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Exporting Commercial Goods

How to Start Exporting Commercial Goods in New International Market?

Want to export commercial goods into new international markets? Where to begin? To start exporting goods from one country to another, you will be required to know key trade documents, do market research for studying market components and prepare strategies for making things into your business control. Apart from import/export number, you might also be required to obtain permits or licenses for following government regulations to export products.
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Market Research Data

What to Find in Market Research Data & Report for Business Growth?

Market research is an integral part of import-export business and related strategic plans. It consists of fact findings, statistical information, data analysis and forecasts. All these are crucial in having a wider & clear picture of what kinds of new products and services may bring a profit. These are also important for knowing and understanding needs of customers, how to best market of products and configure the potential growth of business.
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Import Export Business

How to Boost Your Import Export Business in Africa Region?

Running an import export business is very challenging these days. The challenges like disruptions in the supply chain, currency exchange rate variances, language issues and all combine to create a host of problems. The global business is one of the most profitable opportunities for traders while some traders weigh the risk against potential benefits as they would quite keep on trading within the country’s borders.
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Advantages of Warehousing

What is Warehousing? How it is Useful for Global Traders?

Warehouse can be defined as the commercial building or godown for storage of goods. It is used for storing the goods by traders that will be distributed later. It is mainly used for preventing losses and damages that may arise out of defective and unsecured. Traders usually store the cargo in a warehouse and get it released when it is required for manufacturing or sales.
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Import Export Data

What is a 3PL? 5 Tips to Choose Best Third Party Logistics Provider

Third Party Logistics or 3PL is referred to as managed warehousing, which outsources various elements of international trade logistics and performs various management & logistics functions including inbound freight services, customs clearance, storage & warehousing, order fulfilment & distribution and outbound freight services. What exactly third party logistics is all about? What services 3PL provide? And what things to keep in mind while choosing a right 3PL provider.
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Importance of Logistics

What is the Importance of Logistics in Global Trade? 7 Points to Note

Logistics play a crucial role in today’s economy. Improved trade logistics infrastructure such as roads & highways, ports, railways, airports including dry ports, warehousing infrastructure and labs & testing facilities are necessary for sustainable and balanced economic development of all parts of the country. Logistics is the management of transporting goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet customer’s requirements.
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