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India-Canada Trade

India-Canada Relations – Bilateral Trade and Rising Political Tension

With increasing tensions between India and Canada, the negotiations between both countries on the free trade agreement (FTA), which resumed after a decade, could come to a halt due to political concerns. India’s imports from Canada totaled USD 3,906 million and India’s exports to Canada totaled USD 4,251 million in 2022. Both import and export values increased as compared to the previous year. Here is a detailed overview of India’s trade with Canada.
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Global Trade Data

India-Saudi Arabia Relations – Bilateral Trade Reaches USD 56 Billion in 2022

India and Saudi Arabia enjoy cordial and friendly relations reflecting the centuries-old economic and socio-cultural ties. At the recently held G20 Summit, the India-Middle East-Europe Corridor was launched to boost trade among India, and Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia, European nations, and the United States of America. India and Saudi Arabia also discussed the possibility of trading in local currencies and expediting the negotiations for a free trade agreement between India and the Gulf Cooperation Council of which Saudi Arabia is a member.
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Bangladesh Trade Data

Latest Market Trends for the Beauty Industry in Bangladesh

The social and economic overview of the beauty market in Bangladesh provides a wide range of values it is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets, determined in particular by the cosmetics and skincare department. The reason behind this factual strong growth in the industry is the entrance of young consumers along with the social media and other platforms that creates huge impacted awareness among the masses.
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India Export

How India’s Sugar Exports Ban Will Affect Import-Reliant Countries?

India is expected to ban mills from exporting sugar in the next season beginning October 2023, for at least a year. The move will halt shipments for the first time in seven years, as a lack of rain has cut cane yields. As a result, many global countries, particularly Arab nations that are import-reliant on Indian sugar would face severe shortages of sugar. It would also be likely to increase benchmark prices in New York and London that are already trading around multi-year highs, triggering fears of further inflation on global food markets.
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