Indian Leather Exports in 2017 – Infographic

13 March 2018
Indian Leather Exports

India is one of the largest leather producing countries and sixth largest leather exporter in the world. Leather exports from India to the other countries worth USD 823 million in 2017 and it was USD 908 million in 2016. However, the leather export is declined by 9.5% value during 2016-17. The leather is made up of different animal rawhides & skins such as buffalo, goat, cow, sheep and buffalo calf.

The country majorly used buffalo and goat skins to make leather products which recorded the value 38.75% and 28.23% total leather exports from India. Let’s take a look at the highlights of Indian Leather Export Report 2017 which are given below.

          ·         In 2017, India recorded lowest sales in February and highest sales in September.

          ·         Tamil Nadu is the largest leather producer and exporter state of India.

          ·         Hong Kong, followed by Italy, is the top leather export partner of India.

          ·         Chennai Air and JNPT are the largest Indian ports of leather exports.

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