Bangladesh Import Data

Bangladesh is a South Asian country and eighth-most populous nation in the world. Based on Bangladesh import data, Bangladesh’s imports approximately valued USD 50 billion in 2019. Globally speaking, Bangladesh stood at 18th position in imports.

According to Bangladesh trade data, Bangladesh’s major imports are cotton, machinery, mineral fuels & oils, electrical machinery & equipment, iron & steel, plastics, vehicles, man-made staple fibres, animal or vegetable fats & oils and cereals. Bangladesh trade data also reveals list of Bangladesh’s top import partners as follows China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Brazil and Kuwait.

Bangladesh has planned to import hydropower from Bhutan and Nepal as about 56% of the country’s commercial energy is generated by natural gas, followed by oil, hydropower and coal. Based on Bangladesh import data and statistics, Bangladesh is highly dependent on imports from its neighbouring countries including China and India.

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Bangladesh Import Data – More Information

Bangladesh import data is a collection of statistics based on actual shipment records that are gathered from the most authorized sources. Bangladesh shipment data covers information on consignments that are entered into the country via all transport modes including Sea, Air and Road. We have 8000000+ shipment records and 100000+ importers in Bangladesh import data.

Bangladesh import data covers importer-exporter name and other shipping details. We provide exclusive Bangladesh trade statistics to always give you 360 degree visibility into Bangladesh’s import activities. Bangladesh shipment data is available 2018 onwards.


Bangladesh Import Data

Bangladesh import data basically covers Date, Importer Name, Importer Address, Supplier Name, Supplier Address, HS Code, Product Description, Origin Country, Destination Country, Quantity, Value, Port, Transport Mode and so on. We monitor Bangladesh’s import shipments very closely and collect trade information, in order to provide instant & best coverage of Bangladesh import developments. Look at a sample to know exact fields covered in Bangladesh trade data.

Date 26-11-2016
Importer Name ****** Importer Address ******
Supplier Name ****** Supplier Address ******
Origin Country India HS Code 06022000
Product Description Trees, Shrubs, Bushes, Grafted Or Not, Of Kind Bearing Edible Fruit Or Nuts
Gross Weight KG 3223.2 Net Weight KG 3223.2
Quantity 1360 Unit NMB
Total Value BDT 58927.27 Total Value USD 680
Mode of Transport Road Port of Unloading Jessore

Bangladesh’s Top 10 Imports

What are the Main Imports of Bangladesh?

According to Bangladesh import data, Bangladesh’s top 10 imports in 2019 were Cotton, Machinery, Mineral Fuels & Oils, Electronics, Iron & Steel, Plastics, Vehicles, Man-made Staple Fibres, Animal or Vegetable Fats & Oils and Cereals at 2-digit level Harmonized System Code.

Based on Bangladesh import statistics, Bangladesh’s top 10 import products approximately accounted for 60% to country’s total imports in 2019. Among Bangladesh’s top 10 import categories, mineral fuels & oils was the largest gainer, while cotton recorded a decline in the value as compared to previous year, Bangladesh trade data reveals.

Bangladesh import data shows that value of Bangladesh’s total import shipments have been on the rise since last 5 years. In fact, Bangladesh imported cereals the most in 2020 for meeting domestic needs due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Below given chart shows percentage share of Bangladesh’s top 10 import commodities recorded in 2019.

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Bangladesh’s Top 10 Import Partners

Bangladesh’s Top Import Partners

Based on Bangladesh import data, Bangladesh’s top 10 import partners in 2019 were China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Brazil, Kuwait, Taipei, United States, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Thailand and Pakistan.

As per Bangladesh import statistics, Bangladesh’s top 10 import partners accounted for roughly 64% to overall value of import shipments in 2019. China and India remained as top import partners of Bangladesh. In fact, Bangladesh imported cereals and other essential goods the most from India in 2020, in order meet domestic demand due to Covid-19 pandemic.

As per Bangladesh import data, Bangladesh’s major imports from China are machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers, electrical machinery & equipment, manmade staple fibres and iron & steel. Bangladesh trade data shows Bangladesh imported from India the most wheat & meslin, semi-finished goods of iron or non-alloy steel and motor vehicles for the transport of goods.

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