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Total exports for 2018 and 2017 are (approx.) $1 Billion and $2 Billion respectively, as per the Ethiopia export data. Ethiopia export values of both the years show decline in the growth of the trade to outside countries by the percentile of 46% ($1.3 Billion).

East-African country is ranked at 28th position as per Ethiopia trade data and International Trade data. Ethiopia customs data shows the top exports of the country is ‘Coffee and Spices’. The top exporting partner of Ethiopia is ‘China’ as it will be shown in the upcoming Ethiopia export statistics. The significance of Ethiopia trade statistics is a lot in context to business operations and the decision making. We are going to look at the Ethiopia export data and statistics to understand the both of their significance.

Ethiopia shipment data we provide gives the businesses factual information on the outbound shipment(s) and details of the product being exported. Look at what kind of data we provide and what it represents in terms of your business. Understand how export statistics of Ethiopia is quite crucial to the businesses and their decision making. You can get a sample data on Ethiopia customs data or you can do a live search about any of your concern(s).

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About Ethiopia Export Data

Ethiopia shipment data provided by Export Genius consists of the following major fields - Date, Product Description, HS Code, Exporter and Importer Names, Destination Country, Quantity, Unit, Total Value, etc. These fields contain the details about any shipment related to any particular product. This data is taken from Ethiopia customs data. The total number of shipment records available for Ethiopia export data are 100,000+ and the total number of Ethiopian exporters are 2,000+.

The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Ethiopian Customs Departments, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Government Bodies, Trade Associations and other authoritative links. Ethiopia import data is available since January 2015 to present as per our databases.


Ethiopia Export Data

Look at the Ethiopia shipment data on the right and understand the information given as per the fields of these details of the particular shipment for the shipped product. This information is derived from the Ethiopia customs data and these fields reveal the information on the quantity, weight, total value in native currency and description of the product along with the exporter and importer names, and destination country. Get more of such information on Ethiopia export data through Export Genius.

Date 18-Aug-2020    
Exporter Name ***** Buyer Name *****
Destination Country Germany HS Code 61082100
HS Code Description Women's Or Girls' Briefs And Panties Of Cotton, Knitted Or Crocheted
Commercial Description Girls Under Wear Category Textile and Garment
Quantity 56890 Gross Weight 1120.77
Net Weight 956.31 Unit UNT
FOB Value (USD) 28853.40845 FOB Value (BIRR) 1024296


What are Ethiopia’s Main Exports?

Main exports of the Ethiopia are - Coffee and Spices with a share of 25.2% ($391.2 Million), Oil Seeds and Fruits with a share of 21.1% ($327.9 Million), Edible Vegetables and Roots with a share of 18.2% ($282.7 Million), Edible Meat with a share of 6.5% ($101.7 Million), Raw Hides and Leather with a share of 3.2% ($50.4 Million), and so in the list given prepared as per the trade statistics of Ethiopia 2018.

Ethiopia trade data shown on the right shows the top exported product is ‘Coffee and Spices’. While the least exported product is ‘NOT Knitted Apparels and Clothing’ in this trade data of Ethiopia.

The conclusion we can draw from the given Ethiopia export data is that businesses in the sector of coffee and spices will be getting good fortunes and steady business while apparel businesses might find some obstructions in the operations and decision making and have to think through.

Ethiopia’s Main Exports


Which are Top Trading Partners of Ethiopia?

The major exporting partners of Ethiopia are as follows: China with a share of 8.9% ($138.5 million total exports), Saudi Arabia with a share of 8.9% ($137.5 million total exports), USA with a share of 7.8% ($121.5 million total exports), UAE with a share of 7.3% ($112.3 million total exports), Israel with a share of 5.9% ($91.6 million total exports) and so on, as per Ethiopia export data for 2018.

This export data of Ethiopia shows ‘China’ as the top exporting partner of Ethiopia. As per our Ethiopia trade data, the top products Ethiopia exports to China include ‘live animals, meat and fishes’. Trade data of both the countries show the reliability of both countries on each other for these products. Hence, as per this Ethiopia export data, China tops the list for Ethiopia exports.

Top Trading Partners of Ethiopia

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