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Central America Trade Data

Central America is a region of the Americas and bordered by Mexico to the north, Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west & south. Central America customs data covers import export information of Central American countries. We help businesses worldwide to identify importers & exporters in Central America, track shipments of competitors and find potential money investment opportunities.

Major Fields Available in Central American Countries Trade Data

  • Date
  • HS Code
  • HS Code Description
  • Importer Name
  • Exporter Name
  • Value
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Unit
  • Origin Country
  • Destination Country
  • Many More
***Data Fields Vary Country to Country

Quick Facts About Central America Import Export Data

Central America import export data helps you uncover business prospects in competitive market. From the most searchable database, we provide you vast coverage of Central American imports & exports. Quickly, go through facts about Central American countries trade data.

Trade Company Information Available

Historical Data Available Since 2010

All Transport Modes Covered

5 Central American Countries Data Available


Panama Trade Data

Panama’s top 5 imports in 2019 were Mineral Fuels & Oils (24.9%), Ships, Boats & Floating Structures (22.4%), Machinery (6.6%), Electrical Machinery & Equipment (4.3%) and Pharma Products (2.8%).

Panama trade data contains complete shipping information which is required to take import-export business across global borders. Panama customs data is available since 2010. See Panama import sample and view all fields covered in data.


Costa Rica Trade Data

Costa Rica’s major exports in 2020 were Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (33.7%), Edible Fruits & Nuts (18.7%), Miscellaneous Edible Preparations (5.2%), Electrical Machinery & Equipment (3.6%) and Pharma Products (3.2%).

Costa Rica is a Customs Data type, in which company names and detailed shipping details are available. We provide Costa Rica trade data from 2011 onwards. See export sample of Costa Rica and go through every column covered in data.


El Salvador Trade Data

Top 5 imports of El Salvador in 2020 were Mineral Fuels & Oils (10.3%), Electrical Machinery & Equipment (9.7%), Machinery (6.4%), Plastics (6.0%) and Vehicles (4.3%).

El Salvador is a type of Statistical Data, in which primary information of shipments are covered to analyze the market. El Salvador trade data is available from 2016 onwards. Go through El Salvador import sample for better understanding of data fields.


Guatemala Trade Data

Top 5 exports of Guatemala in 2019 were Coffee, Tea, Mate & Spices (11.7%), Edible Fruits & Nuts (11.1%), Knitted or Crocheted Apparel & Clothing (10.2%), Sugars & Sugar Confectionery (7.3%) and Mineral Fuels & Oils (4.5%).

A Statistical Data type, Guatemala import export data is useful in having a primary research of market. Guatemala trade is available from 2015 onwards. Here is a sample of Guatemala exports for better classification of data fields.


Top 5 Trading Countries in Central America

Based on Central America trade data, top 5 import countries in Central America are Panam, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras. And major export countries in Central America are Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Check import export values of these countries recorded in 2019.

Country Value USD Billion
Panama 42.3
Guatemala 19.8
Costa Rica 16.1
El Salvador 11.3
Honduras 9.1
top 5 import countries in central america
top 5 export countries in central america
Country Value USD Billion
Panama 5.9
Costa Rica 11.4
Guatemala 11.1
Nicaragua 5.2
El Salvador 4.7

Benefits of Central America Trade Data

Central American countries customs data is useful for any business type and size. Find out how Central America shipment data can value to your business in becoming more successful.

  • Import & Export Companies:

    Central America trade data helps you locate potential importers and exporters in CIS countries. Check shipment records of companies in CIS region.

  • Logistics Companies:

    Keep a track on each company’s import & export activities of CIS countries and identify best prospects for your logistics business.

  • Manufacturing Industries:

    Whether you deal in optical equipment industry or edible fruits & nuts sector; we help you expand your business in Central American countries from accurate data.

  • Market Researchers:

    See & analyze Central American countries import export data on the basis of company, commodity and so on to refine results.

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