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Nigeria, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country in West Africa. Nigeria is bordered with Niger in the north, Chad in the northeast, Cameroon in the east and Benin in the west. The country’s southern coast is on the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean.

In terms of trade, Nigeria stood at 61st position in global imports. According to Nigeria import data, Nigeria imported goods worth USD 47.3 billion in 2019, up by about 30% from 2018 to 2019. Nigeria trade data shows Nigeria’s imports totalled USD 36.4 billion in 2018.

Given Nigeria’s population of 201 million people, the value of Nigeria imports in 2019 translated to roughly USD 240 in yearly product demand from every person in the West African region country. Get a bigger picture of Nigeria import market from the most complete Nigeria customs data and analysis reports.

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Nigeria Import Data

Nigeria Import Data is a collection of customs-based statistics and market intelligence that are important for companies worldwide to gain market insights. Nigeria trade data is based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices and other import-export documents that are required in importing & exporting goods around the world. Our Nigeria import database contains 3200000+ shipment records and 110000+ Nigerian importers.

We adhere to information authenticity and clean data for gaining your trust. For quality data, we collect Nigeria import data from the most genuine sources including Custom Departments, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations, Government Bodies and other business networks. For better comparison of current Nigeria trade statistics from previous years, we provide Nigeria shipment data available from year 2010.


Nigeria Import Data

Nigeria Import Data is a type of Customs Data, which contains company names and other shipping details. It is beneficial for businesses to find the best business partners, evaluate product specifications & industries and gain valuable insights about country’s import activities. Nigeria trade data covers Date, Port Name, Importer Name, HS Code, HS Code Description, Weight, Value, Origin Country and so on. Have a look on Nigeria import data sample to understand data format.

Date 12-02-2019
Port Name Abuja Airport
Importer Name *****
HS Code 9015800000
HS Code Description Other instruments and appliances for Surveying not specified in 9015
Gross Weight KG 83 FOB Value NGN 401938
FOB Value USD 1108.06 CIF Value NGN 535320
CIF Value USD 1475.77 Origin Country United Kingdom

Nigeria Imports

Nigeria’s Top 10 Imports

Nigeria’s top 10 imports in 2019 were machinery (18.93%), mineral fuels & oils (15.57%), vehicles (11.88%), electrical machinery & equipment (7.85%), optical equipment (7.08%), plastics (3.23%), glass (3.16%), pharmaceutical products (3.07%), cereals (2.75%) and articles of iron & steel (2.12%). According to Nigeria import data, Nigeria’s top 10 import products accounted for 75.64% value to total imports.

We have the latest Nigeria trade statistics from which we uncover all business activities of the country. As per Nigeria customs data, Nigeria’s imported glass posted the fastest-growing increase in value among the top 10 import categories, thanks to its 3,034% increase from 2018 to 2019. The sole declining top import categories was mineral fuels including oil due to a -31.9% drop year over year. Below given chart shows dollar amount of Nigeria’s top 10 import goods on the basis of actual shipping records and Nigeria import statistics.

Nigeria Top 10 Imports

Nigeria Import Partners

Nigeria’s Top 10 Import Partners

Nigeria import data shows Nigeria’s top 10 import partners in 2019 were China (USD 12,064 million), India (5,698 million), United States (4,680 million), Netherlands (USD 3,493 million), Belgium (USD 2,376 million), Eswatini (USD 1,556 million), Germany (USD 1,457 million), United Kingdom (USD 1,345 million), United Arab Emirates (USD 1,199 million) and South Korea (USD 1,014 million). Nigeria customs data reveals Nigeria’s top 10 import partners accounted for 73.6% to overall value of import shipments registered in 2019.

According to Nigeria trade statistics, from a continental perspective, Nigeria imported about half (49.6%) of total goods by value from Asian suppliers. Nigeria trade data shows, another 30% of goods entered from exporters in Europe, while 11.2% arrived from North America. The chart given shows percentage share of Nigeria’s top 10 import partners registered in 2019.

Nigeria Top 10 Import Partners

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