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Ghana is a country in West Africa, along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. Ghana has a diverse economy with rich resource base, including ship construction, digital technology goods and manufacturing. The country also has the exportation of diverse and rich resources such as industrial materials and hydrocarbons.

Based on Ghana export data analysis, Ghana’s exports totalled USD 16.7 billion in 2019, declined marginal from 2018’s USD 17.0 billion. Ghana export statistics show Ghana stood at 76th exporter country in the world during 2019.

Given Ghana’s population of 28.1 million people, the value of total goods exported in 2019 translated to roughly USD 600 for every resident in the West African country. As per Ghana trade data, Ghana’s major export partners are China, Switzerland, India, South Africa and Netherlands.

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Ghana Export Data

Ghana Export Data or Ghana Customs Data contains shipping details of exporters in Ghana who ship goods to the world and overseas buyers who import products from Ghana. It is transaction-level business information that helps you visualize country’s export activities. Ghana shipment data is basically based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices and other import-export documents required in transporting goods across foreign borders.

Ghana export data is collected from Custom Departments, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities, Trade Associations, Government Bodies and other business networks. We have Ghana trade data available from 2015 to present that help you compare Ghana’s past export scenario with current market.


Ghana Export Data

We provide comprehensive Ghana customs data coverage that help you analyze country’s business on the basis of company, commodity, value, quantity and so on. Ghana export data contains Exporter Name, Exporter Address, Buyer Name, Destination Country, HS Code, Product Description, Weight, Value, Port and so on. For reference, we are providing Ghana export data sample so that you can check full list of fields available in Ghana shipment data.

Date 01-12-2019 Buyer Name *****
Exporter Name ***** Exporter Address *****
Destination Country Burkina Faso HS Code 2501002000
Product Description 1200 Bags x 25 kgs of Iodated Salt
Gross Weight KG 30000 Net Weight KG 30000
Fob Value in Foreign Currency 600000 Currency XOF
Total Value GHS 5460 Total Value USD 1143.76
CIF Value GHS 5460 CIF Value USD 1018.19
Port of Loading Paga    

Ghana Exports

Ghana’s Top 10 Exports

Ghana export data reveals Pearls and Precious Stones (36.97%), Mineral Fuels and Oils (31.7%), Cocoa and Preparations (16.1%), Ores, Slag & Ash (2.3%), Edible Fruits and Nuts (2.1%), Plastics (1.3%), Animal or Vegetable Fats & Oils (1.1%), Preparations of Meat, Fish or Crustaceans (0.8%), Wood & Articles (0.7%) and Inorganic Chemicals (0.7%) were Ghana’s top 10 exports in 2019. The latest Ghana trade data shows that Ghana’s top 10 export commodities shared 93.77% to total value of exports in 2019.

According to Ghana export statistics, ores, slag & ash represents the fastest grower among the top 10 export categories, up by 76.5% from 2018 to 2019. The leading decliner among Ghana’s top 10 export categories was fruits and nuts thanks to a -36.6% drop year over year. Visualize dollar amount of Ghana’s top 10 export products recorded in 2019.

Ghana Top 10 Exports

Ghana Export Partners

Ghana’s Top 10 Export Partners

Ghana’s top 10 export partners in 2019 as per Ghana trade statistics were China (USD 2,808 million), Switzerland (USD 2,465 million), India (USD 2,380 million), South Africa (USD 1,971 million), Netherlands (USD 966.3 million), United Arab Emirates (USD 899.1 million), United States (USD 704.2 million), United Kingdom (USD 415.1 million), France (USD 377.0 million) and Italy (USD 308.7 million).

As per Ghana export data, Ghana’s top 10 export destination accounted for 79.3% to overall value of shipments in 2019. Ghana shipment data shows, 48% of Ghanaian exports by value were delivered to Asian countries, followed by 31.4% to European nations. Ghana shipped another 15% worth of commodities to fellow African countries. See graphically Ghana’s top 10 export partners with their percentage share registered in 2019.

Ghana Top 10 Export Partners

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