5 Largest Importer and Exporter Countries of Crude Petroleum Oil – Infographic

13 December 2017
Petroleum Crude Oil

Crude petroleum oil is one of the largest trading products both in terms of imports and exports around the world. Saudi Arabia is the top-most producer and exporter of crude oil, followed by Russia and Iraq. As far as importer countries are concerned, China tops the charts. USA stands at 2nd and India stands at 3rd position in crude petroleum oil imports around the world. According to a report based on crude petroleum oil import export statistics, China shared 17.4% value in total crude oil imports and Saudi Arabia contributed 20.8% value to total crude oil exports during 2016. In nutshell, China, USA, India, Japan and Korea are the five largest importing countries of crude petroleum oil. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iraq, Canada and UAE are the five largest exporting countries of crude petroleum oil. Get list of top importer and exporter countries of crude petroleum oil right here.

Through this infographic, prepared & designed by Export Genius team, you will be able to get a clear and concluding trade picture of crude petroleum oil and answer of few important questions mentioned below:

   ·         Who is the largest importer country of crude petroleum oil?

   ·         Who is the largest exporter country of crude petroleum oil?

   ·         How much crude oil is imported and exported by the countries?

   ·         Which global trade associations promote crude oil market in various countries?

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