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Wheat Exports from Kazakhstan

Wheat Exports from Kazakhstan 2017 – Kazakhstan Wheat Export Companies

Kazakhstan’s wheat exports in 2017 valued at US$ 510 million, with Central Asia being the largest target market. As per the latest market research report and data of complete 2017 year, Kazakhstan supplied wheat maximum to Asian countries – Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan, with more than 85% share. The country recorded highest number of wheat shipments departed from the country via, sea, air and road in December month with 13.78% share in value. Quarterly speaking.
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Soybean Export from Ukraine in 2017 – Ukraine Soybean Industry Outlook

Ukraine is the 7th largest soybean exporter country in the world. Ukraine soybean exports worth USD 1055 million in 2017 and represented 1.8% value of the world’s exports for this product. Soybean market is one of the most dynamically growing markets in Ukraine and the sowing area of soybean in Ukraine has tripled in the last few years. This market growth is due to high crop profitability, high prices, foreign market demand and suitable location. Export Genius has released a market research report on Soybean export from Ukraine which is analysed by various data segments.
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Iron Ore Export from Ukraine – Iron Ore Companies in Ukraine

Exports of iron ore from Ukraine valued at US$ 2585 million in 2017, a new market research report released by Export Genius reveals. The highest number of iron ore shipments was departed from Ukraine’s ports in April month. China stood as the largest export destination of Ukraine’s iron ore with 26.08% share in value recorded in this year. Among top iron ore export countries in the world, Ukraine rank at 5th position with 2.7% share in value in 2017.
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Grapes Import into Vietnam

Grapes Import into Vietnam 2017 – Analyse Vietnam Market Size of Grapes

Vietnam imports of grapes from the world worth USD 64.30 million in 2017. The country imports grapes into two categories such as fresh grapes and dried grapes. The fresh grapes which is classified under HS Code 08061000 recorded 92.47% value of the total imports in the said year. USA and Australia are its top grapes supplying countries and together they recorded over 68% of the total value. What is covered in our Vietnam grapes import data and report.
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Vietnam Apple Fruit Import

Vietnam Apple Fruit Import Report – Analyse Market Size of Apple Fruit

Vietnam imports of apple fruits from the global market worth USD 66.54 million in 2017 while it was USD 51.61 million in 2016. Apple is one of the most demanded fruits among the Vietnamese population. The country has purchased apple fruit throughout the year and the imports were least during the third quarter of year 2017. The United States is the biggest apple fruit supplier for Vietnam which covered over 40% of Vietnam’s imports.
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