Uruguay Import Data

Uruguay import data shows the (approx.) value for Uruguay imports 2018 of $9 Billion. While the (approx.) value of Uruguay imports 2019 appears $8 Billion according to import data of Uruguay. Both values are derived from Uruguay customs data.

As per International and Uruguay trade data, Uruguay stands at 108th position among the top importing countries of the world. As per Uruguay import statistics, top imports are of ‘Mineral Fuels & Oils’. While the highest importing partner for Uruguay is ‘Brazil’, as per the import statistics of Uruguay.

Uruguay import data and Uruguay trade statistics both plays an important role in the business operations and the decision making related to it, as per respective line of one’s business.

Import data of Uruguay is represented in the form of Uruguay shipment data. Let us show you what kind of exact data we provide and how trade statistics of Uruguay play an important role in business. Meanwhile, you can get a sample for Uruguay customs data or you can do a live search.

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About Uruguay Import Data

Uruguay import data is derived from the Uruguay customs data, later helping in the formation of Uruguay shipment data. The shipment data is inclusive of a lot of fields, revealing details related to a particular shipment entering the country. The major fields are – Date, Product Description, HS Code, Unit, Weight, Importer Name, Origin & Sales Country, Value, Port, etc.

The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Customs Departments, Port Authorities, Government Bodies, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations, and other authoritative links. As per our database, the availability of Uruguay import data is from January 2008 to present.


Uruguay Import Data

Uruguay shipment data is derived from the Uruguay customs data. The details of customs help in the formation of shipment data. This data contains different fields, revealing different kind of information related to a particular shipment entering the country. The information obtained ranges from the product description, its quantity, weight and value to name of importer, port name, and countries of origin and destination. Look at the Uruguay import data on the right.

Date 03-Aug-20 Importer Name *****
Origin Country China Sales Country China
Hs Code 4.013e+09 Product Description Camaras Para Bicicletas
Product Description English Bicycle Beds Net Weight 1401
Gross Weight 1401 Quantity 3950
Unit Of Quantity Unidad (C/U) Unit Of Quantity En Unit (Ea)
Physical Quantity 3950 Unit Of Physical Quantity Cajones
Unit Of Physical Quantity En Drawers Cif Value 3008
Tax -1 Freight 87
Freight Currency USD Insurance 29
Insurance Currency USD Trans Type Marítima
Trans Type En Sea Customs Montevideo
Month August Year 2020


What are the main imports of Uruguay?

As per Uruguay trade data, the country mainly imports for 2019 are Mineral Fuels & Oils with a share of 13.2% ($1,100.2 Million), Industrial Machinery and Parts with a share of 9.3% ($776.3 Million), Vehicles with a share of 9.3% ($775 Million), Electronics with a share of 7.9% ($663.3 Million), Plastics and Articles with a share of 5.3% ($444.4 Million), and so on, as per the given list of top Uruguay imports.

According to the Uruguay import data on the right, the top imports were for ‘Mineral Fuels & Oils’. While the least imports were for ‘Furniture, Lamps, etc.’ as per the trade data of Uruguay. The conclusion that can be made here is that the businesses in the first sector are more likely to generate good results out of the business operations for this sector’s trade as compared to the second sector as there can be different factors for the low demand for this sector’s products.

main imports of Uruguay


Which is Uruguay’s Top Import Partners?

Uruguay top import partners for 2019 includes Brazil with a share of 19.9% ($1,651.5 million total imports), China with a share of 15.8% ($1,309.5 million total imports), Argentina with a share of 12.4% ($1,026.8 million total imports), USA with a share of 10.6% ($877.5 million total imports), Angola with a share of 4.4% ($366.1 million total imports), and so on as per Uruguay import data.

As we can see on the left, the top import partner of Uruguay was ‘Brazil’. As per the Uruguay trade data in our database, the top imports Uruguay made from Brazil were for – vehicles, meat, and plastics. We can conclude from this part of the observation is that Brazil is the top reliant for these products in the country to continuously meet the demand. Look at the Uruguay import data on left.

Uruguay’s Top Import Partners

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