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India Import Data

Solar Cells Import In India, China Accounts For The Highest Share

Imports to India for solar modules (or cells) are on an upward trend for 2021. The value of solar imports in India for 2020 was far less than what it imported in the following years. Among all the importing countries for the imports of solar cells, China stands at the top position as the solar cell importing country for India.
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India-Gulf Trade Data

Why the Gulf Matters for Indian Economy – Explained

In a recent controversy over the Indian leader’s remarks on Prophet, Gulf countries, Indonesia, and other countries have strongly protested and demanded a public apology from India. Gulf really matters for the Indian economy as the trade with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Iran together constitute around 18% of the total trade of India with global countries. Here’s a quick watch of India’s trade with Gulf nations and Indonesia.
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India Import Export Data

India’s Exports to Latin America Increase in 2021, But Imports Also Rise

India’s exports to Latin America reached a record high of US$18,889 million in 2021, an impressive increase of 48% from US$12,740 million reported in 2020. Brazil continued as the top destination of India’s exports to the region, with a US$6,489 million value recorded in 2021. But, India’s imports from Latin America also rose and stood at US$25,617 million last year. So, India’s trade deficit with Latin America was US$6,728 million in 2021. Get a bigger picture of India-Latin America trade with detailed data analysis.
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Ireland Import Export Data

Ireland Imports And Exports Grew In 2021, Reveals Trade Data

Ireland imports and exports increased for the year 2021 as compared to 2020, as per Ireland import-export datasets. The exports of Ireland in 2021 were relatively lower than the imports of the same year from Ireland to other countries. The top imports of Ireland include commodities such as pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, medical & optical instruments and more. The top exports of Ireland include flying vehicles, industrial machinery, organic chemicals, and more.
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US Import Data

Visualizing U.S. Crude Oil Imports in 2021 with Essential Data

Despite being the world’s largest producer of crude oil, the United States of America still imported oil worth US$138,383 million in 2021, becoming the world’s second-biggest importer of oil. The United States shared 20% of global oil production, 20% of global oil consumption, and 13% of global oil imports last year. This data visualization is based on actual shipment records of U.S. crude oil imports and other information on its oil production and consumption.
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