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India Trade

India Remains on Top in Asia for Demand of Polyolefins Chemicals

India is expected to remain on top in Asia for demand of petrochemical in 2024 given its strong economic growth and resilient industrial production. However, the greater demand is unlikely ro bring much relief to domestic producers struggling with pressure on margins as prices of key chemicals in bulk are expected to remain suppressed due to ample supplies and new capacities coming on stream. According to a report, India’s market for chemical commodities is predicted to grow at around 7% in 2023 and 8% in 2024.
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US Trade Data

US LNG Exports to Asia and Europe – Steep Competition Ahead for Regions

The United States LNG continues to find a home in Europe as forecasts of lower temperatures to storm the market, bringing a steep competition for Asian region. The U.S. also supplies liquified natural gas (LNG) to Asia, so the fight for additional spot volumes will be increasingly important this winter. Once a cold snap hit the market, Asia and Europe will be battling with receiving the extra LNG cargoes out of the United States.
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USA Trade

The Top Recovered Paper Market Is Suffering This Year, Exports Are Falling

The US is at the pinnacle of recovered paper markets. It has been at the top of countries even more than the country where paper was invented and once was the top export destination for the US, China. The US is the top exporting country of recovered paper (Heading 4707). However, the top market for the recovered papers has been going through a phase with fluctuations and turmoil.
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Kazakhstan Export Data

Kazakhstan’s Crude Oil Exports to China Increase in Q3 of 2023

Kazakhstan crude oil exports to China is expected to increase by 10 million metric tons a year from the current 1 million tons, if Beijing agrees to invest in additional pipeline links. According to a report, Kazakhstan already has a pipeline connection to China but it is mostly used to tranship Russian crude, and adding extra Kazakh oil requires additional links from large fields in Western Kazakhstan.
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India Export

A Core Tea Market Has Been Affected And Lowering India's Global Tea Exports

The Indian tea market is one of the most robust and vibrant markets in the world, with different varieties of tea plantations. India’s tea market is in high demand in other parts of the world, making tea a go-to warm beverage option for all consumers due to quality-rich tea varieties. However, one of the core tea markets in India is suffering and finding challenges in gaining stability in production values. While the exports of tea from India show surging values for the year 2022, taking a closer look at the export data, India’s tea market needs resourcefulness.
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