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Danube-Oder Sea Canal - A Hot Spot of Business Opportunity

Have you ever wondered about how the goods and services that are consumed on a day-to-day basis connect the landlocked country to global trade? Consider this, how crucial is a sea route for a nation without direct coastal access? Here, we are talking about the Czech Republic (Czechia), the heart of central Europe, with a population of over 10 million people. The country is known for its engineering and manufacturing capabilities and strong economic and industrial base with a skilled workforce.
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Global Trade Data

Global Economy in 2024 – Growth Expects to be Weaker

The 2020s has been a bumpy decade so far for the global economy. By March, most countries were locked due to the Covid-19 pandemic and supply chain was disrupted for the two consecutive years. Just when the world had emerged from the crisis, a new catastrophe unfolded with Russia, invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The European Union and other countries put sanctions on Russia, the world’s leading exporter of oil and gas. Europe dramatically stopped most trading with its biggest energy partner.
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India Export Data

India's Basmati Rice Exports Price Might Increase Amid Red Sea Attacks

Due to the constant attacks on various cargo ships and commercial vehicles passing through the Red Sea region, Indian shipping companies have rerouted the shipments containing one of India’s top exported cereals—Basmati Rice (HS Code 10063020). The Indian agencies and authorities have claimed that this rerouting of shipments containing the cereal can lead to the rise in prices of basmati rice to export to partner countries, and could affect exports, mainly to Middle Eastern and European countries.
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Indonesia Trade Data

Indonesia Importing 1M Ton of Rice From India and 2M Ton From Thailand

The El Niño phenomenon impacted rice production in Indonesia this year. The economic outlook from Indonesian authorities predicts that it will be difficult to bring rice production levels back to normal in 2024. To solve the fluctuations in food prices and secure supply in the domestic markets, Indonesia has initiated a deal with India and Thailand; the two neighboring countries, and its top importing partners for the cereal.
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Peru Export Data

Peru Exported More Than 3,000 Tons of Garlic In October 2023

Peru’s garlic exports reached more than 3,000 tons in volume solely for October 2023. The exports of garlic from Peru are reaching heights in a space dominated by Chinese and Spanish shipments of garlic; the more widespread exporting markets for garlic on a global scale. 2023 has been a good year for Peruvian exports of garlic, following the struggle Peru faced during the COVID-19 period in 2020 due to lower production levels.
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