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India Export Data

India's Finished Steel Exports To Vietnam Surge In 2022, Will Likely Fall

India is among the largest exporters of finished steel in the world, as per global trade data. It is mostly ranked among the top 5 exporting countries for finished steel. There are varieties of India’s finished steel exports to other countries which include bars & strips, plates, tin-free steel, tip plates, and galvanized pipes. Among the exports of the aforementioned finished steel, the highest and most valuable export of finished steel from India is hot-rolled coils/strips (HRC).
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India Import Data

India Self-Reliance In Medicines, Raw Materials Imports Reduced In 2022

India is building strong self-reliance on the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals (medicines). Earlier, the Southeast Asian country accounted for a total worth of pharmaceuticals imports, amounting to 2.98 billion for the ending year 2021. Exports in 2021 amounted to $16.2 billion. The Union Ministry of India recently claimed a week ago that India’s dependence on the imports of raw materials for manufacturing medicines has decreased by 25% due to increased domestic production in India of medicines.
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India Export Data

India Bans Wheat Exports Temporarily Amid Soaring Domestic Prices

In an apparent bid to cool rising domestic prices, India, the world’s second-largest producer of wheat, has temporarily banned exports of wheat with immediate effect. The country recorded a decadal high in wheat prices in April and the inflation rate jumped to 7.79% in April 2022. According to the reports, India exported US$1,385 million worth of wheat from January to April 2022. In 2021, India’s exports of wheat totaled US$1554.4 million.
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Chile Export Data

Chile Cherries Export to China Reached US$1,600 Million in 2021

In 2021, 90% of Chile’s cherry exports, worth more than US$1,600 million, were shipped to China, the world’s largest cherry market that consumes one-third of the fruit. Chile reported an increase in cherry exports to the world in the last four consecutive years. According to our database, China exported US$1,767 million worth of cherries in 2021. Chile is the world’s largest exporter of cherries with a market share of about 40%. Here’s a complete analysis of Chile’s cherry export market with accurate Chile export data of cherries that will help you develop data-driven business strategies.
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India Import Export Data

India’s Farm Exports Surge and Farm Imports Also Increased in 2021

India’s agricultural exports reached US$48 billion in 2021, while agricultural imports also increased and stood at US$26 billion. The agricultural trade surplus of US$9.5 billion was reported last year. In fact, for the last three consecutive years, India’s agri exports and imports have risen. In exports, cereals, cotton, fish, and sugar were the major gainers, while in imports, cotton, and natural rubber reported an increase in the value of shipments in 2021. Here’s an in-depth data analysis of agricultural exports and imports.
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