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Russia Import Data

What is Russia Import Data? Why Global Traders Prefer Russia Customs Data?

Russia is the largest trading country among CIS Nations. In terms of imports, the country got 21st rank globally and imports worth USD 228 billion in 2017. It is not so easy to know deeply about the regional and local market of the country without any market based accurate information. Export Genius is an ultimate destination to search the trade data of Russia as it is a reliable and trusted source providing genuine shipment records
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United States Natural Gas

United States Natural Gas Export Report – US Natural Gas Industry Outlook

The United States is the top producer and 8th largest exporter country of natural gas in the world. Texas, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Wyoming are the top US states produces nearly all of the natural gas. Despite trade war, US natural gas exports are booming to record high by pipelines. In the international business, natural gas is classified under HTS Code 271111.
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Russia Export Data

What Russia Export Data is All About? How is it Beneficial for Traders?

Russia is the largest country in the world by area and borders European and Asian countries. In terms of exports, the country ranked at 15 in 2017. Russia exports of goods to the world worth USD 359 billion which accounted 2% value of the global exports in the said year. China is its top export partner while crude oil is the top export commodity.
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Indonesia Import Data

Why is Indonesia Import Data Important for Global Trade Business?

Indonesia is located in south-east Asia and ranked 29 in terms of imports in 2017. Indonesia imports worth USD 156 billion which represented 0.9% of the global imports during the same period. China and Singapore are its top import partners while crude petroleum oil, telephone sets and vehicle accessories are top import products. To export your product to Indonesia, studying the country’s market and gaining the in-depth knowledge helps in analyzing the business growth.
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Indonesia Export Data

What is Indonesia Export Data? A Guide on Customs Data of Indonesia

Indonesia is a country located in south-east Asia. It ranks 29 in global exports and worth 1% value of the world’s exports in 2017. Indonesia exports worth USD 168 billion in 2017. When it comes to importing any product from Indonesia, an in-depth study of country’s market is important and useful with the help of Indonesia trade data. What is the purpose of Indonesia customs data? Why it is needed for business growth? What are its advantages in business.
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