Brazil Import Data

Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country both in South America and Latin America. It is the sixth-most populous nation and fifth-largest country by area in the world. Brazil is the 31st biggest country by global imports.

According to Brazil import data, the country imported USD 177.3 billion worth of goods from around the world in 2019, a down of -2.1% as compared to the previous year. Given Brazil’s estimated population of 210 million people, that dollar amount reflects to roughly USD 850 in yearly product demand from every citizen of the country.

Brazil import data

Brazil’s Top 10 Import Commodities

Brazil’s main imports are Mineral Fuels & Oils (13.5%), Electronics (12.4%), Machinery (12%), Vehicles (6.9%), Organic Chemicals (6.1%), Fertilisers (5.1%), Plastics (4.1%), Pharma (4.1%), Miscellaneous Chemical Products (3%) and Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (3%).

Brazil import statistics show that these import categories accounted for over 70% of the overall value of its product purchases from other countries. Machinery with a 11.5% rise in the value stood as the fastest-growing import product category in 2019.

Brazil import products

5 Main Import Partners of Brazil

Brazil’s top 5 import partners are China (USD 35,270 million), United States (USD 30,413 million), Argentina (USD 10,552 million), Germany (USD 10,280 million) and South Korea (USD 4,705 million). These countries accounted for 51.5% of the total imports of Brazil as per Brazil trade data.

According to Brazil import statistics, 36.5% of Brazil’s total imports by value in 2019 were purchased from exporters in Asia. 23.1% worth of shipments were originated from European countries, while 20.8% from North America. Smaller percentages came from fellow Latin American countries plus the Caribbean (15.8%) but excluding Mexico and 3.1% furnished by sources in Africa and 0.6% from Oceania led by Australia.

Brazil export partners

More About Brazil Import Data

Brazil Import Data is based on actual shipment details of companies who import goods into the country. These details cover product specifications with HS classification, Brazilian importers, overseas suppliers, port, value, quantity, etc. All this market intelligence information is sourced from Brazilian Customs, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations, Government Bodies and other business options.

Brazil trade statistics are based on certain required import-export documents including Shipping Bills, Import Bills and Invoices. We have import data of Brazil with actual consignment details available from Jan 2010. With record-by-record shipment, analyse how you’re competitors are trading, choose the best prospects and do lot more with the most authentic, comprehensive and updates Brazil trade data.

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Data Field Statistical Single Side Both Side
HS Code 2, 4, 6 & 8 Digit Level 8 Digit Level Only 8 Digit Level Only
Product Description Standard Standard Actual
Company Names No Brazilian Importers Only Brazilian Importers & Overseas Exporters
Transport Mode All Modes (Sea, Air & Road) All Modes (Sea, Air & Road) All Modes (Sea, Air & Road)
Historical Data Available (Since 2010) Available (Since 2010) Available (Since 2010)
Subscription Available (Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly & Annually) Available (Annually Only) Available (Annual Only)
Major Data Fields Year, Month, HS Code, HS Code Description, Value, Quantity & More. Year, Month, HS Code, HS Code Description, Brazilian Importer Name, Value, Quantity & More. Year, Month, HS Code, Actual Product Description, Brazilian Importer Name, Foreign Exporter Name, Port, Value, Quantity & More.

Samples of Brazil Import Data

Import data of Brazil comes in three different types – Statistical, in which no companies covered, Single Side, in which Brazilian companies are covered only and Both Side, in which Brazilian & overseas companies are available. Besides this, other fields are also covered in Brazil import data. Check and compare all data columns from samples given below.

Sample of Brazil Import Statistical Data - Type 1

Brazil Import Sample #1
Year2018Fob (usd)3294
Month6Net Weight6
Hs Code29121929CustomsSAO PAULO - AIRPORT
Hs Code DescriptionOTHER monoaldehydes NOT SATURATEDTransportAERIAL
Quantity6Origin CountryU.S

Sample of Brazil Import Single Side Data - Type 2

Brazil Import Sample #2
Period1-12-2016StateRIO GRANDE DO SUL
Hs Code30061090Shipping MethodBY ROADWAY
DescriptionOthersWeight (kgs)0

Sample of Brazil Import Both Side Data - Type 3

Brazil Import Sample #3
Date25/04/2018Commercial UnitUNITS
Operation1807473335001Value (usd)40528
Importer Id07280131Cif (usd)42838
SupplierPOLYGAL SUD SADate Registered24/04/2018
OriginCHILEShipping MethodRODOVIARIA
Country AcquiredCHILEIncotermsCARRIAGE PAID TO
Product DescriptionCOD. 3231E2A01333A011 - ACRYLIC 2.5MM TRANSPARENT 1920X1920X2.5MM (1000 PLATES) INVOICE 004069. CURTAIN BRASLURO: BR-1713188700 - 001 / CCPTC.Exchange CoverageCOB CAMBIAL PG ATE 180 DAYS
Commercial Quantity900Terms Of PaymentS / MODAL PGTO

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