Mobile Phone Exports in Vietnam (2017 Report) Infographic

02 February 2018
Mobile Phone Exports

Vietnam is the top holder of mobile phone (HS Code 85171200) market, after China. It contributed USD 30232 million to world’s total exports of mobile phones in 2017. This value fell down from 2016’s. In fact, the country shares over 10% market of mobile phones in the world. According to a report on mobile phone export from Vietnam, the country exported mobile phones of Samsung brand the most in 2017 with 95% share in value. LG and Nokia stood as 2nd and 3rd largest exported brand of mobile phones in Vietnam. As Samsung recorded maximum shipments that departed from Vietnamese ports via sea, air or road in 2017, so its Galaxy mobile phones were exported the most from this country. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 was the largest model with 24.22% share in value exported from Vietnam in this year. And Vietnam exported mobile phones maximum to the United Arab Emirates at a value of USD 3821 million in the said year.

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