Bolivia Export Data

Bolivia, officially the Plurinational State of Bolivia is a landlocked country, located in South America. Based on Bolivia export data, Bolivia’s exports totalled USD 7 billion in 2020, down from 2019’ USD 8.9 billion. In terms of global exports, Bolivia stood at 91st position last year.

Bolivia is bordered with Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. According to Bolivia export statistics, Bolivia’s largest export partners in 2020 were Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Bolivia trade data reveals Brazil, Argentina and Peru together accounted for 37% of Bolivia’s total exports in 2020.

Bolivia’s economy is the 95th largest worldwide in nominal terms and 87th largest in terms of purchasing power parity. According to Bolivia export data, Bolivia’s major industries are agriculture & forestry, mining and lithium. Bolivia shipment data consist of complete market information, which is required to deeply understand the country’s business activities and use intelligence to accomplish company objectives.   

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Bolivia Export Data

Bolivia export data helps you uncover country’s business developments and understand who, what, when and where of Bolivia exports with the rest of the world. Powered by the world’s largest trade database, Bolivia customs data contains complete shipping details that are required to assess export activities of Bolivian companies. We have 100000+ shipment records and 2000+ exporters in Bolivia trade data. On demand of our clients, we can provide historical data as Bolivia shipment data is available from 2012 onwards.

Bolivia trade statistics are useful for having clear competitive advantage, discovering actionable intelligence and revealing current & realistic information. If you deal in mineral fuel & oils sector or pearl & precious stones or any other industry, we have best Bolivia export data with shipping detail available for you to expand your business in Bolivia.


Bolivia Export Data

Bolivia export data covers a complete list of fields – Date, Exporter Name, Exporter Address, Buyer Name, Buyer Address, Declarant Name, Destination Country, Origin Country, HS Code, Product Description, Quantity, Weight, Unit, Value, Port and so on. Bolivia export statistics contains up-to-date information on shipments that depart from the country via all modes of transport including Sea, Air & Road. A sample given will help you understand all fields covered in Bolivia trade data.

Date 05-Oct-2020 Declarant Name *****
Exporter Name ***** Exporter Address *****
Buyer Name ***** Buyer Address *****
Destination Country Saudi Arabia Origin Country Bolivia
HS Code 12079999100 HS Code Description Chia Seeds
Product Description Cha Grains In 25 Kg Bags, (Chia Grains In 25 Kg Polipropylem Bags)
Quantity 1000 Unit Bg-Bag, Sack Or Packaging
Weight 25060 Item 1
Item FOB (USD) 40445 Total FOB (USD) 40445
Port of Discharge Sajed-Jeddah

Bolivia’s Top Exports

Bolivia’s Top 10 Export Goods

Bolivia export data reveals list of Bolivia’s top 10 export commodities in 2020 as follows – Mineral Fuels & Oils (28.9%), Pearls & Precious Stones (21.1%), Ores, Slag & Ash (21.0%), Residues & Waste from Food Industries (7.3%), Animal or Vegetable Fats & Oils (4.7%), Tin & Articles (2.5%), Edible Fruits & Nuts (2.3%), Cereals (1.5%), Oil Seeds & Oleaginous Fruits (1.3%) and Beverages, Spirits & Vinegar (0.9%).

Based on Bolivia export statistics, Bolivia’s top 10 export products accounted for 91.5% to overall value of export shipments recorded in 2020. According to Bolivia export data, mineral fuels & oils were the largest decliner among top export categories as compared to the previous year. Residues and waste from food industries recorded a rise in export value from 2019 to 2010.

Bolivia Top 10 Export Goods

Bolivia’s Main Export Partners

Bolivia’s Top 10 Export Partners

Bolivia shipment data reveal list of Bolivia’s top 10 export destinations 2020 as follows – Brazil (USD 1,107.6 million), Argentina (USD 1,028.0 million), India (USD 717.5 million), Japan (USD 527.3 million), Peru (USD 457.0 million), Colombia (USD 413.7 million), China (USD 358.3 million), United States (USD 314.3 million), United Arab Emirates (USD 278.1 million) and Netherlands (USD 213.4 million).

According to Bolivia export data, Bolivia’s top 10 export partners accounted for 77.2% to overall value of export shipments recorded in 2020. Bolivia’s main export partners – Brazil, Argentina and Peru are its neighbouring countries. See and analyze percentage share of Bolivia’s top 10 export partners. As per Bolivia customs data, Bolivia’s top 5 export partners shared more than 50% value to total exports in 2020.

Bolivia Top 10 Export Partners

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