India-Saudi Arabia Trade Up in 2022 – India’s Imports Get Doubled

06 June 2023
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In light of shifting geopolitical circumstances, India and Saudi Arabia are making efforts to strengthen their economic ties. Given that Saudi Arabia is currently India’s fourth-largest trading partner. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has expressed keen interest in India’s energy sector and both countries intend to expand their bilateral investments. In 2022, the trade between India and Saudi Arabia has increased and reached USD 67 billion mark.

How Much Trade Between India & Saudi Arabia Recorded in 2022?

India and Saudi Arabia enjoy cordial and friendly relations reflecting old economic and socio-cultural ties. India’s imports from Saudi Arabia doubled in 2022 and exports to Saudi Arabia also increased. India imported USD 57,142 million worth of goods from Saudi Arabia last year, while exports to Saudi Arabia totaled USD 9,943 million.

What were the yearly trends of India’s trade with Saudi Arabia? From 2017 to 2022, the year 2020 saw a drastic decline in India’s imports from Saudi Arabia, mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and trade disturbance. However, India’s exports to Saudi Arabia have increased in the past years. See data visualization of India’s trade with Saudi Arabia.


India’s Imports from Saudi Arabia (Value USD Million)

India’s Exports to Saudi Arabia (Value USD Million)




















India-Saudi Arabia Trade – Top Industries

Major imports to India from Saudi Arabia include – mineral fuels and oils, fertilisers, organic chemicals, plastics & articles, inorganic chemicals, miscellaneous chemical products, and aluminum & articles.

India’s top exports to Saudi Arabia include – mineral fuels and oils, cereals, vehicles other than tramways or railways, organic chemicals, machinery, mechanical appliances, etc., and electrical machinery & equipment.

Here is a list of India’s top 10 imports from Saudi Arabia and exports to Saudi Arabia with their values reported in 2022.


India’s Imports from Saudi Arabia (Value USD Million)


India’s Exports to Saudi Arabia (Value USD Million)

Mineral Fuels & Oils (HS Code 27)

46,708 (81% Share of Total Imports)

Mineral Fuels & Oils (HS Code 27)

1,238 (12% Share of Total Exports)

Fertilisers (HS Code 31)

2,618 (5% Share of Total Imports)

Cereals (HS Code 10)

1,206 (12% Share of Total Exports)

Organic Chemicals (HS Code 29)

2,596 (5% Share of Total Imports)

Vehicles Other Than Railway or Tramway (HS Code 87)

1,032 (10% Share of Total Exports)

Plastics & Articles (HS Code 39)

1,861 (3% Share of Total Imports)

Organic Chemicals (HS Code 29)

929 (9% Share of Total Exports)

Inorganic Chemicals (HS Code 28)

925 (1% Share of Total Imports)

Machinery, Mechanical Appliances, etc. (HS Code 84)

626 (6% Share of Total Exports)

Miscellaneous Chemical Products (HS Code 38)

659 (1% Share of Total Imports)

Electrical Machinery & Equipment (HS Code 85)

514 (5% Share of Total Exports)

Aluminium & Articles (HS Code 76)

467 (1% Share of Total Imports)

Sugars & Sugar Confectionery (HS Code 17)

386 (3% Share of Total Exports)

Aircraft, Spacecraft & Parts (HS Code 88)

372 (1% Share of Total Imports)

Iron & Steel (HS Code 72)

315 (3% Share of Total Exports)

Copper & Articles (HS Code 74)

245 (1% Share of Total Imports)

Articles of Iron & Steel (HS Code 73)

269 (2% Share of Total Exports)

Pearls & Precious Stones (HS Code 71)

197 (1% Share of Total Imports)

Knitted or Crocheted Apparel & Clothing (HS Code 61)

259 (2% Share of Total Exports)


Quick Facts About India-Saudi Arabia Trade

                ·         Saudi Arabia is India’s 12th export partner, and 5th import partner.

                ·         More than 18% of India’s crude oil imports are sourced from Saudi Arabia.

                ·         Saudi Arabia plays an important role in India’s energy security while India is a vital partner in Saudi Arabia’s food security.

                ·         In 2021-22, Saudi Arabia was the second-largest source of hydrocarbon imports for India.

India and Saudi Arabia hold bilateral engagements in sectors like science & technology, security, strategy, investments, defence, trade, and energy. The two countries are now at full potential to boost bilateral and maintain their strong business relations.

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