Brazil Export Data

Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. It is the world’s fifth-largest country by area and sixth-most populous nation. Brazil is the twenty-fifth biggest exporter country around the globe.

Brazil customs data shows that Brazil’s exports valued USD 223.9 billion in 2019, a -6.6% decline from a year earlier. That dollar amount translates to roughly USD 1,070 for every residing citizen of this South America’s leading country, given Brazil’s estimated population of 210 million people.

Brazil export data

Brazil’s Top Exports

10 main export commodities of Brazil are Mineral Fuels & Oils (13.4%), Oil Seeds & Oleaginous Fruits (11.8%), Ores, Slag & Ash (11.2%), Meat (6.7%), Machinery (5.5%), Iron & Steel (4.8%), Vehicles (4.1%), Cereals (3.5%), Pulp of Wood (3.3%)& Residues & Waste from Food Industries (2.8%) as per Brazil trade statistics.

Based on Brazil export data, it is found that Brazil’s top 10 exports in 2019 accounted for about 68% of the overall value of its global shipments. In that year, cereals stood as the fastest-growing export category, which recorded 71.3% increase in the value as compared to the previous year. And vehicles stood as a leading decliner among these export categories, which recorded a shortfall of -27.5% in the value. The following export product groups categorize the highest dollar value in Brazilian global shipments during 2019.

Brazil export products

Top 5 Export Partners of Brazil

Brazil’s main export partners are China (USD 62,871 million), United States (USD 29,701 million), Netherlands (USD 10,086 million), Argentina (USD 9,723 million) and Japan (USD 5,408 million). These countries accounted for 52.6% to total value of Brazil’s exports.

According to Brazil export statistics, 47.1% worth of goods by value were shipped from Brazil to Asian countries in 2019. Another 17.9% of shipments were sent to importers in Europe and 16.9% to North American clients. Brazilian exports to Latin America (excluding Mexico) plus Caribbean countries totalled 14.3% with roughly 3.4% delivered to Africa and just 0.4% going to Oceania led by Australia and Marshall Islands.

Brazil export partners

More About Brazil Export Data

Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and among the top-ten largest in the world. We are the best market intelligence source to offer Brazil export data at the shipment level. It contains information on every export activity of Brazilian businesses. And this information is based on Bill of Lading, Import Bills, Shipping Bills, Invoices and other documents filled by companies.

Brazil customs data and bill of lading data is collected from Brazilian Customs, Port Authorities, Trade Associations, Government Bodies, Shipping & Logistics Companies and other corporate networks. We have Brazil export statistics with actual shipment records available from Jan 2010.

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Data Field Statistical Single Side Both Side
HS Code 2, 4, 6 & 8 Digit Level 8 Digit Level Only 8 Digit Level Only
Product Description Standard Standard Actual
Company Names No Brazilian Exporters Only Brazilian Exporters & Overseas Exporters
Transport Mode All Modes (Sea, Air & Road) All Modes (Sea, Air & Road) All Modes (Sea, Air & Road)
Historical Data Available (Since 2010) Available (Since 2010) Available (Since 2010)
Subscription Available (Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly & Annually) Available (Annually Only) Available (Annual Only)
Major Data Fields Year, Month, HS Code, HS Code Description, Value, Quantity & More. Year, Month, HS Code, HS Code Description, Brazilian Importer Name, Value, Quantity & More. Year, Month, HS Code, Actual Product Description, Brazilian Importer Name, Foreign Exporter Name, Port, Value, Quantity & More.

Samples of Brazil Export Data

Export data of Brazil is available in three types namely, Statistical (no company names), Single Side (Brazilian companies only) and Both Side (both Brazilian & foreign companies), besides other columns. Check and compare all fields covered in all types Brazil export data from the samples given below.

Sample of Brazil Export Statistical Data - Type 1

Brazil Export Sample #1
Year2018UnitKG LIQUID
Month6Net Weight24580
Hs Code29121999CustomsCAMPINAS - AIRPORT
Fob (usd)8724Destination CountryURUGUAY

Sample of Brazil Export Single Side Data - Type 2

Brazil Export Sample #2
Period1-12-2016Shipping MethodBY SEA
Hs Code08071900Quantity520178
DescriptionOthersUnit Price0.73813194
Company Id2.6686100002e+012Weight (kgs)520178
ExporterCRIS FRUTAS LTDAPrice/kg0.73813194
CustomsPORTO DE PECEMValue (usd)383960
StateCEDestination CountryUNITED KINGDOM

Sample of Brazil Export Both Side Data - Type 3

Brazil Export Sample #3
Date31/12/2017Hs Code29054500
Exporter Id09267863Quantity98190
Destination CountryCHINAFob (usd)81950.17
Loading PlaceALF-PORTO DO RIO GRANDEShipping MethodBY SEA

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