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Philippines Export Data

Philippines Exports Automatic Data Processing Machines

The value of automatic data processing machines export from the Philippines totaled USD 4,687 million in 2019, an increase from USD 4,375 million in 2018. Philippines exported automatic data processing machines worth USD 6,330 million in 2017, after which the country recorded the value in USD 4,000 million. According to Philippines export data, Philippines shipped automatic data processing machines the most to China, which shared 25.8% to total exports in 2019.
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Russia Export Data

Russia Crude Oil Exports – Russia Export Data of Crude Oil

Russia’s largest export commodity in 2019 was crude oil, which was shipped worth USD 121,443 million. That dollar amount of was declined from USD 129,049 million in 2018. Russia exported 267,466,479 tons of crude oil in 2019. According to Russia export data of crude oil, Russia’s top export partner of crude oil was China, which shared 27.3% to overall value of shipments. Here is a wider perspective of Russian export market of crude oil with Russia export statistics.
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Russia Import Data

Russia Imports Machinery – Russia Import Data of Machinery

How much machinery Russia imports from other countries? If we look at Russia import statistics of machinery, we found that Russia imported machinery worth USD 243,780 million in 2019, rose from 2018’s 238,151 million. Russia has been recording an increase in import value of machinery for the three consecutive years. According to Russia import data, automatic data processing machine was the largest import commodity under machinery category in 2019.
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Philippines Import Data

Philippines Imports Poultry Products – Philippines Import Data

Philippines has suspended poultry imports from Brazil on Covid-19 worries, which has affected millions of people around the world. Philippines has also banned poultry products from Australia over bird flu outbreak. According to Philippines import data, Philippines imports of poultry products from Brazil valued USD 55.3 million in 2019 and Philippines imports of poultry products from Australia valued USD 12.9 million. Here is an overall picture of Philippines imports poultry products from Brazil and Australia.
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Philippines Import Data

Rice Imports to Philippines 2019 – Philippines Import Data of Rice

The value of rice imported to the Philippines totaled USD 1,009 million in 2019, a rise from 2018’s USD 736 million. Philippines imported about 6,647,558 tonnes of rice in 2019. According to Philippines import data, Philippines imported rice the most to Vietnam, which shared around 70% value to total imports. Let’s have a glimpse of Philippines import market of rice with Philippines import statistics.
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