Uzbekistan Import Data

Uzbekistan is a country on Central Asia. In terms of global imports, Uzbekistan stood at 72nd position in 2019. As per Uzbekistan customs data, Uzbekistan imported goods valued USD 21.8 billion in 2019, which rose from 2018’s USD 17.3 billion. Checkout the most authentic and comprehensive statistics on Uzbekistan import activities right here.

Uzbekistan import data

What Does Uzbekistan Import?

In 2019, Uzbekistan imported the most Machinery (25.6%), Vehicles (9.7%), Iron & Steel (6.5%), Electrical Machinery & Equipment (6.1%), Mineral Fuels & Oils (4.2%), Pharma Products (4.2%), Plastics (3.7%), Articles of Iron & Steel (3.5%), Wood & Articles (2.8%) and Optical, Photographic, Medical Equipment (2.6%).

Based on record-by-record shipments, Uzbekistan trade data shows that Uzbekistan’s top 10 imports accounted 68.9% to overall value of shipments in 2019. Below given chart shows dollar amount of Uzbekistan’s top 10 import commodities.

Uzbekistan import products

Which Countries are Uzbekistan’s Major Import Partners?

Uzbekistan’s top 5 import partners in 2019 were China (USD 5 billion), Russia (USD 3.9 billion), South Korea (USD 2.5 billion), Kazakhstan (USD 1.8 billion) and Turkey (USD 1.2 billion).

Our Uzbekistan shipment data shows that top 5 import partners of Uzbekistan accounted 67.4% to overall value of shipments which enter into the country in 2019. Check percentage share of these countries from the chart given here.

Uzbekistan import partners

About Uzbekistan Import Data

A Customs Type, Uzbekistan Import Data gives a wide coverage of companies’ import activities. Besides company names, Uzbekistan import statistics covers HS Code, product specifications, quantity, value and so on. These statistics are based on Shipping Bills, Import Bills, Invoices and other documents required in importing or exporting goods across international borders.

Uzbekistan import data is collected from the most genuine sources including Custom Departments, Port Authorities, Shipping & Logistics Companies, Trade Associations and Government Bodies. We also provide historical data through which you can compare Uzbekistan import market of current year from the previous years. We can provide you shipment records of Uzbekistan imports since January 2016.

Samples of Uzbekistan Import Data

Uzbekistan trade statistics covers company names apart from other shipment details. Check samples below to know which columns are covered in data.

Uzbekistan Import Sample # Type 1
Date05-Apr-2020Importer NamePU "Calik Enerji Sanayi Ve Ticaret A. S. Turakurgan"
Exporter NameCalik Enerji Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.Departure CountryTurkey
Sales CountryJapanHS Code2804690000
Product DescriptionSilicon:- Other 1) Reactive silicon kit 5500SC - 1 piece - weight: 8 kg; 2) 1 cardboard box,; 8) 102;Quantity8
UnitKGNet Weight8
Customs Value USD455.6Origin PlaceNamangan
Uzbekistan Import Sample # Type 2
Date09-Apr-2020Importer NameHasan Flower Ooo
Exporter NameKX "Baltabaeva M A"Departure CountryKazakhstan
Sales CountryKazakhstanHS Code0603110000
Product Description1) Fresh: - Roses - weight: 340 kg, qty. 3500 pcs, 2) 15 card boxesQuantity3500
UnitPCSNet Weight340
Customs Value USD5250Origin PlaceTashkent

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