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Singapore Trade Data

Singapore’s Top 10 Trading Partners – Singapore Import Export Data

Singapore is a country in Asian continent, which stood as the world’s 16th largest import country and 15th largest export country in 2019. Singapore’s largest trading partner was China, which shared 13.2% to total Singapore imports and 13.2% to total Singapore exports. Singapore’s top 10 import partners accounted 68.9% to overall value of shipments and Singapore’s top 10 export partners accounted 70.7% to overall value of shipments recorded in 2019. Analyze Singapore trade statistics to have a wider perspective on 10 largest trading partners of Singapore.
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Singapore Import Export Data

How to Get Singapore Import Export Data?

In order to start importing goods from Singapore or exporting products to Singapore, market intelligence information is must for various aspects of import-export business. These aspects include finding the best & genuine trading partners in Singapore, making the right product choice and so on. But the major question is how to get Singapore import export data? In this article, you will learn some important and authentic sources to collect business information of Singapore companies and comprehensive Singapore shipment data.
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Singapore Trade Data

What does Singapore Imports and Exports?

Singapore stood as world’s 16th largest import country and 15th largest export country in 2019. Singapore’s imports valued USD 359 million and exports valued USD 390.3 billion. The country imported and exported electrical machinery and equipment at 2-digit level HS Code the most in the said year. China is the largest trading partner of Singapore, which shared 13.2% to total imports and exports in 2019.
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Singapore Import Data

6 Best Tips to Search Potential Buyers in Singapore

When searching for potential buyers in Singapore, you certainly have to be well prepared in exporting your product across international borders. A good market intelligence is important for every businessman to find the best prospects. But, how to collect this market intelligence? Or simply, how to gather information on Singapore import market? Or directly, how to collect Singapore import data with importer details? Let’s go through six best tips to search potential buyers in Singapore.
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Indonesia Export Data

Palm Oil Exports from Indonesia – Palm Oil Exporters in Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer and exporter of palm oil. The value of palm oil exports from Indonesia totaled USD 14,703 million in 2019, down as compared to the previous year. Indonesia shipped 28,261,416 tons of palm oil. According to Indonesia export data, Indonesia exported palm the most to China, which shared 17.9% to total exports. India, which was the 2nd largest palm oil import source of Indonesia in 2019 and which has restricted palm oil imports from Indonesia recorded 15.3% share in value.
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