Rice Export from India in March 2017 – Infographic

09 November 2017
India Exports Rice

India stood as largest Rice exporter country in the world. It is popular for its Basmati and Non-Basmati rice in foreign countries. It is exporting in more than 150 countries across the world. As per India Rice Export Data, Basmati rice which comes under HS Code 10063020 recorded export value of USD 226 million during March 2017 while it is USD 93 million recorded for non-basmati rice. During this period, 20 different types of rice has been exported from India to more than 90 countries. Currently, more than 800 companies are exporting rice from India. KRBL Limited has exported Indian rice to 24 foreign countries. Here, we take a look at the highlights of Rice export from India in March 2017.

                  ·         India exports of CUP brand rice recorded USD 21.60 million.

                  ·         Sella Rice is the most selling and exporting rice from India.

                  ·         KRBL Limited is top among rice exporters in India.

                  ·         India exports rice highest to Saudi Arabia.

                  ·         Maximum Rice shipments received from Mundra Sea.

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