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Russia Trade Data

New Trade Corridor Tests In Iran For Exporting Russian Goods To India

Iran has started to ship the Russian goods from its port to Indian regions following the sanctions. The sanctions imposed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine have influenced the method taking place. Exporting to India is done through the Iranian ports – Port of Anzali in northern Iran, following the transfer of cargo(es) to Bandar Abbas Port on the Persian Gulf in southern Iran. International trade statistics 2022 reveals what Russia has imported so far to India.
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Brazil Import Data

Brazil’s Imports of Solar Modules Increase in Q1 of 2022

Brazilian solar developers imported 5.27 GW of solar modules worth US$1,450.9 million in Q1 of 2022. That dollar amount increased from US$931.5 million reported the previous quarter. China is a net supplier of solar modules to Brazil, sharing 98% of the market. In the first quarter of 2022, Brazil imported US$1,424 million worth of solar modules from China, and in 2021, that figure was US$2,413 million. Here’s a complete picture of Brazil’s imports of solar modules from the world and China.
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India Import Data

India To Import Cotton and 4000-5000 Tons Polyester Yarn From Taiwan

India importing about 4000-5000 tons of polyester yarn from Taiwan as per a new deal. Between India and Taiwan, the deal comprises Taiwanese cotton and polyester yarn to be exported to India. The deal is done between Taiwan and Indian companies. The decision is taken as per the belief by Indian companies that it will help lower the prices of yarn in the domestic market. However, the traders believe that this will, contrarily, put pressure on the domestic yarn market.
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Malaysia Export Data

Malaysia Chicken Exports Ban Ripple Effects; Singapore Is In Distress

Malaysia has banned the exports of its poultry products, specifically chicken exports. Following global food insecurity, Malaysia announced the ban on the exports of chicken on May 23. The consumer food prices influenced the government to take the decision. The most affected country from the Malaysian perspective to ban chicken exports is Singapore. The neighbouring country Malaysia, Singapore exports more than one-third of its total chicken exports to other countries. On June 1, the ban go into effect.
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South Korea Import Data

South Korea to Phase Out Russian Crude Oil Imports Amid Ample Supplies

South Korea is developing strategies to phase out Russian crude oil imports as domestic refiners boost purchases from Saudi Arabia, and the United States to meet high operation rates. S. Korea, leading the world’s fourth-biggest crude oil importer would cut April shipments from the non-OPEC producer, Russia by around half. South Korea imported US$22,820 million worth of oil in Q1 of 2022, an increase compared to the previous quarter.
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