bilateral Trade – UAE & India Exports and Imports Data 2017

India & the United Arab Emirates enjoy strong bonds of friendship based on age-old cultural, religious and economic ties between the two nations. The ranking of India’s share in world trade 2017 is 14 (imports) & 20 (exports), while UAE rank 17 (imports) and 16 (exports). Export Genius authentic report on India-UAE bilateral trade shows that India’s total imports from UAE amounted to USD 17593 million and India’s total exports to UAE amounted to USD 23347 million from January to September 2017.
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Russia Kazakhstan Trade

Kazakhstan Russia Bilateral Trade – Russia Kazakhstan Trade Statistics

Russia and Kazakhstan both are the members of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). They are also founding members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and are part of the Euro Atlantic Partnership Council. After launching European Union, both countries have been sparing by swapping trade restrictions and disagreeing over a single currency. The run-down of the Russian currency (Ruble) has flooded Kazakhstan with cheap Russian goods.
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Brazil Exports to USA

Brazil and US Bilateral Trade Crossed USD 47 Billion in 2016

United States is one of the largest trading partners of Brazil while Brazil is currently USA’s 14th largest goods trading partner. As per Brazil US bilateral trade statistics, Brazil exports to USA recorded USD 23.29 billion while Brazil imports from USA recorded USD 24.09 billion during the year 2016. Brazil US bilateral trade stood at USD 47.38 billion and Brazil goods trade deficit with USA was USD 0.80 billion in 2016.
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US Mexico Bilateral Trade

What does Mexico Trade with USA? Bilateral Trade between USA and Mexico

USA is Mexico’s biggest trading partner and Mexico is the second largest trading partner of United States. In 2016, Mexico’s exports totalled USD 373 billion and more than 80% of those purchases were made by United States. While Mexico imports totalled USD 387 billion and did approximately 47% of imports from USA. According to US Mexico bilateral trade statistics, Mexico has reduced its imports from United States in last years.
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India Russia Bilateral Trade

Recent Scenario of Bilateral Trade Relations between India and Russia

India exports to Russia stood at just USD 1.81 billion compared with USD 41.99 billion to the United States during the year 2016. India Russia trade deficit stood at USD 2.97 billion as the imports recorded USD 4.78 billion in 2016. India Russia bilateral trade stood at USD 6.59 billion in 2016. The trade balance between India and Russia with a deficit in 2015 recorded USD 2.91 billion and USD 1.99 billion in 2014.
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India Indonesia Bilateral Trade

Bilateral Trade Relations between India and Indonesia 2016

India Indonesia bilateral trade has increased from USD 4.3 billion in 2005 to USD 15.9 billion in 2015. It is declined due to normal global economic situation, fall in commodity prices and less overall imports by Indonesia. Indian companies have increased investment in Indonesia, primarily in power, textile, infrastructure, steel and consumer goods. The sectors like IT, Pharmaceuticals, infrastructure in railways are economic drivers of India but missing in Indonesia.
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India US Bilateral Trade

Trade between India and US - India US Trade Statistics 2016

USA is India’s largest trading partner with USD 62.38 billion in total goods trade during 2016. India exports to USA totalled USD 41.99 billion while goods imports totalled USD 20.39 billion. The India US trade surplus recorded USD 21.60 billion in 2016. The bilateral trade between India and USA has been expanded on a large scale in past years. Here, we take a comprehensive look at India US bilateral trade relations, India exports to USA, India imports from USA and sample of trade data.
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USA China Trade

USA China Trade Relations - USA China Bilateral Trade Statistics

In 2017, United States has the world’s largest economy and China is the second largest economy. However, in global exports, China top the market and USA is second largest while in global imports USA top the market and China is second largest. USA China trade has generated real benefits for the United States while China has been gaining a lot from it as well. China becomes the third biggest market for USA exports.
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India China Bilateral Trade

India China Bilateral Trade - India China Trade Statistics 2016

India and China are the two most populous countries and fastest growing major economies in the world. They have come to play an increasingly leading role in world economic affairs and posted aggressive growth rates amongst other things. India China trade relations are the most important part of its bilateral relations. India China trade has observed rapid growth in the recent year. Without being affected the massive economic growth of India and China.
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Russia China Trade

Bilateral Trade between Russia and China - Russia China Trade Statistics

China is largest in global exports while Russia is at 16th rank. In global imports, China’s ranking is 2 and Russia ranking is 25. The difference in trade competitiveness also reveals in China and Russia’s market exposure to importing global goods. According to trade sector, China appears to be much less dependent on imports than Russia. In fact, only 10% of China’s domestic demand for goods is served by imports.
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