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Global Trade Data

Europe's Replacing The Imports of Piped Natural Gas Coming From Russia

Europe is working towards replacing its dependence on the importation of mineral fuels and oils from the Russian Federation. Russia is the biggest exporting partner for Europe’s mineral fuels and oils import. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked this drive into Europe. The plan to replace the natural gas imports coming from Russian pipelines includes efforts towards expanding its capacity of LNG through Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs) to maximise the import capacity of liquified natural gas imported from other countries.
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Nepal Import Data

Nepal Vehicle Imports Increase, Govt. Planning For The Transition To EVs

Nepal's automobile industry has seen an upward trend in the past years, showing a blooming state of the market in terms of demand. The imports of vehicles in Nepal have continued to grow over the years, bringing concern for the Nepali government. Both economic and climatic. Higher imports of vehicles in Nepal result in a higher need for fuel to be utilized. The cost of fuel along with the other taxes imposed on the vehicles to be imported into Nepal make the selling price of the vehicles higher than the original price.
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Bangladesh Trade Data

Bangladesh's “Imported Inflation” Due To Mismatch Of Foreign Exchange Inflow

Bangladesh is going through a high inflation rate along with the rise in CPI in September. The consumer price index has skyrocketed and stood at the highest value for the first time in a decade or more. The cause of higher inflation in Bangladesh is the mismatch between the value of imports and the inflow of foreign exchange from exports. According to official statistics, the inflation rate of Bangladesh stands at 9.1% in September for this calendar year.
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China Export Data

China, the ‘World’s Factory,’ is Losing More of Its Export Dominance

China, the ‘world’s factory,’ is losing more manufacturing and export market share in key sectors to Asian neighbors, with recent “Zero Covid” policies. This is a major factor leading to further erosion in its long-time dominance of global trade. According to data, China is losing ground in key consumer categories, including travel goods, footwear, and clothing and accessories. Here is an overall picture of industries in which China is seeing a decline in exports.
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Global Trade Data

How Black Sea Grain Deal is Vital for Global Food Security?

Russia has agreed to resume participation in a deal to free up vital grain exports from war-torn Ukraine after suspending its involvement earlier in a move that had threatened to exacerbate hunger across the world. The Black Sea grain deal was reached in July and has created a protected sea transit corridor. The deal was designed to ease the global food shortage due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Countries like China, and Egypt are dependent on Russian and Ukrainian grains.
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