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Sri Lanka Trade Data

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis and Sri Lankan Imports & Exports – Explained

Sri Lanka is struggling with the worst economic crisis in decades with a massive shortage of essential items. Soaring inflation, huge piles of foreign debt, devalued currency, and depleting foreign currency; the Sri Lankan government is going with everything wrong for the nation’s economy. The situation in Sri Lanka is so bad that people are protesting against the policies of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the country has to ask for help from countries including India and China.
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Sri Lanka Import Data

Sri Lanka Economic Crisis – Impact on Auto Exports from India

Sri Lanka, an island nation, is experiencing an economic and political crisis, with protesters taking to the streets against the government’s policies. Record inflation, debt in billions due to years of accumulated borrowings, crucial sectors witnessing a sharp fall in demand thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, lack of foreign currency, and the alleged government mismanagement are among the reasons that have dragged Sri Lanka into not just an unprecedented economic crisis but also a massive political turmoil.
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Germany Import Data

Germany Slacking Only Half Of Its Russian Energy Imports

Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many countries has formed an alliance to combat with Russia in financial terms as to empty the war chest of the biggest geographical country in the world. Germany announced cutting ties with Russia in importing its oil, coal, and gas – the highest imports in Germany from Russia than any other country. However, the complete imports are neglected and have been slacked by half of the total imports.
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Global Trade Data

Global aluminium market – Russia could see a decline in exports

The global aluminium market will see significant changes in 2022 due to global supply chain disruptions. Countries have put sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Many key importers may refuse to purchase aluminium from Russia, resulting in the restricted flow of commodities. Russia is one of the largest suppliers in the global aluminium market, shipped aluminium worth US$8,750 million in 2021. Let’s have an in-depth analysis of the global aluminium market and Russia’s share in aluminium exports.
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Ukraine US Trade Data

Ukraine-U.S. Trade Record Start But Russia’s Invasion will Upend Trend

Ukraine’s 2022 trade with the United States was off to a record start but the Russian invasion of Ukraine which began in Feb 2022 will certainly upend that trend because of Ukraine’s destroyed infrastructure and affected supply chain of goods. In the month of January, the only 2022 data currently available, Ukraine recorded its highest monthly total in at least two years at US$444.39 million. In fact, for the last five months, Ukraine’s trade with the US topped US$400 million, the only month it has done so in the last two years.
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