What Do You Understand by HS Code? – Infographic

12 October 2017
HS Code Infographic

The HS code is used to classify the product in import export business. The HS code comprises 8 digit and 98 chapters are listed in HS code. The countries mainly used HS code up to 8-digit while in few countries it is used up to 10-digit level.

Learn how to classify your products for customs. Here, we take an example to understand HS code up to 8-digit level. The question arises ‘how will you search the HS code online to tariff item level’. You will have to go through the chapter, heading, sub heading and to next digit level. The HS code for Basmati rice is 10063020.

                ·         Chapter 10 – Cereals

                ·         HS Heading 1006 – Rice

                ·         HS Sub Heading 100630 – Semi-milled or wholly milled rice

                ·         Tariff Item Level 10063020 – Basmati Rice


In the HS code list, Chapter 77 is for classifying any product in future and Chapter 99 is for national use and services used in import export business. We’ve recently updated the revised HS code list for various countries on our website. You can find the right HS code of your product at www.exportgenius.in/hs-code. Also, read in detail about HS code with its important facts at What is HS Code? How to Find HSN Code? 

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