Russia Import Data

As per Russia import data, the country purchased goods worth USD 243.7 billion in 2019, up by 2.4% as compared to the previous year. Globally, Russia’s imports ranked 21 in last year.Officially the Russian Federation, Russia is a trans-continental country located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.

Based on estimated Russia’s population of 146.7 million people, the total value of imports in 2019 translates to roughly USD 1,700 in yearly product demand from every individual in this vast Eurasian country.

Russia import data

Russia’s Top 10 Import Commodities

Major imports of Russia are Machinery (17.74%), Electronics (12.21%), Vehicles (9.74%), Pharma (5.77%), Plastics (4.03%), Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (2.99%), Articles of Iron & Steel (2.66%), Edible Fruits & Nuts (2.09%), Iron & Steel (2.06%) and Organic Chemicals (1.82%).

According to Russia customs data, ten-largest import products roughly accounted for 61.1% of the overall value of purchases made from other countries in 2019.Pharma (32.9%) and articles of iron & steel (11.8%) were the largest gainers in last year. Andiron & steel (-4.9%) and machinery (-0.8%) were the biggest decliners.

Top Import of Russia

Russia’s Top 5 Import Partners

Main import partners of Russia are China (USD 54.1 billion), Germany (USD 25.1 billion), United States (13.4 billion), Belarus (USD 12.8 billion) and Italy (USD 10.9 billion). As per Russia import statistics and data, these countries together accounted for 47.8% of the overall value of Russia imports.

From a continental perspective, 45.8% of Russia’s imports by value in 2019 were imported from European countries. Asian suppliers exported 43.4% worth of goods to Russia, while 6.4% worth of shipments were originated from North American nations. Another smaller percentage recorded from Latin America, Africa and other regions.

Russia import partners

Description of Russia Import Data

Import data of Russia is a complete set of customs information on shipments which enter into the country via all modes of transport. It covers company names, product & industry specific details, ports, value, quantity and much more.

This information is useful to find buyers in Russia, track competitors’ shipment details, analyze business of trading partners and so on. Russia import data is based on Shipping Bills, Invoices, Import Bills, Bill of Lading Details and other authorized documents required in importing & exporting goods across the borders.

For data authenticity, we source raw data from Russian Custom Departments, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations, Government Bodies and other business connections. This raw data is uploaded into database to standardize the shipment details in Excel Spreadsheets.

Samples of Russia Import Data

We provide a vast number of fields in Russia import data, which helps in having a detailed outlook of Russia’s imports and companies who make purchases from the country. See samples below and know which are these fields covered in Russia customs data of imports.

Russia Import Sample #1
Date01-Mar-2019Direction of TravelIM
Russian Importer NameOOO "AGAT"Importer Address385,141, Republic Adygea, Tahtamukaysky RN, PGT. Yablonovsky, STR. Laukhin, E.2
Foreign Exporter NameChiping New Decor Building Materials Co. Ltd.Exporter AddressChiping County, Shandong, Hutun Industry Zone
Manufacturer's NameChiping New Decor Building Materials Co. Ltd, ChinaHS Code4411929000
Description & Characteristics of GoodsWood fiber Plate for Floor (laminate), a density greater than 0.8 g / cm3. MADE wet process in which the wood fibres in aqueous suspension of the press in the form of slabs at high temperature and high pressure.Trading Country CodeCN
Customs Value3167264.85Currency CodeRUB
Invoice Value32798.19Exchange Rate65.8895
Customs Value of Goods3167264.85Statistical Value of Goods48069.34
Currency of the ContractUSDDeparture CountryChina
Departure Country CodeCNOrigin CountryChina
Origin Country CodeCNDestination Country CodeRU
Destination CountryRussiaQuantity of Items7765
UnitM2Gross Weight (kg)118942.4
Net Weight (kg)118942.4Financial RegulatorOOO "AGAT"
Financial Regulator Address385,141, Republic Adygea, Tahtamukaysky RN, PGT. Yablonovsky, STR. Laukhin, E.2Declarant NameOOO "AGAT"
Declarant Address385,141, Republic Adygea, Tahtamukaysky RN, PGT. Yablonovsky, STR. Laukhin, E.2Condition of Delivery CodeFOB
Point of Delivery of GoodsQingdaoMonthMarch
Russia Import Sample #2
Date27-Mar-2019Direction of TravelIM
Russian Importer NameOAO Molzavod "Giaginskaya"Importer Address385600, Republic Adygea, Giaginskaya RN, CT-CA Giaginskaya, Lenin, 142,
Foreign Exporter NameV2 Engineering SRLExporter Address40069, Zola Preosa (BO), VIA Masetti, 13,
Manufacturer's NameV2 Engineering SRLHS Code8422400008
Description & Characteristics of GoodsEquipment For Packaging Goods automatic horizontal cartoning machine MOD. "V106N" jerky movements that are suitable for pre-glued Cardboard Vysechek included. SCOPE-food packaging. Performance DTrading Country CodeIT
Customs Value9647802.83Currency CodeRUB
Invoice Value132925Exchange Rate72.5808
Customs Value of Goods9647802.83Statistical Value of Goods150351.54
Currency of the ContractEURDeparture CountryItaly
Departure Country CodeITOrigin CountryItaly
Origin Country CodeITDestination Country CodeRU
Destination CountryRussiaQuantity of Items1
UnitPCSGross Weight (kg)2200
Net Weight (kg)1800Financial Regulator NameOAO Molzavod "Giaginskaya"
Financial Regulator Address385600, Republic Adygea, Giaginskaya RN, CT-CA Giaginskaya, Lenin, 142,Declarant NameOAO Molzavod "Giaginskaya"
Declarant Address385600, Republic Adygea, Giaginskaya RN, CT-CA Giaginskaya, Lenin, 142,Condition of Delivery CodeDAP
Point of Delivery of GoodsGiaginskayaMonthMarch

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