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Global Trade Data

GPS Tracking Device Market – Global Trade Data of GPS Tracking Device

When it comes to human security while moving in a person or vehicle, a GPS tracker is playing an efficient role in identifying exact location of that person or vehicle. A GPS tracker is a device by which a person can track and determine location & map out of the path by which they are meant to follow. This device is usually used by a moving individual or vehicle they are meant to follow. In recent times, people have learned about the use of GPS tracking device and so the global market of GPS tracking device is growing.
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Fiji Export Data

5 Ways to Find Suppliers in Fiji to Import Goods

You just finished working on an idea for a great new product to import from Fiji. But the main task starts from where when you have to find suppliers in Fiji. A good market research company provides Fiji export data with company details that will help you connect with the best business partners. If you want other options to find supplier list of Fiji, check some ways how you can easily find exporters in Fiji.
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Namibia Export Data

How to Find Suppliers in Namibia?

If you’re starting a business and wanting to imports goods from Namibia, then you need to do is find active suppliers in Namibia – but how do you go about this? It’s not as easy as flipping through a catalogue and picking the first one that catches your eye. So, we have made this simple for you as we are listing best ways to find Namibian exporters.
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Namibia Import Data

4 Best Ways to Find Buyers in Namibia for Your Export Business

Your product is only as good as the sales it generates. If you have made a plan to start an export business and want to ship goods to Namibia, you first have to choose a product. Go and do some research work on which goods are majorly imported by Namibia. Or get Namibia import data with shipping details to analyze country’s import market thoroughly. While finalizing the product you will export to Namibia, you surely have considered the problem of how to find buyers in Namibia and how to reach them.
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India Export Data

India Halts Iron Ore Exports to Japan and South Korea

India no longer wants to export iron ore to Japan and South Korea as it has not renewed a long-term agreement (LTA) for supplying ore to Japanese steel mills and South Korean major Posco after upon its March expiry. The government of India took the decision in view of the uncertainty over investment plans of steel mills from these countries in India and shortage of major raw materials for steel-making in India. According to Export Genius, India exported iron ore worth USD 3,874 million to the world in 2020. That dollar amount includes USD 176 million worth of iron ore exports to Japan and USD 52 million to South Korea.
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