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India Export Data

India Resumes Tea, Rice, Coffee and Fruit Exports to Russia

India has resumed exports of tea, rice, coffee, and fruits to Russia. Exports of marine products and confectionery shipping will also be restarted. Exports were stalled amid the uncertainty that followed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that began on 24th Feb 2022. The immediate demand is for food as Russian stores are emptying out because of sanctions imposed on the country and the ban on supplies by the European Union.
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India Export Data

Indian Cotton Get Duty Free From Association, Textile Exports Will Boost

India has exempted the customs duty on its imports of cotton till September 30 this year. The Home Textile Exporters Welfare Association (HEWA) of India claims that this allows India to reach a value of textile exports of $60 billion for the current fiscal year. Previously, in the FY22 Budget of India, India imposed the duty of 5% basic customs duty and a 5% on agriculture and infrastructure development cess on imports of cotton in the country.
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Russia Export Data

Taking A Look Back At Russia's Trade With Other Countries

Russia is geographically the biggest region, but so has the potential of capturing a big market share in the international market with its rich volume of exports worldwide. It is also one of the major trading partners with other countries for its high exports of crude oil ($211.5 billion, 2021), followed by other high exported items such as iron and steel.
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Sri Lanka India Export Data

Sri Lanka Crisis and Opportunities for Indian Tea & Textile Exporters

Sri Lanka, a major player in the global tea and textile market, is struggling with the worst economic crisis in decades. This may provide opportunities to Indian exporters of the commodities as the island country is set to witness a significant decline in production and shipments of these crucial products this year. Sri Lanka exported US$1,541 million worth of tea and US$6,285 million of knitted or not knitted apparel and clothing combined in 2021.
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