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Netherlands Export Data

Netherlands Exports Frequent High Surges Since COVID-19 Inception In 2020

The Netherlands is a relatively small country with near about 17 million inhabitants, making it the second largest densely populated country in the European Union and considered the sixteenth largest populated country in the world. Despite being a small country that the country is regarded as, the exports of the Netherlands have skyrocketed since the inception of the pandemic, COVID-19, which struck the world in near about March 2020 and was discovered at the beginning of 2020.
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Global Export Data

A Weather & War Hit Global Corn Supply to Recover in Longer Time

Global corn supplies have been hit by myriad issues this year, and it is likely to take two-three years of good harvest across the top exporting regions to restore supply. In Ukraine, corn export and production capacity have been curtailed by the Russia-Ukraine war. Dry weather in Argentina has delayed the sowing of corn and hit the crop supplies. In fact, an extended period of war will likely see a reduction of 25 million MT of corn from global trade flows.
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China Export Data

China's Exports To Singapore Up By 4% YoY But Dropped By 20% QoQ

China’s exports to Singapore have increased a bit slightly but majorly declining on an entirely different basis. The exports increased on a year-on-year basis by 4% but decreased by 16% on a quarterly basis. China-Singapore exports mostly consist of electronics and parts with an export value reaching as high as $16.6 billion in 2021, the highest among all commodities and the highest in the past decade as well.
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Türkiye Import Data

Türkiye Cotton Imports Increased By 12.52% QoQ and 65.41% YoY Basis

Cotton is an important crop in Türkiye, accounting for about 1% of the total exports of all the commodities exported from Türkiye. Agricultural commodities such as cotton, grown in Turkish lands, have the highest demand in the world. Perhaps the most highly recognized more refined quality of cotton is exported from Türkiye. Turkish cotton is demanded due to its softness and better quality of plush due to longer fibers. The high demand for cotton from Türkiye might’ve pushed imports to increase this year so far.
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China Trade Data

What Does China's Electronic Market Shut Down Means For Global Trade?

China’s biggest electronic market, Shenzhen, has been shut down due to the COVID-19 curbing measures and lockdown procedures. The Chinese government has shut down the market, resulting in a halt state of the imports and exports of electronics in China. Electronics are the highest traded commodities in China since ever. The imports and exports of electronic products by China rank the highest among all other countries. They are also the highest traded commodities in China among all other commodities.
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