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India’s Bilateral Trade Relations with UAE and Qatar – Explained

India’s bilateral trade relations with the United Arab Emirates and Qatar is likely to see a boost after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited both the countries. India signed trade agreements with both the countries that will benefit Indian companies. The UAE is one of India’s closest strategic and energy partners in West Asia, and trade was boosted by the signing of a free trade agreement (FTA) in 2022.
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Japan Trade

Japan's Slips into Recession Indicates the Downward Trend for the Market

From the ashes of World War II, Japan’s constructive and strategic economic planning transformed into a global powerhouse of innovation with state-of-the-art technology, strengthening and leading the world in technological advancement and manufacturing. However, the tag of the world’s 2nd largest economy in 2010 slipped to 3rd position, and further deteriorating conditions of economic activity turned this position to 4th in 2024.
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India Trade

India’s Exports and Imports May Hit from the Ongoing Red Sea Crisis

India is facing an impact of the ongoing crisis around the Red Sea shipping route. The country is heavily reliant on the Red Sea route through the Suez Canal for its trade of goods with global regions, particularly Europe, North America, North Africa, and the Middle East. These regions accounted for about 50% of India’s exports and about 30% of imports. Let’s understand how Red Crisis may impact on India’s exports and imports of commodities.
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Global Trade Data

India-Maldives Tensions – Maldives Trade with India Down and China Up

With the ongoing tensions between Maldives and India, Maldives’s trade relations with China are getting better. Maldives is focusing on importing more goods from China, instead relying on India. Recently, Maldives has signed new agreement with China to boost their trade relations. Following Maldives criticism of India, the new government of Maldives has put restrictions on importing goods from India.
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