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India Export

India’s iPhone Exports Jumped to USD 1812 Million in Q1 of 2023 – Infographic

India’s iPhone exports jumped to USD 1812 million in Q1 of 2023, in the wake of increased local production of Apple iPhone models. India has now become a smartphone export hub for countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Japan, and the Middle East. This infographic covers complete information on India’s exports of iPhones.
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Union Budget

Union Budget 2023 Announcements on Renewable Energy – Infographic

How renewable energy sector will get a boost in India? The Central Government has announced initiatives for green growth and energy transition in the Union budget 2023. This infographic shows an overview of the government’s announcements for boosting the energy sector in the budget and how objectives of green growth and energy transition will be achieved.
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Laptop Import Statistics

Laptop Import Statistics of India 2017 – Infographic

India is one of the emerging markets purchasing personal computers and laptops from the global market. India laptop imports crossed 2300 million in the year 2017 and recorded highest imports from China with the value of 96.32%. Let’s take a look at the highlights of laptop import report of India 2017.
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LED TV Import

LED TV Import Statistics of India 2017 – Infographic

India is one of the biggest LED TV markets in the world. India LED TV import is to be raised in upcoming years due to various factors such as large untapped market, rapid urbanization, improving living standards and rising household incomes. The above Infographic is derived from LED TV Import report of India released by Export Genius, presented the import statistics of year 2017 based on actual shipment records.
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Banana Export Infographic

Banana Export from India in 2017 – Infographic

Banana is one of the favourite fruits in India. The country is top country producing bananas and one of the biggest exporting countries in the world. Banana exports from India stood at USD 48.70 million in the year 2017. Maharashtra is the largest exporting state of India as well as biggest producer state. The maximum shipments of banana are departed from JNPT as 34.70% export value recorded from this port.
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Refrigerator & Freezer Infographic

Imports of Refrigerator & Freezer in India 2017 – Infographic

India’s imports of refrigerators and freezers valued at USD 258 million in 2017, which is likely to jump further in upcoming years due to a number of factors including ecological changes, large untapped market, rapid urbanization, improving living standards and rising household incomes. This information has been released in a market research report on refrigerator & freezer imports in India 2017, prepared by Export Genius.
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Air Conditioner Import Report

India Air Conditioner Import Report 2017 – Infographic

India is the 13th largest air conditioner importer country in the world. India imports of air conditioners from the world worth USD 851 million in 2017 and recorded USD 860 million in the year 2016. India recorded two-thirds of its AC import value between January and May of 2017. Air conditioning machines are mainly classified under HS Code 8415. Let’s take a look at the highlights of Air Conditioner import report of India 2017.
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Indian Leather Exports

Indian Leather Exports in 2017 – Infographic

India is one of the largest leather producing countries and sixth largest leather exporter in the world. Leather exports from India to the other countries worth USD 823 million in 2017 and it was USD 908 million in 2016. However, the leather export is declined by 9.5% value during 2016-17. The leather is made up of different animal rawhides & skins such as buffalo, goat, cow, sheep and buffalo calf.
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Rice Exports Data

Rice Exports from India in 2017 – Infographic

Export Genius has prepared an infographic on rice exports from India in 2017 by analysing shipment records received through various valid sources. Through this graphical presentation, we would like to give you an overall assessment of India’s export market of rice. It is designed by our expert team of market research and after having in-depth study of rice export data of India. So, what actually this infographic covers?
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Gold Bar Imports Data

India's Gold Dore Bar Imports – India Gold Bar Imports Data 2017

According to Gold Bar Import Report, India stood as the sixth largest gold importing country in the world. India imports of gold stood at USD 30626 million during 2017. Gold bar with high purity is the most demanded among Indian population top import in this category. In India, the jewellery products are mainly importing by banks and large companies. The small companies running their business by dealing with these giant market players.
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Indian Shrimp Exports

India Exports of Shrimp in the Global Market (Q1-Q3 2017) – Infographic

India is largest in shrimp exporting countries in the world followed by Ecuador and Vietnam. Shrimp Exports from India stood at USD 3533 million during 2017 till September. The country recorded highest Shrimp export sales in in July and least export sales by this product in the month of February. However, India did least shrimp exports in the first quarter of 2017 and it is highest in the third quarter of year 2017.
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Mobile Phone Exports

Mobile Phone Exports in Vietnam (2017 Report) Infographic

Vietnam is the top holder of mobile phone (HS Code 85171200) market, after China. It contributed USD 30232 million to world’s total exports of mobile phones in 2017. This value fell down from 2016’s. In fact, the country shares over 10% market of mobile phones in the world. According to a report on mobile phone export in Vietnam, the country exported mobile phones of Samsung brand the most in 2017 with 95% share in value.
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India China Bilateral Trade

India China Bilateral Trade Relations – Infographic

Amid Doklam standoff and other border issues, Indo-China bilateral trade relation has always been a hot topic for discussion. The two largest Asian countries play a leading role in world economic affairs and contribute greatly in global trade. If we see India-China bilateral trade statistics of 2016, we found that India shared USD 356 billion and China shared USD 1587 billion to world’s total imports valued USD 16045 billion in 2016.
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Petroleum Crude Oil

5 Largest Importer and Exporter Countries of Crude Petroleum Oil – Infographic

Crude petroleum oil is one of the largest trading products both in terms of imports and exports around the world. Saudi Arabia is the top-most producer and exporter of crude oil, followed by Russia and Iraq. As far as importer countries are concerned, China tops the charts. USA stands at 2nd and India stands at 3rd position in crude petroleum oil imports around the world. According to a report based on crude petroleum oil import export statistics.
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Brazil Sugar Exports

Brazil Sugar Exports Statistics 2016 – Infographic

In the above Infographic, we have presented the highlights of Cane Sugar Exports from Brazil during 2016. Cane sugar is one of the most exported products of Brazil and it exports highest to India. Brazil is largest sugar exporter country as well as producer in the world. It produces nearly two-third of sugar for export to foreign countries. As per the report of Cane sugar exports from Brazil, it recorded the export value of USD 8.30 billion during 2016.
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India Exports Rice

Rice Export from India in March 2017 – Infographic

India stood as largest Rice exporter country in the world. It is popular for its Basmati and Non-Basmati rice in foreign countries. It is exporting in more than 150 countries across the world. As per India Rice Export Data, Basmati rice which comes under HS Code 10063020 recorded export value of USD 226 million during March 2017 while it is USD 93 million recorded for non-basmati rice.
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Beef Export Infographic

Beef Export Statistics of India – Infographic

India stood as largest country among beef exporting countries across the world. It is followed by Brazil and Australia. During the year 2016, India did the beef export business of USD 3680 million while the global beef exports recorded USD 19886 million. In Q1 2017, India has made USD 931 million from its meat export market. As per the meat export policy in India, the export of meat with bone is prohibited to export.
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Alcoholic Beverages Imports

Alcoholic Beverages Imports into India – Infographic

Alcoholic beverage is one of the most traded products in India. It has emerged as a popular drink and plays an important social role in many cultures. India has recorded import value of USD 70714553 from alcoholic beverage and United Kingdom is the largest alcoholic drink import partner of India.
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HS Code Infographic

What Do You Understand by HS Code? – Infographic

The HS code is used to classify the product in import export business. The HS code comprises 8 digit and 98 chapters are listed in HS code. The countries mainly used HS code up to 8-digit while in few countries it is used up to 10-digit level. Learn how to classify your products for customs. Here, we take an example to understand HS code up to 8-digit level. The question arises ‘how will you search the HS code online to tariff item level’. You will have to go through the chapter, heading, sub heading and to next digit level.
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indian spices export

Indian Spices Export Statistics - Infographic

We have mentioned above an overview of Indian Spices Export Data through graphical representation. It is analysed on the basis of varieties of spices in India, importing countries, spices exporters and Indian ports. India is the largest spices exporter as well as producer country in the world. It recorded USD 546.67 million from spices exports between April and June 2017. India has exported 62 varieties of spices during this period including cumin, red chilli, pepper, turmeric, green cardamom
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Indian Mango Export Data - Infographic

In the above graphical representation, you will get the trade data of mango export from India. It is analysed on the basis of varieties, types, exporters, Importer countries etc. India occupies the top position in total production among mango exporter countries in the world. The value of mango export from India is USD 60.41 Million from January to April 2017. As per the Indian Mango Export data, there are 30 varieties of mangoes like Totapuri, Alphonso, Dashehri etc. has exported by India
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