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Paraguay Map Paraguay export data for year 2019 shows the (approx.) value of $8 Billion. While the value of year 2020 is also (approx.) $8 Billion as per the export data of Paraguay. Comparing both the year’s values which are derived from the Paraguay customs data, there is a percentile of 11% (877 Million) growth in the Paraguay exports for year 2020.

Paraguay trade data, and International trade data ranks the South-American country at position of 95 among the top exporters of the world. Paraguay export statistics shows the top exported product of the country was ‘Oil Seeds & Fruits’. While the top exporting partner is ‘Brazil’ as per the other dimension of the export statistics of Paraguay.

Not only Paraguay export data helps businesses in their operations and the dealings, but Paraguay trade statistics also plays a significant role in determining the value of each sector and product for any particular targeted region. Let’s understand that.

Paraguay shipment data is provided by Export Genius which is derived from the details taken from the Paraguay customs data. Observe what kind of Paraguay export data we provide to you. Meanwhile, you can get a sample data or you can do a live search.


About Paraguay Export Data

Paraguay export data is presented in the form of Paraguay shipment data. The details of the shipment are a part of customs; hence, it is referred as Paraguay customs data. These details are presented in the form of ‘fields’ in the shipment data. The major fields are – Date, Product Description, HS Code, Exporter Name, Destination & Trans Country, Unit, Weight, Total Value, etc.

As per our databases, the total number of Paraguay shipment records exist are 1,000+ and total number of exporters are 100,000+. The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Paraguayan Shipping & Logistics Companies, Government Bodies, Customs Departments, Port Authorities, Trade Associations and other authoritative links. Our databases have acquired the Paraguay export data since January 2008 to till date.


Paraguay Export Data

Paraguay shipment data, as aforementioned, consists of ‘fields’. The different fields reveal different information on the particular outbound shipment. The shipment details further on reveals the information ranging from the details about the description of the product, its quantity, weight and total value along with the name of exporter and destination & trans country. Look at the Paraguay export data on the right and understand.

Date 44047
Exporter Name ***** Destination Country Uruguay
Trans Country Paraguay Hs Code 02013000
Product Description Chilled Bone Meat Brand Frigochaco
Unit Of Quantity Kilos Quantity 24000.2
Gross Weight 25020 Net Weight 24000
Fob Value 96001 Freight 3000
Insurance 300 Cif Value 99301
Fob Unit 4 Trans Type Truck
Trans Corp Rrc Transport Customs Chacoi
Month August Year 2020


Which are Paraguay’s Top Exports?

Paraguay top exports includes Oil Seeds and Fruits with a share of 26.6% ($2,273 Million), Mineral Fuels & Oils with a share of 20.5% ($1,748.7 Million), Edible Meats with a share of 13.8% ($1,183.9 Million), Residues and Waste with a share of 8.5% ($732.9 Million), Cereals with a share of 7.9% ($679.4 Million), and so on, as per the Paraguay trade data of year 2020.

According to the Paraguay export data on the right, we can see that ‘Oil Seeds and Fruits’ is the biggest exported product from Paraguay. While the least exported product is ‘Aluminium and Articles’ as per these trade statistics of Paraguay.

The businesses dealing in the first sector have better chances of having good fortunes as compared to the second sector. The factors contributing to the high and low demands can be studied through Paraguay export data thoroughly, obtaining precise and in-depth insights.

Paraguay’s Top Exports


Which Countries Paraguay Exports the Most to?

Paraguay main export partners are Brazil with a share of 35.6% ($3,035.9 million total exports), Argentina with a share of 26.4% ($2,249.9 million total exports), Chile with a share of 8.9% ($755.9 million total exports), Russia with a share of 5.3% ($452.4 million total exports), USA with a share of 2% ($173.1 million total exports), and so on, according to the given Paraguay export data 2020.

As per this data, we can see that ‘Brazil’ is the topmost exporting partner of Paraguay. Paraguay exports mineral fuels & oils, cereals, oil seeds & fruits, electronics, and edible meats the most to Brazil as per the Paraguay trade data.

Brazil is the biggest market of agricultural products, and have a huge demand for agricultural equipment & electronics in the nation to keep maintaining the level of productions. Hence, these top products are what Brazil demands from Paraguay and stands at top among the export partners of Paraguay.

Countries Paraguay Exports the Most to

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