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Indonesia Australia Trade Data

Indonesia-Australia Bilateral Trade – Countries Plan to Boost Business

Indonesia’s total trade with Australia amounted to US$8.5 billion in 2018, while total trade between the two countries reached US$3.6 billion between January and June this year. Australia was Indonesia’s 13th largest export destination in 2018, with the total value of shipments increased 12% to US$2.8 billion. Australia was Indonesia’s 8th largest source of imports, at US$5.8 billion last year, which declined about 3% from 2017.
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Indonesia Palm Oil Export Data

Indonesia Palm Oil Exports – Eyes on China as India, EU to Rise Duties

Palm oil is one of the world’s most produced and consumed oils. This highly stable, production-efficient and cheap oil is used in a wide variety of cosmetic, food and hygiene goods. It can also be used as source for bio-fuel or biodiesel. Most palm oil is produced in Africa, Asia and South America because the trees require sunshine, warm temperatures and plenty of rain in order to maximize production.
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Mexico Export Data

Mexico’s Auto Exports to the US Keep Surging – Mexico Customs Data

Mexico’s auto exports to the United States valued US$92.9 billion in 2018 and US$ 115.5 billion to the world. According to Mexico export data, the country supplied motor cars and other motor vehicles designed for transport of persons the most to the USA in the given year. The United States shared 80.5% value to total vehicle exports from Mexico. Since last year, there has been a tremendous growth in auto exports from Mexico to the US.
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Ghana Import Data

What Does Ghana Import? Ghana Import Data & Customs Information

Ghana had total imports of US$ 11.8 billion in 2018, which declined about 7% from the previous year. In 2017, the country purchased commodities worth US$ 12.7 billion. As per Ghana import data, vehicles including cars & delivery trucks are the largest import commodities. Ghana has a diverse & rich resource base and has one of the top ten fastest growing economies in the world and the fastest growing economy in Africa.
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Ghana Export Data

Ghana’s Main Exports and Trading Partners – Ghana Export Data

Ghana had a total export of US$ 17 billion in 2018, up from the previous year. In 2017, the country shipped commodities worth US$ 14 billion. In 2016, the value of total exports recorded US$ 10 billion. Ghana export data reveals inside market intelligence information on goods which are exported from the country and companies who supply from the country.
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