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RTA Furniture Trade

RTA Furniture Market Show Promising Growth Opportunities

RTA Furniture stands for the “ready-to-assemble” furniture, which involves the DIY process of bringing up together the parts of furniture together and manufacturing it in a finished product. RTA furniture is relatively a cheaper option for buying the furniture, but comparatively more strenuous than fully-assembled furniture. RTA furniture had a growth of 12% in total quantity imported over all the world comparatively in addition to the previous year from 2020 (2019).
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Samsung Shifts Manufacturing Unit to Noida

Samsung Shifts Display Manufacturing Unit from China to Noida

Samsung who tops global smartphone market with 23% share in Q1 2021, has shifted its display manufacturing unit from China to Noida, India. A delegation of Samsung led by the company’s Southwest Asia President & CEO Ken Kang meet with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Earlier in December 2020, Samsung announced to invest Rs 4,825 crore in India for moving display production unit from China to India.
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Poultry Feed Trade

Poultry Feed Market Rising To Reach $3.4 Billion In Forecast

The global poultry feed market has been rising since the rising demand for poultry meat from the year 2020. Due to the pandemic last year, the market was shut down for quite a while, and including many other industries, the poultry industry also faced losses. However, pre-pandemic has shown a rising demand for poultry. Due to the demand for meat, the production of poultry has risen.
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India Onion Exports

U.S. and Japan Objects to India’s Ban on Onion Exports

The onion is the most widely cultivated specie of the genus Allium. Leek, chive, shallot and garlic are all closely related to this specie. Onion is a vegetable used in most parts of the world. Common onions are available in three varieties: white, red and yellow/brown. Onions are 89% water but are also composed of fiber, protein, sugar and low amounts of essential nutrients.
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