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Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. As per Brazil import data, Brazil’s imports totalled USD 158.9 billion in 2020, down by -10.4% from 2019 to 2020. Brazil trade data shows Brazil imported goods worth USD 177.3 billion in 2019.

According to Brazil customs data, Brazil was 31st importer country in the world during 2020. Brazil’s major import commodities are electrical machinery & equipment, machinery, mineral fuels & oils, organic chemicals, fertilisers and vehicles. Brazil trade statistics show Brazil’s top import partners are China, United States, Germany and Argentina.

Given Brazil’s population of 211.4 million people, total value of Brazil’s imports in 2020 translated to roughly USD 750 in yearly product demand from every person in the South American nation. Get the most complete Brazil import data with shipping records that take your business to the highest level of growth.

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Brazil Import Data

A Customs Type, Brazil Import Data covers company names and other important shipping details that are important in business decision making. Based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices and other import-export documents; we provide transaction-level Brazil import statistics and insights. From finding importers in Brazil to identify key industries, Brazil trade data is useful for all business type & size.

We are committed to provide clean Brazil import data, so we collect raw data from genuine sources including Custom Departments, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities, Government Bodies, Trade Associations and other global business connections. We have Brazil import data available from 2010 to present that will help you make a correct comparison of Brazil’s current import scenario with previous years.


Brazil Import Data

Brazil Import Data contains customs-based details such as Date, Importer, Supplier, Manufacturer, Origin Country, HS Code, Product Description, Value, Weight, Unloading Place, Shipping Method and many more. Whether you are looking for business partners or want to get a whole picture of Brazil’s import activities, Brazil trade data provide you correct and quick answer of your every trade related questions. Here is Brazil import data sample with complete fields and information.

Period 2020-01
Importer Name **** Exporter Name ****
Origin Country Hong Kong HS Code 68042190
HS Code Description Outs.Mos E Artef.Sem.Diaman.Nat / Sint.Aglom.
Product Description Rebolo Diamantado - 150*50*8*10 120#(E3)9holes
Transport Mode Maritime Commercial Quantity 100
Commercial Unit Unit Net Weight 2.1517
FOB Unit USD 15 CIF Unit USD 15.13165

Brazil Imports

Brazil’s Top 10 Imports

According to Brazil import statistics, Brazil’s Top 10 imports in 2020 were Electrical Machinery and Equipment (12.9%), Machinery (12.4%), Mineral Fuels and Oils (8.8%), Organic Chemicals (6.5%), Ships, Boats and Floating Structures (6.4%), Fertilisers (5.0%), Vehicles (4.8%), Plastics (4.5%), Pharma Products (4.4%) and Miscellaneous Articles of Base Metals (3.5%).

Based on Brazil import data, Brazil’s top 10 import products accounted for 69.2% to total imports in 2020. Brazil customs data also reveal that the highly capital-intensive ships and boats category was the fastest-growing product category, with related imports increasing by 122.8% from 2019 to 2020. Brazil shipment data shows leading the declining product categories were mineral fuels including oil thanks to a -41% reduction. Visualize and analyze dollar amount of Brazil’s top 10 import commodities and get Brazil bill of lading data for detailed information.

Brazil Top 10 Imports

Brazil Import Partners

Brazil’s Top 10 Import Partners

Based on Brazil import data, Brazil’s top 10 import partners in 2020 were China (USD 34.0 billion), United States (USD 24.4 billion), Brazil (Re-Import) (USD 12.6 billion), Germany (USD 8.5 billion), Argentina (USD 7.7 billion), South Korea (USD 4.0 billion), India (USD 3.9 billion), Japan (USD 3.7 billion), Italy (USD 3.4 billion) and France (USD 3.1 billion).

According to Brazil customs data, Brazil’s top 10 import partners accounted for 66.6% to overall value of shipments in 2020. Region-wise, 38.2% of Brazil’s total imports by value in 2020 were imported from Asian countries. European trade partners supplied 22% of imports sold to Brazil while 18.7% worth of goods originated from fellow Latin America nations plus the Caribbean (18.7%). Below given chart shows percentage share of these countries.

Brazil Top 10 Import Partners

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