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Malawi Export Data

Cane Sugar Exports from Malawi – Malawi Export Data of Cane Sugar

Malawi is a country in southeastern Africa. Malawi’s cane sugar exports valued USD 85.4 million in 2019, an increase from 2018’s USD 37.9 million. Cane sugar is also known as beet sugar, which is 2nd largest export commodity of Malawi. According to Malawi export data, cane sugar accounted for about 10% to total Malawi exports in 2019. Malawi shipped beet sugar the most to Kenya, which shared 39% to total exports.
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India Import Export Data

India Imports Exports 2020 Amid Covid-19 - India Import Export Data

Amid coronavirus pandemic, India imports and exports declined from March to July 2020 due lockdown and shutdown of industries. Although India has eased restrictions from June and July months, the value of total import and export shipments still recorded a drastic shortfall as compared to same period last year. According to India import export data, India’s imports were hit more than its exports from April to July 2020 from Covid-19.
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India Export Data

India’s Exports of Iron and Steel Products – India Export Data

India’s exports of iron and steel rose by more than 100% in June 2020, when India went into Coronavirus Unlock 1.0. After going through complete Covid-19 lockdown for more than two months, Indian companies started doing business from June. According to India export data, India’s exports of iron and steel products valued USD 9,773 million, which recorded similar value as compared to the last year. Let’s have a proper analysis of Indian export market of iron and steel from India export statistics.
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Botswana Import Data

Botswana Imports Refined Petroleum – Botswana Import Data

Botswana’s imports of refined petroleum totaled USD 704.6 million in 2019, down from 2018’s USD 739.1 million. Since last five years, Botswana recorded the lowest import value of refined petroleum in 2016. According to Botswana import data, Botswana’s largest import partner in 2019 of refined petroleum was South Africa with 88% share in value. Let’s discuss Botswana’s import market of refined petroleum with Botswana import statistics and market intelligence report.
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Global Trade Data

Tomato Exports from Middle East – Global Trade Data

The value of tomato exports from Middle East countries totaled USD 445.4 million in 2019, a sharp decline as compared to the previous year. In 2018, the dollar amount of tomato exports from Middle East recorded USD 770.0 million. According to Export Genius global trade data, around 883K tonnes of tomatoes were exported by countries in the Middle East in 2019. Turkey stood as the largest export country of tomato in the region. Check and analyze Tomato export market in Middle East from export statistics.
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