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India Trade

India Aims to Become the Pharmacy of the World: Securing its Future

India, the fastest-growing economy in the world, and the emerging leader in the Global South, announced a visionary plan to make India a manufacturing house for life-saving drugs and critical medical devices. This strategic move, taken by the Indian health minister will completely transform the Indian pharmaceutical industry from net importers to net exporters.
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Germany Export Data

Germany is World’s 3rd Largest Economy – Explained with Data Analysis

Germany, the powerhouse of Europe, is renowned for its technological advancement and strong economy. Its strategic location in the heart of Europe with a strong industrial base showcases Germany as an important player in international trade. Recently, Germany became the world’s 3rd largest economy by surpassing Japan, and serving as the platform for innovation, manufacturing, and exports, driving global trade and influencing economic trends worldwide.
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India Export

India Onion Export Ban Continues, But Neighbours to Get Shipments

Amid export ban on onion that will continue till March 31, 2024, India has permitted fixed quantity of 69,160 tonne of onions to Bangladesh (50,000 tonne), the United Arab Emirates (14,400 tonne), Bahrain (3,000 tonne), Bhutan (560 tonne), and Mauritius (1,200 tonne). The government took the decision after receiving requests from several countries.
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Global Trade Data

India’s Bilateral Trade Relations with UAE and Qatar – Explained

India’s bilateral trade relations with the United Arab Emirates and Qatar is likely to see a boost after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited both the countries. India signed trade agreements with both the countries that will benefit Indian companies. The UAE is one of India’s closest strategic and energy partners in West Asia, and trade was boosted by the signing of a free trade agreement (FTA) in 2022.
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Japan Trade

Japan's Slips into Recession Indicates the Downward Trend for the Market

From the ashes of World War II, Japan’s constructive and strategic economic planning transformed into a global powerhouse of innovation with state-of-the-art technology, strengthening and leading the world in technological advancement and manufacturing. However, the tag of the world’s 2nd largest economy in 2010 slipped to 3rd position, and further deteriorating conditions of economic activity turned this position to 4th in 2024.
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