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Water Soluble Packaging Will Most Probably Replace Polythene

As we are all aware, the fact that polythene is the highest-consumed polymer product, yet the biggest threat to our environment. Being a non-biodegradable waste, polythene doesn’t dissolve in the soil of the environment and emit harmful greenhouse gases. Ironically, we are dependent on the same commodity for our basic purposes in our daily lives.
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India Import Data

India Petroleum Oil & Coal Imports to Rise with Growing Energy Demand

The sharp rise in energy demand predicted over the next decade will make India to import more petroleum oil and coal as renewable energy on its own may not be able to cater the entire incremental demand. That would create challenges for the country to low emissions at the desired pace. Export Genius data shows petroleum oil and coal together account for 70% of India’s energy basket, in which petroleum liquids share 25% and coal share 45%.
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USA Export Data

US Almonds Export – India Remains the Top Foreign Market in 2021

The United States of America is the world’s largest exporter of almonds, with a market share of 60% recorded in 2020. As California almond growers consistently produce yields at record or near record levels year after year; India continues to be the top foreign market of US almonds export in 2021. According to Export Genius, US shipped almonds worth USD 267 million to India in first six months of 2021. Visualize US almonds export, global shipments and trends.
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USA Import Data

US Top Import Source of Cardiovascular Medicaments Remains India 2021

The United States is the world’s largest importer of pharmaceutical products, with a share of 20% recorded in 2020. Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and India are the top drug suppliers to the U.S. India remains as the largest supplier of cardiovascular medicaments to the United States in 2021. According to Export Genius, the United States imported cardiovascular medicaments worth USD 696.3 million from India during Jan to Jun 2021.
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