Bilateral Trade between Russia and China - Russia China Trade Statistics

20 September 2017
Russia China Trade

China is largest in global exports while Russia is at 16th rank. In global imports, China’s ranking is 2 and Russia ranking is 25. The difference in trade competitiveness also reveals in China and Russia’s market exposure to importing global goods. According to trade sector, China appears to be much less dependent on imports than Russia. In fact, only 10% of China’s domestic demand for goods is served by imports. Mineral Fuels is the most exported product from Russia to China or we can say that China has imported this product from Russia and it recorded value of USD 17862379 thousand during the year 2016.

As per the Russia China trade statistics, Russian exports to China grew by 36.1% to USD 9.66 billion while China exports to Russia increased by 22.4% to USD 8.43 billion in Q1 of 2017. Russia China trade increased by 2.2% in annual terms to USD 69.5 billion during the year 2016. This growth is not significant, it is very important considering the critical conditions in the global economy. However, it shows a decrease in Chinese foreign trade. Both countries also have a number of investment projects as they are jointly building the power of Siberia gas pipeline and a liquefied natural gas facility on the Yamal peninsula in Russian Arctic.

China and Russia are geographically close to each other and share a common border and also they are key strategic partners for Europe. They have moved from a very difficult bilateral relationship to a much closer relationship recently. Russia China trade has grown rapidly as both countries have committed to advancing bilateral economic cooperation. It has seen a rise of 30% over the same period last year bilateral trade between Russia and China. Russia China bilateral trade reducing the use of US dollar in favour of their own currencies. This article will describe you about the top imports and exports of Russia with China.

Russian Exports to China

Russia is among the largest export economies in the world. The main exports from Russia to China are mineral fuels, wood, machinery and Fishes. Here, we take a comprehensive look at the top four exports of Russia to China with trade details.

Russia Export


Value (USD Thousand)

Mineral Fuels








*Above Stats are based on 2016 report

          1. Mineral Fuels

We mentioned above that Mineral fuel is the most exported commodity from Russia to China as well as it is the most required commodity in China from Russia. Russia China trade of mineral fuels fetched at USD 17862379 thousand in 2016. Russia exports of Mineral fuel is declined by 9% between 2012 and 2016. The HS code of mineral fuels is 27 which includes mineral oils and products of their distillation and bituminous substances.

          2. Wood and its articles

Russia wood exports to China stood at USD 2593279 thousand during 2016. It is increased by 4% since 2012. The wood exports from Russia registered 40% of the value as it has exported to China in 2016. It comes under HS code 44 including wood and articles of wood and wood charcoal.

          3. Machinery

Machinery is the most traded global product. The HS code 84 includes machinery, mechanical appliances, nuclear reactors, boilers and parts thereof. According to Russia China bilateral trade statistics, Russia did machinery export business from China worth USD 1201374 thousand during the year 2016. Russian exports of machinery to China has been increased by 7% between 2012 and 2016.

          4. Fish and Crustaceans

Fish and Crustaceans, mollusc and other aquatic invertebrates come under HS code 03. The coastline of Russia is one of the longest coastlines in the world and it is also a leading producer country of fish. Russian fisheries cannot meet current domestic demand for seafood due to the decreasing catch and a growing export to East Asian countries like China. Russia fish exports to China stood at USD 1032561 thousand during 2016. A rise of 2% in fish exports from Russia to China recorded during 2012-2016.

Exporters in Russia

Want to buy products from Russia? You must know about the real exporters in Russia. Go through the following table to check some Russian exporter name with its address.

Russian Exporter Name

Exporter’s Address

Ojsc Sterlitamak Neftekhimicheskiy Factory

453110, Bashkortostan, Sterlitamak, Technical, 10

Pjsc "Ufargsintez"

450037, Republic Of Bashkortostan, G. Ufa, Promzon

Pjsc "Nizhnekamskneftekhim"

423574, Republic Of Tatarstan, G.Nizhnekamsk

Jsc "Carbolit"

142600, Moscow Region, Gorokhovo-Zuevo, Dzerzhinsky Street, D.34


Sample of Russia Exports to China

You will get the complete shipment details of trade between Russia and China in our report. Let’s check the sample of Russia exports to China and you will know the data fields covered in our trade report.



HS Code



Llc "Hotey Trade"

Exporter Address

690066, Primorsk Region, Vladivostok, Red Banner, 118b-80


Fuzhou Development Zone Taifu Industries Co., Ltd

Importer Address

 Fujian, China, Fuzhou, Unit B, 25l., Fortune Bldg., No. 168 Hudong Rd.

Country Of Origin


Country Of Destination


Point Of Delivery Of Goods

Fuzhou, China

Product Description

Flour Fish Food, Massive Sheet Of Protein 50%, 63%, Processed, Packaged In A Bag: 1/40 Kg 2147 Places.

Manufacturer Name

Bmrt "Mys Olyutorsky"

Gross Weight (KG)


Net Weight (KG)


Invoice Value (USD)



Russia Imports from China

Russia is reducing imports for its better economy as it has recorded declined of 36% in Russia import since 2015. China is largest import partner of Russia and the top imported goods from China are machinery, electrical machinery, plastics and textiles. Let’s take a look at the Russia imports of top commodities with the complete details.

Russia Imports


Value (USD Thousand)









*Above Stats are based on 2016 report


          1. Machinery

Russia imports machinery from China and it is intended to re-export. The export of imported machinery, typically after they have undergone further processing or manufacture. Russia imports of machinery from China stood at USD 11098182 thousand in 2016. While it has declined by 5% between 2012 and 2016. Machinery industry in Russia is one of the largest industries which is responsible for growth in the economy.

          2. Electrical Machinery (Electronics)

Electrical machinery i.e. sound recorders and reproducers, television and other electronics items as it comes under HS code 85. Russia has imported electronics from China with the value of USD 9070868 thousand in 2016. Russia imports of electronics from China down by 7% from 2012-2016. The share of Electronics imports from China is 42% of total electronics imports from other countries.

          3. Plastics

The trade of plastic items from China has been spread across the world. Plastic and articles thereof come under HS code 39. Plastics imports in Russia is mainly done through China as China is largest exporter country of plastics. Russia recorded plastic items import value of USD 1312571 thousand in 2016. However, plastic imports from China is declined by 10% since 10 percent.

          4. Articles of apparel and clothing (Textiles)

The textile items such as articles of apparel and clothing accessories which is not knitted or crocheted come under HS code 62. Russia imports of textiles from China stood at USD 1190186 thousand during the year 2016 and it is decreased by 11% between 2012 and 2016.

Importers in Russia

Want to sell your product in Russia? You must be aware of active importers in Russia. Get the list of Russian importers in Russia import data provided by Export Genius and you will know Russia trade partners. Check some active Russian importers with their address.

Russian Importer Name

Importer’s Address

Ooo "Pi Es Ai"

191119, City, Saint-Petersburg, Ul.Dostoevskogo, D.19 / 21

B.Broun Medical Llc

191040, G.S-Petersburg, Ul.Pushkinskaya, D.10

Ooo Alkor Impex

192148, G., St. Petersburg, Ol. Railway, D. 40 Liter A

Ooo Skf Shelf

191186, G. Sankt-Petersburg, The Embassy River Of Myki, House 3, Liter A


Sample of Russia Imports from China

Here, we are providing the sample of Russia imports from China. It will help you to get a fair idea about the fields covered in our Russia China bilateral trade report.



Russian Importer Name

Ooo "Srss"

Importer Address

117105,, G.Moskva, Warsaw Highway, D.26

Foreign Exporter Name

Tianjin Samsung Telecom Technology

Exporter’s Address

300386, Micro-Electronics, Tianjin, Prchina Tianjin No.9 Weisi Rd.

Name Of Manufacturer

Tianjin Samsung Telecom Technology Co., Ltd

HS Code


Description Of Goods

Parts Of Apparatus For Cellular Communication Networks, Cycle Of Prime, Not For Fire Automatic D / Cellular Phones, Do Not Have Encoding Functions (Cryptography), For The Technology "Samsung"

Gross Weight (KG)


Net Weight (KG)


Invoice Value (USD)


Country Of Origin


Country Of Destination


Point Of Delivery Of Goods


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