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Slovakia imports for the value in the year 2019 was (approx.) $91 Billion, as per the Slovakia import data 2019. The value of imports for the year 2020 was (approx.) $84 Billion. After comparing both the values, Slovakia trade data records a drop in the trade values by a percentile of 7% ($6.4 Billion).

As per the International and Slovakia trade data 2019, the country stands at the position of 38 among the top importing countries globally. Slovakia import statistics show that the top imports were made for ‘Electronics’ and the top importing country for Slovakia was ‘Germany’.

Slovakia import data and Slovakia trade statistics are a crucial part of any business dealing in the trade of the particular goods of a sector. The operations and decision-making related to trade smoothen out with the frequent analysis from both the data.

Slovakia import data is presented in the form of Slovakia shipment data. Let us show you what kind of exact data we provide. You can get sample data for Slovakia trade data or you can do a live search.

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About Slovakia Import Data

Slovakia import data is represented in the form of Slovakia shipment data, and it consists of different fields having different information on any particular shipment. The major fields are – Date, HS Code, HS Code Description, Import & Origin Country, Quantity, Value, etc. The total number of Slovakia shipment records available in our database is 600,000+. The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Slovakian Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities, Customs Departments, Trade Associations, Government Bodies, and other authoritative links. Slovakia import data is available from January 2013 to the present.


Slovakia Import Data

Slovakia import data showed on the right consist of different fields and the field gives information such as importer & origin countries, HS code’s description, the quantity of the product, and its value. Look at Slovakia shipment data to understand.

Period 2020-02
Import Country Slovakia Origin Country Germany
Trade Type Intra Trade Hs Code 85015350
Hs Code Description Ac Traction Motors, Multi-Phase, Of An Output > 75 Kw
Product Sitc 71631
Sitc Description Ac Motors (Including Universal (Ac/Dc) Motors, But Excluding Motors Of An Output Not Exceeding 37.5 W)
State Regime Normal Supp Unit Number Of Items
Total Value In Eur 1992 Total Value Usd 2339.21
Quantity In Kg 136 Sup Quantity 3


Which are Slovakia’s Main Imports?

The major imported products in Slovakia for 2020 were Electronics with a share of 21.6% ($18.2 Billion), Vehicles with a share of 17.3% ($14.6 Billion), Industrial Machinery with a share of 12.5% ($10.5 Billion), Mineral Fuels and Oils with a share of 5.1% ($4.3 Billion), Plastics and Articles with a share of 4% ($3.3 Billion), and so on, as per the Slovakia import statistics 2020.

Slovakia import data shows the top imports for ‘Electronics’ accounting to 21.6% of overall trade, while the least imports are shown for ‘Rubber and Articles’ accounting to 1.7% of overall trade. Conclusions that can be drawn from these parts of the observation are that the businesses of the first sector are more fortunate and having probable chances to receive fortunes in the trade as compared to the second sector mentioned. The analysis of this can be done through Slovakia import data.

Slovakia’s Top 10 Imports


Which are Top Slovakia’s Trading Partners?

Slovakia major import partners of 2020 are as follows: Germany with a share of 19.6% ($16.5 billion total imports), the Czech Republic with a share of 17.7% ($14.9 billion total imports), Austria with a share of 8.7% ($7.3 billion total imports), Poland with a share of 7.7% ($6.4 billion total imports), Hungary with a share of 7.3% ($6.1 billion total imports), and so on, as per Slovakia import data.

Slovakia import statistics for 2020 show ‘Germany’ as the biggest importing country for Slovakia. As per Slovakia trade data, Slovakia imported vehicles, electronics, and industrial machinery the most.

Slovakia trade data also shows that Germany is the most important trading partner for Slovakia. Both the countries are in close trading relations as per the trade data of Slovakia. Look at the Slovakia import statistics on the left and see the figures.

Slovakia’s Top 10 Import Partners

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