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Data Benefits to Logistics Industry

Benefits of Information on Indian Companies to Logistics Industry

Logistics and supply chain management businesses face many challenges including drowning in data. This is especially true for transportation management, as companies operate across various transport modes, regions and data sources. Nowadays, there is a lot of discussion about how important it is to turn data into actionable information? Why is that so important today? With the highest competition into global logistics industry, it becomes tough for freight forwarding companies to maintain their progress level.
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Find Indian Importers & Exporters for Logistics Business

How to Find Indian Importers & Exporters for Logistics Business?

Thinking about expanding your logistics business? Looking for active importers and exporters in India? Need not to worry! Export Genius Insight is just for you, from where you can explore thousands and thousands of genuine Indian importers and exporters with details of their employees and contact information of their key decision makers. Company intelligence data is a powerful tool for logistic companies.
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Chennai Sea Trade Data Import & Export Traffic Handled in 2018

Chennai Sea Trade Data – Import & Export Traffic Handled in 2018

Do you want to know import and export shipments of which commodities are handled by India’s Chennai Sea port? Are you looking for active Indian importers and exporters trading commodities from Chennai Sea port? The only answer of these questions is Export Genius Insight, which provides company information of Indian importers and exporters with trade volume and port details. It is the largest online platform for shipping & logistics companies to find genuine Indian trading companies.
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10 Major Ports in India

10 Major Ports in India – Traffic Handled at Top Ports in 2018

A port is essentially a point where goods are transferred from one place to another via various transport modes – sea, air, road & railway. Logistics industry in India is entirely depend on ports for encompassing activities like freight transportation, warehousing, material handling, protective packaging, inventory control, order processing, marketing, forecasting and customer service.
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US Soybean Exports to China 2018 Fall Sharply - Trade War Impact

As the year 2018 is all set to say goodbye, the only crucial issue that went through global economies was trade war between the United States and China. And there is perhaps no sign of relief in 2019 year as well, according to market research experts. Both the countries are engaged into trade war as each country continues to dispute tariffs placed on commodities traded between them. However, in the end of year, good news came that China imported soybeans from the United States for the first time since US-China trade war, as per China soybean import statistics.
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