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India Export

How India’s G20 Presidency Can Help the Pharmaceutical Industry?

The Covid-19 pandemic in 2022 brought an unexpected boon for India’s pharmaceutical industry. According to a report, India’s pharma exports were at USD 16,264 million in 2019 which rose to USD 18,426 million in 2022. The sector further saw a positive growth in 2021 and 2022. Now India’s G20 presidency will further push the market upwards. How? Let’s try to find and analyze the crucial stats of India’s pharmaceutical industry.
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India Export

India Imposes 40% Export Tax on Onions – Data Analysis

India has introduced a 40% export tax on onions, leading to rising prices of the staple in the global market, particularly in countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka which are heavily dependent on Indian onions. The heavy rainfall in July 2023 across critical onion-producing regions like Karnataka and Maharashtra led to damage to stored onion crops. India’s July inflation reached a 15-month peak of 7.44% primarily due to higher domestic food costs. Let’s discuss the Indian export market of onions.
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Global Trade Data

Global Surgical Stapler Market – Import Export Data Analysis

The global surgical stapler market size is expected to grow from USD 4 billion in 2023 to USD 5 billion by 2028. It is further expected to hit USD 9 billion by 2032. Surgical staplers are specialized staplers used in surgery to close skin wounds, and join, or remove parts of the bowels or lungs. Currently, staplers are preferred over sutures as these are simpler, quicker, more accurate, and more consistent to use than hand sutures. The global trade of surgical staplers stood at USD 135 billion in 2022 including imports and exports both. Let’s take a look at the surgical stapler market analysis.
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Asia Import

Asia's Crude Imports At All-Time High, India's Devouring Russian Crude

The crude imports in the Asian regions peaked at an all-time high of more than $900 billion. The imports of crude oil have surged the highest following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. “Crude Oil” (Heading 2709) has been at the forefront of the imports among the line of commodities in “Mineral Fuels & Oils” (Chapter 27) in 2022. The imports have registered high spikes in India as well, the Asian country importing Russian crude oil with a surge of $23 billion.
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India Import

Indian Gold Jewellery Market, Import Trends & Forecast: Research Report

The Indian gold jewellery market is one of the fastest-growing markets among consumers. The cultural and economic significance of gold has been a key driver for the precious metal’s demand in the country for hundreds of years. Despite the turbulent economic state due to the pandemic, the gold jewellery industry has received substantial growth in the past quarters and is likely to grow further. To comprehend the Indian gold jewellery market and get a comprehensive view of it, dive deep into the import trends and forecast laid out below.
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