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Bangladesh Export Data

Bangladesh Regains Its Position as Second-Biggest Textile Exporter in 2021

Bangladesh regained its position as the world’s second-largest RMG exporter in 2021 by supplying apparel and clothing worth USD 33.9 billion to the world. That dollar amount rose to USD 37.6 billion during Jan-Nov 2022. Bangladesh shipped apparel & clothing worth USD 27.6 billion in 2020, which held the third position in the market. Who imports Bangladeshi apparel & clothing? What is the market share of Bangladesh in 2022? Get accurate answers to every trade-related question of Bangladesh’s export market of apparel and clothing.
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Israel Import Data

Israel Food Tariffs Removal To Lower Prices, Risk Of Food Insecurity

The Israeli government’s decision to open the domestic market of fruits and vegetables to other countries to invite imports by freeing tariffs is under review. The said decision is being taken by the government of Israel in order to curb the local prices. This decision, however, has implications for a larger threat looming over the long-term food security of Israel and its citizens. The imports are already the highest and fastest growing and combined with other factors, it threatens the food security in Israel.
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Indonesia Trade Data

Trade Balance of Indonesia – Exports & Imports Rise in First Half 2022

Despite a high degree of global economic uncertainty due to the Russia-Ukraine war, Indonesia’s export, and import performance has been very strong thanks to high international commodity prices, and the economic rebound from the Covid-19 crisis. So, the year 2022 so far has been positive for Indonesian trade as the country’s exports and imports increased in the first half of this year. Month-wise, Indonesian trade saw a surge in August as compared to the previous months. Here is an overview of Indonesia’s exports and imports in 2022.
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Global Trade Data

G20 Pledges to Coordinate for Strong Global Economic Recovery

The G20 nations have pledged to take coordinated actions for having a strong global economic recovery in the 17th G20 Summit held in November 2022 in Bali, Indonesia. According to a report, the G20 economies represent 60% of the world population, 75% of international trade, and 80% of global GDP. The theme of the Bali G20 Summit under Indonesia’s presidency was “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”.
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Sri Lanka Import Data

Lanka's Worst Economic Crisis Since March, Battling High Food Inflation

Sri Lanka went through a tough economic crisis in March this year, sending the prices of several commodities up. The government of Sri Lanka imported items from other countries and even took credit from China. The value of Sri Lankan currency (Sri Lankan Rupee) also depreciated in March against the United States Dollar for the first time. Food price inflation has increased to a percentage of over 85 in October 2022, as per sources.
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