Russia Import Data

Russia Map Russia import data shows the total value of (approx.) $231 Billion for year 2020. Year 2019 shows value of (approx.) $244 Billion, according to the Russia customs data. Taken from the Russia trade data, these values give us a conclusion that there was a percentile decrease of 5% ($12.2 Billion) in the total import value of Russia.

Russia is officially known as the Russian Federation and stands at the 22nd position for total imports in the world as compared with Russia trade data. According to the Russia import data, in this transcontinental country, the biggest imported product was ‘Industrial Machinery and Parts’. Russia customs data shows that the country imported the most from ‘China'.

Russia import data we provide consists of different fields of Russia shipment data along with the Russia trade statistics. Let us understand what kind of import data of Russia we provide and why the import statistics of Russia hold a value for your business. You can request for a sample data or do a live search about any particular product related to your respective sector(s).


About Russia Import Data

Data provided from Export Genius consists of the fields such as names and addresses of the parties involved. Russia customs data that we provide includes the following major fields of the Russia shipment data - Date, Product Description, HS Code, Sender Name, Address, Recipient Name, Foreign Country, Quantity, Unit, Total Value RUB, Port, etc. The information(s) we provide is sourced from authorized Russian Customs Departments, Trade Associations, Government Bodies, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Port Authorities and other authoritative links. Data availability for Russia trade data is from February 2012 to present.


Russia Import Data

Russia import data shown on the right is the Russia shipment data consisting of different fields. These fields give us information on everything about the shipments entering the country. We get to know the origin of the shipment, product description, in what country along with the quantity and value of the product in RUB (Russian Ruble) and more.

Date 30/Jul/2020 HS Code 6907219009
Importer Name ****** Importer Address ******
Exporter Name ****** Exporter Address ******
Declarant Name ****** Declarant Address ******
Country of Origin CHINA Destination Country RUSSIA
Manufacturer Name ******
Point of Delivery of Goods QINGDAO Gross Weight KG 52812.4377
Net Weight KG 52868.69394 Invoice Value 12355.78258


What are Russia’s Major Imports?

Russia import data shown on the right represent major imports of Russia for 2020. According to Russia customs data 2020, Russia's major imports are - Industrial Machinery and Parts ($43.0 Billion), Electronics ($30.1 Billion), Vehicles ($18.4 Billion), Pharmaceutical Products ($10.8 Billion), Plastics and Articles ($9.3 Billion), and so on.

As we can see in this trade data of Russia, the biggest import of Russia was ‘Industrial Machinery and Parts’, with a total import value of $43 Billion. While on the other hand, the Russia import data show ‘Articles of Apparel & Clothing’ as the least demanded product.

We can conclude from these Russia import statistics that businesses for industrial machinery will be able to perform the operations effectively. Business in apparels will have to prepare for the upcoming uncertainties in the operations of business. Look at this Russia import data.

Russia Major Imports


Who is Russia’s Largest Trading Partners?

China is the main trade partner of Russia topping the charts with the approximate value of $55 Billion. Russia import data on the left shows the list for Russia trade partners. According to the trade statistics of Russia, the leading foreign trade partners of Russia are - China with a share of 23.7% ($54.9 Billion), Germany with a share of 10.1% ($23.4 Billion), USA with a share of 5.7% ($13.2 Billion), Belarus with a share of 5.4% ($12.5 Billion), Italy with a share of 4.4% ($10.2 Billion), and so on.

In the Russia import data, Russia imported most from China. Russia trade data shows that the top products China shipped are electronics & industrial machinery. Russia is focused on importing value-added products from China. Hence, according to the Russia customs data, China is the leading partner for imports in Russia. Look at the following Russia import data.

Russia Largest Trading Partners

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