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Turkey Import Export Data

How to Find Turkish Importers and Exporters? Turkey Trade Data

What is the biggest issue for most of the new importers and exporters in the world who look for new business opportunities in Turkey? This issue is how to find genuine buyers and suppliers in Turkey for their goods? You may have a brilliant import export business idea or you may have get highly profitable business opportunity or you have a great product; but still you will be unable to make money in long run if you don’t found a good buyer or supplier.
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Turkey Export Data

Top Industries in Turkey – Automotive Sector Tops Turkey Exports 2019

Turkey is a trans-continental country in Eurasia. According to Turkey export data, the country shipped US$ 171 billion worth of goods in 2019. Turkey’s top industries are automotive, machinery, iron & steel, apparel, electrical & electronic, mineral fuels & oils and agriculture. Automotive sector, which top the charts, recorded US$ 26 billion value last year. Turkey major export destinations of all industries are Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Iraq, United States, France, Spain, Netherlands, Israel and Russia. Let’s have an overall outlook on key industries of Turkey.
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Turkey India Trade Data

Turkey-India Trade 2019 – Year 2020 Hopes Positive Growth in Bilateral Trade

The bilateral trade between Turkey and India in 2019 was US$ 7.56 billion, in which imports recorded the highest value of US$ 6.5 billion. And exports from Turkey to India totalled US$ 1.06 billion. Turkey is a country in the Middle-East, while India lies in Asia. Both countries have acknowledged a positive growth in their bilateral trade. Despite India’s plans to cut imports from Turkey due to criticism over Kashmir policy, they have set a new target of $10 billion trade in 2020.
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Turkey Export Data

What Products Does Turkey Export? Who are Turkey’s Export Partners?

Exports from Turkey jumped to USD 171 billion in 2019 from USD 167 billion recorded in a previous year. According to Turkey export data, the highest exports recorded in May month of 2019, in which the country shipped goods worth US$ 15,902 million. The lowest value of total exported commodities registered in August month. Turkey’s major industries are vehicles, machinery, iron & steel, apparel & clothing, electronics, mineral fuels & oils and plastics.
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Turkey Import Data

Turkey Imports – Market Watch on Turkey Import Partners & Commodities

Turkey’s imports valued US$ 200.6 million in 2019, which declined as compared to the previous year. However, December recorded a jump of about 7% from a month earlier. Purchases of intermediate goods, which accounted for 75.4% of total imports, increased 17.5%. Capital goods and consumption goods also saw a rise of about 7.3% and 11.5% respectively. According to Turkey import data, the country imported mineral fuels & oils, machinery, electronics, iron & steel, pearls and precious stones and plastics the most in 2019 at 2-digit level HS Code.
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