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India Pakistan Export Data

Indian and Pakistani Exporters Agree to Share Basmati Rice Ownership

India and Pakistan are known as rival countries, which have a history of long-time disputes on every front from sea to land and terrorism to trade. In a rare agreement, exporters from the both sides mutually agreed to share the ownership of the basmati rice, a solution considered the most workable to reach the European markets. According to Export Genius data, India is the world’s top-most exporter country of rice and Pakistan is the fourth-largest exporter country of rice.
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Vietnam Export Data

Vietnam Pharmaceutical Industry Outlook – Vietnam Trade Data

Vietnam’s pharmaceutical market is likely to get a major boost over the long term as the country continues to improve the healthcare system through the implementation of its health insurance scheme. According to market research reports, drug market of Vietnam is forecasted to grow by 15% in 2021. The pharmaceutical industry grew by just 2.8% in 2020, lower than its average 11.8% growth in the last five years. Let’s analyze overall picture of Vietnam’s pharma sector.
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Chile Export Data

Chilean Prunes Shortage and Impact on Global Market

The Chilean prune export season in 2021 is likely to experience severe shortage in volume and to increase in prices as well. In February, Chile recorded harsh and heavy rainfall, which has caused severe damage to various key fruit crops in harvest season like plums. According to market research reports, around 40% estimated decline of crop production is expected as compared to last season. This will directly harm to the Chilean prune exports as prices are need to increase for avoiding engaging in new markets.
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Fiji Import Data

5 Tips to Find Product for Exporting to Fiji

In export business, you need a market in a particular country in which you want to supply your goods. On the other hand, if you have selected a country, you have to analyze which products have greater demand in that country and choose accordingly. For instance, if you want to export your products to Fiji, you have to choose a product which is majorly imported by the country. So, how you as an exporter go about finding a product? With market research and product analysis from Fiji import data, you can easily find a product to supply in Fiji. Here are some tips that you can consider to identify potential products in Fiji to export.
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China Import Data

China Suspends Import of Frozen Seafood from Indian Firms

China has recently suspended the import of frozen seafood products from six Indian marine export companies after traces of coronavirus found on the packaging. China, who is world’s second-largest export destination of Indian seafood with market share of 17%, took the decision in view of Covid-19 pandemic. According to Export Genius China import data, China imported seafood worth USD 894 million in 2020. China’s biggest competitor, the United States of America imported Indian seafood worth USD 1,861 million.
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