Beef Export Statistics of India – Infographic

24 October 2017
Beef Export Infographic

India stood as largest country among beef exporting countries across the world. It is followed by Brazil and Australia. During the year 2016, India did the beef export business of USD 3680 million while the global beef exports recorded USD 19886 million. In Q1 2017, India has made USD 931 million from its meat export market. As per the meat export policy in India, the export of meat with bone is prohibited to export. The boneless meat of buffalo, goat and sheep is allowed to export from India. Let’s go through highlights of  Beef Export from India.

               ·         India exports more than half of its beef to Vietnam only.

               ·         Mumbai is the top beef exporting city of India.

               ·         India arrives highest shipments of beef from JNPT

               ·         Allanasons Private Limited is the top beef exporter in India.

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In our beef trade statistics, you will gain the following things as mentioned below.

                ·         How much revenue is generated by beef exporters in India?

                ·         Which are the beef exporter cities in India?

                ·         What are the top beef export partners of India?

                ·         List of active meat/ beef exporters in India.

                ·         From which port, Indian beef exporters arrived maximum shipments?

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