African Countries Import Export Trade Data

Africa Trade Data

Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most populous continent. African countries import export data contains record-by-record shipment details, which reveal import-export activities of businesses in Africa. We provide Africa trade data of many countries including excusive data of Botswana, Ghana, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Ivory Coast. Whether you are looking for trading partners in Ghana or want to expand your business Tanzania; Africa import export data is useful in making business a success.

Data Fields Available in Africa Import Export Data

  • Date
  • HS Code
  • HS Code Description
  • Product Description
  • Importer Name
  • Exporter Name
  • Port Type
  • Destination Port
  • Destination Country
  • Origin Country
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Value
  • Many More
***Data Fields Vary Country to Country

Quick Facts About African Countries Trade Data

What makes us better in market research industry is comprehensive data coverage. We keep a close market watch on each company’s business in Africa, in order to provide you best and complete information. Check quick facts about Africa shipment data.

Importer & Exporter Data Coverage

Historical Data of Available Since 2013

Sea, Air and Road Shipments Covered

18 Countries Africa Customs Data Available


Botswana Trade Data

Botswana's top 5 imports in 2019 were Pearls and Precious Stones (28.41%), Mineral Fuels and Oils (12.55%), Vehicles (8.61%), Machinery (6.74%) and Electrical Machinery & Equipment (5.69%).

Botswana import export data covers transaction-level details of shipments. Botswana trade data is available from 2018 to present. View sample to know what is covered in Botswana customs data.

botswana sample

Ghana Trade Data

Ghana’s top 5 imports in 2019 were Vehicles (16.2%), Machinery (13.0%), Electrical Machinery & Equipment (6.5%), Cereals (5.0%) and Plastics (4.7%).

Peer into transactions between Ghana with global businesses from Ghana trade data and shipment-based intelligence. We have Ghana customs data available from 2015 to present.

ghana sample

Tanzania Trade Data

Tanzania’s top 5 exports in 2019 were Pearls & Precious Stones (35%), Tobacco (6%), Edible Fruit & Nuts (5%), Oil Seeds & Oleaginous Fruits (5%) and Coffee, Tea, Mate & Spices (4%).

If you want to expand your business in Tanzania or simply gather information on trading activities in Africa; Tanzania import export data is the best source. It contains shipment details of Tanzania’s business activities worldwide. Tanzania trade data is available from 2018 onwards.

tanzania sample

Ivory Coast Trade Data

Ivory Coast trade data reveals list of Ivory Coast top 5 import commodities 2019 – Mineral Fuels and Oils (21.2%), Machinery (9.64%), Cereals (7.5%), Electrical Machinery and Equipment (6.3%) and Vehicles (5.9%).

We have added exclusive data of Ivory Coast into our database, which contains comprehensive shipment details of the country’s import export activities. Ivory Coast trade data is available from 2008 to present.

ivory-coast sample

Top 10 Trading Countries in Africa

Based on African countries trade data, Africa's imports valued USD 568 billion in 2019, while Africa's exports valued USD 471 billion. Here is a list of top 10 import and export countries in African continent.

Country Value USD Billion
South Africa 88.2
Egypt 78.6
Morocco 51.0
Nigeria 47.3
Algeria 42.4
Tunisia 21.5
Kenya 17.2
Libya 15.4
Angola 14.1
Liberia 12.3
africa import countries
africa export countries
Country Value USD Billion
South Africa 90.4
Nigeria 53.6
Algeria 36.8
Angola 34.8
Egypt 30.6
Morocco 29.5
Libya 29.4
Ghana 16.7
Tunisia 14.9
Côte d'Ivoire 12.7

Benefits of Africa Trade Data

African countries customs data helps you gain full visibility into business actions of African companies. Find out how Africa trade data is helpful for your organization to become data-driven.

  • Importers and Exporters:

    Identify & reach out to active importers & exporters and engage into long-term business relationships. Whether you want to grow your business of cassava or any other agricultural product in Africa, we help you find amazing business opportunities in African continent.

  • Transportation & Logistics:

    Whether you own inbound or outbound logistics business or provide transportation services for cold storage goods; find & analyze imports & exports of African companies from Africa customs data.

  • Manufacturing Industries:

    Find alternative product sources and discover new business opportunities from Africa export import data. No matter which manufacturing industry you deal, we provide African countries shipment data of every HS classified product.

  • Market Researchers:

    Get Africa countries trade statistics and gain insights of company, commodity and other market aspects to deliver quality results.

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