Find Importers & Exporters and Analyse the Market with Business Intelligence Data

We provide 80+ countries market intelligence trade data, which is based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices and other operational documents required in import-export business. Our main products are: Customs Data, Statistical Data , Analysis Report and Mirror Data.

Customs Data

Customs Data is collected from Customs of various countries. It unfolds trading activities of 30+ countries. The data is covered with Company Names. It is useful in having in-depth market analysis of commodities, companies and countries. We provide customs data of various countries including – India, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Brazil, Mexico, USA and many more. View All


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Statistical Data

Statistical Data contains limited but important information on an international market, which is helpful for having primary research on a commodity and country. It covers HS Code, HS Code description, value, quantity, foreign country, port, etc. We provide statistical data of various countries including – European Nations, Japan, Brazil, Thailand, South Africa and many more. View All


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Analysis Report

We provide Analysis Report on special demand of our clients. It is prepared by our market research experts after putting value addition specifications like Brand, Model, Type, Category, Importer, Exporter, etc. into the data. Through our analysis report, we present data into variable charts and excel sheets. It helps you to take right decisions in your import-export business and discover high output, right cost and high growth rate. We provide analysis report on any country like India, USA, Indonesia, Russia and many more. View All


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