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US Import Data

U.S. Records Increasing Imports of Mexican Cauliflower and Broccoli

The United States of America has increased imports of Mexican cauliflower and broccoli due to low domestic production. The broccoli production in California, where 90% of the domestic output is produced is facing significant challenges due to water shortages and rising temperatures. Lower domestic supply pushed the prices of broccoli upwards in the first two months of 2022, however, that upward trend took a sudden decline in March 2022 and has remained on a downward trend since.
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India Export Data

India Gets Market Access for Exporting Bananas to Canada

India is all set to export bananas to Canada after receiving approval from the Canadian government. Besides bananas, India will also supply baby corn to Canada. For India, the approval will immediately benefit Indian farmers of these crops and also boost Indian export earnings. For Canada, the approval means having broader access to both fresh crops. The access, however, comes at a time when prices of bananas in the Canadian market are low, following a global market trend.
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India Export Data

Indonesia Bans Palm Oil Exports – Indian Industries will Get Impacted

Already squeezed by the Russia-Ukraine war, the world’s supply of cooking oil will be hit hard due to Indonesia’s decision to ban palm oil exports which will come into effect from April 28. The country decided in the wake of a local shortage and soaring prices. According to our data available till Sep, Indonesia shipped US$16.7 billion worth of palm oil to the world in 2021, among which China (13%) and India (12%) were the biggest buyers.
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Russia Import Data

Russia to Import Medical Equipment from India as War Disrupts Trade

Russia is seeking more medical equipment from India after western countries have imposed sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Medical companies from both sides will discuss ways to boost supplies during a virtual meeting on 22nd April 2022. Last year, Russia imported US$12 million worth of medical equipment from India. The demand for medical equipment in Russia has been on the rise due to logistical logjams following President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. As a result, there has been a sharp decline in imports of medical equipment from Europe and China.
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