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Kazakhstan Exports of Copper Cathode

Kazakhstan Exports of Copper Cathode – Kazakhstan Main Export Partners

Kazakhstan exports of copper cathode valued US$ 2671 million in 2017. The highest number of shipments was departed from the country in October month, in which total 50137285 kilograms of cathode copper were exported by the country. As per Export Genius market research report Kazakhstan exports 2017, the country maximum export business of cathode copper in the 4th quarter.
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Vietnam Wood Sawn Export

Vietnam Wood Sawn Export Report – Analyse Market Size of Wood Sawn

Vietnam exports of wood sawn to the global market worth USD 180.72 million in 2017. The wood sawn comes under HS Code 44079990 exported majorly from the country and accounted for 88.75% of the total exports. The first and last quarter of the year recorded maximum exports while the third quarter recorded lowest export sales of wood sawn. Vietnam wood sawn mainly supplied to China and worth approx. 85% of the total exports for this product during 2017.
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Kazakhstan Flaxseed Export

Kazakhstan Flaxseed Export Report – Market Share of Flaxseed Companies

Kazakhstan is the third largest flaxseed exporter in the world, after Canada and Russia. As per Kazakhstan export data, the country exports of flaxseed to the world worth USD 108 million in 2017 and represented 13.5% value of the global exports for this product. The country exports of flaxseed have been raised by 3% of value in the last five years while recorded a growth of 18% during 2016-17.
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Sunflower Oil Export Data

Ukraine Exports Sunflower Oil in 2017 – Sunflower Oil Export Data

Ukraine is a net supplier of sunflower oil, which contributed more than 50% to the world’s sunflower oil exports. A new market research report prepared by Export Genius, Ukraine’s exports of sunflower oil valued at US$ 3901 in 2017. It did maximum business in first quarter with 28.34% share in value. The largest export destination of Ukraine’s sunflower oil was India, which imported US$ 1575 million from the country.
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Ukraine Soybean Exports

Soybean Oil Export from Ukraine – Analyse Market Size of Soybean Oil

Ukraine soybean oil export to the world worth USD 126 million in 2017 and the country got 12th rank in the list of soybean oil exporting countries. The country’s exports for this product have been raised by 13% of value in the last five years. Ukraine recorded the highest number of shipments in Q1 of 2017 while the least number of shipments recorded in Q4 of 2017. Poland and China are its biggest export markets and accounted for over three-fourth value of the total exports.
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