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CIS Trade Data

The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is a regional intergovernmental organization of nine members. We provide CIS countries trade data of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. CIS countries trade data reveals import export scenario of CIS countries. Based on customs-based details, CIS import export data covers complete transactional-level information that helps your business to grow. We provide CIS shipment data of Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Data Fields Available in CIS Countries Trade Data

  • Date
  • HS Code
  • HS Code Description
  • Product Description
  • Importer Name
  • Exporter Name
  • Manufacturer Company
  • Transport Mode
  • Origin Port
  • Destination Port
  • Origin Country
  • Destination Country
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Value
  • Many More
***Data Fields Vary Country to Country

Quick Facts About CIS Countries Customs Data

CIS countries import export data provides a clear view of each company’s trade activities in CIS region. CIS customs data gives a wide knowledge on business of CIS countries, their trading partners and their competitors. Check quick facts about CIS countries customs data.

Import & Export Companies Covered

Historical Data Available 2012 Onwards

Contains Sea, Air & Road Shipments

4 CIS Countries Trade Data Available


Kazakhstan Trade Data

Kazakhstan main import commodities in 2019 were Machinery (24.5%), Electrical Machinery & Equipment (8.8%), Vehicles (6.1%), Articles of Iron & Steel (6%) and Pharma Products (4%).

Kazakhstan shipment data is the best way to explore information & insights about country’s business activities. We have Kazakhstan customs data available from 2016 onwards. Here is a sample of Kazakhstan import to understand exact format of data.


Russia Trade Data

Russia’s top 5 exports in 2020 were Mineral Fuels & Oils (42.1%), Pearls & Precious Stones (9.0%), Iron & Steel (4.7%), Cereals (2.8%) and Machinery (2.4%).

Russia import export data covers a wide line of fields and detailed information on traded commodities. Russia customs data is available from 2012 onwards. For your knowledge, see a sample of Russia exports and view a single shipment record.


Ukraine Trade Data

Ukraine’s top 5 import commodities in 2020 were Mineral Fuels & Oils (14.3%), Machinery (11.2%), Vehicles (10.2%), Electrical Machinery & Equipment (9.9%) and Pharma Products (4.6%).

Ukraine trade data is useful to gain visibility into import & export activity of your competitors, your partners and your prospects. Ukraine customs data is available from 2013 onwards. Here is a sample to overview complete fields covered in data.


Uzbekistan Trade Data

Uzbekistan’s top 5 exports in 2019 were Mineral Fuels & Oils (17.6%), Cotton (9.02%), Copper & Articles (4.9%), Edible Fruits & Nuts (4.4%) and Edible Vegetables & Certain Roots (3.2%).

Uzbekistan shipment data is based on actual consignment records collected from authorized sources. We have Uzbekistan customs data available from 2016 onwards. See and understand correct format of Uzbekistan export data to analyze covered columns.


Top 10 Trading Countries in CIS

Based on CIS shipment data and intelligence, value of goods exported by CIS countries totalled USD 619.2 billion in 2020, while value of products imported totalled USD 447.3 billion. Russia stood as the largest importer and exporter country in CIS region.

Country Value USD Billion
Russia 243.7
Ukraine 60.6
Belarus 39.4
Kazakhstan 38.3
Uzbekistan 21.8
top 5 import countries in cis
top 5 export countries in cis
Country Value USD Billion
Russia 422.7
Kazakhstan 57.7
Ukraine 49.8
Belarus 32.9
Azerbaijan 19.6

Benefits of CIS Countries Trade Data

CIS countries customs data is useful for any kind & type of business. Find out how CIS shipment data can value to your business in growing around the world.

  • Import & Export Companies:

    Are you looking for best business partners in CIS region? Get CIS trade data and find genuine importers & exporters for your product.

  • Logistics Companies:

    Whether you run an inbound or outbound logistics services, we help you identify qualified companies in CIS region for your logistics business.

  • Manufacturing Industries:

    Mineral fuels & oils, pearls & precious stones and iron & steel are major industries in CIS region to expand business. Get CIS customs data on these industries for better market understanding.

  • Market Researchers:

    Refine your results with accuracy on companies, commodities, industries, etc. from CIS countries shipment data.

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